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4 November 2021Last Update : Saturday 12 February 2022 - 2:01 AM

If you want to browse the Internet anonymously and do not want anyone to know about your browsing of some blocked sites from the world that have been encrypted, then you must download NordVPN for your device and then activate it, as this program will help you to Accessing any blocked site without showing your data or exchanging your information on the device. Through this article, we will inform you of how to download it to your computer, with an explanation of the method of activation.

What is NordVPN for PC?

NordVPN is one The best protection, security and anti-spyware programs , and it provides the user with the ability to access various blocked and encrypted websites in different countries of the world, as it also allows to connect to many servers while providing complete security and privacy for the user as it depends on the use of specific technologies for the purpose of blocking your information and your movements on the World Wide Web.

The program uses the binary IKEv2/ipsec protocol to protect your connection on the Internet by running the traffic through advanced and modern algorithms.

It also uses a state-of-the-art encryption factor, NordVPN NGE, in order to prevent the risk of being monitored on the Internet.

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NordVPN Download Link for PC

NordVPN is characterized by providing more than one version to work on various electronic devices, whether they are Android, iOS, Linux and Windows, You can download a copy of the program for computers through the following links:

  • Link to download NordVPN for Google Chrome browser from here .
  • Link to download NordVPN for Firefox from here .
  • NordVPN download link for Windows from here .
  • Link to download NordVPN through Linux from here .

NordVPN Download Link for Electronic Devices

It is easy to download NordVPN for Android and iOS devices through the following links:

  • NordVPN download link for Mac from here .
  • NordVPN download link for Android devices from here .
  • NordVPN download link for iOS devices from here .

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Steps to download NordVPN for PC

  • First: By direct entry to the NordVPN download link for PC from here .
  • Secondly: Start installing the program on your computer after the download is complete.
  • Third: A data page will appear for you, enter all the required data from you.
  • Fourthly: You will be shown several servers and websites that you can browse and use through this program.
  • Fifth: Click on the settings icon of the program to see all the settings available to you.
  • Sixthly: By selecting the Cypersec icon from the options available in the settings, you will be able to use the web without showing you any pop-up ads.

How to activate NordVPN for PC

Through a set of simple steps, you can activate NordVPN on your computer. These steps are:

  • Direct access to the NordVPN activation link from here .
  • You must browse the site using one of the VPN software.
  • Create a new account for you on the program by clicking on Create an account or Get NordVPN.
  • You must put any means of virtual payment on the program and for you so that you can activate the program for a period of no less than 7 days completely free of charge.

Now you can easily access any blocked website you want with complete security and not leak or exchange any private data or information about you, By downloading and activating NordVPN for the computer, as we explained in the previous lines in this article.

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