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4 November 2021Last Update : Saturday 12 February 2022 - 2:01 AM

The need for the easiest program to write on video, Or searching for the best program for writing on video in Arabic has become important to many, There is a large segment of users around the world who manufacture visual content from videos that are published on profit channels and platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms, There is a great need for programs to write on the video and edit it in order to add the artistic touch of the influencer or YouTubers.

Today, in light of the great development in the world of smart phones and desktop devices through the Windows computer, It has become easier to do this work ourselves instead of hiring professional people that may cost you a lot of money, There are a number of programs and applications that facilitate the process of video editing and editing. That is why we present to you today the easiest program for writing on video, which is a group of the best programs for writing on videos for smartphones and computers to write on video in a professional way for Android, iPhone and Windows as well.

The easiest program to write on video

There are many programs through which you can edit and edit video with high professionalism, fast and easy at the same time and do not require a lot of technical expertise and technology, This is so that you can edit your videos before uploading them to your YouTube channel or any of the competing website channels, The programs are as follows:

Adobe Spark Post

If you are looking for an animated video writing program, then the program (Adobe Spark Post Graphic Design) is among the best programs for editing, editing and editing video clips on smartphones for Android and iPhone iOS.

It has many great features that make it the best and easiest ever. You can add new fonts and use them to write in Arabic on the video you want to edit, Writing texts and adding animations with great professionalism, It has many sizes of social networks that you may want to create and design to put on your Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit or any other platform whether you work in the areas of paid advertising campaigns or others.

The program is available on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is click on the link click here , and then click on the (Install) button to start installing the application on your phone to be able to design videos using graphic design technology and other other techniques as if you were a professional visual montage, it is really the best program for writing on the video.

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Text on Video for Android

We are still with the easiest program to write on video and this time with another application that has a lot of great features that will make you a professional montage on your Android smartphone, It’s easy to edit, format, and save texts into projects with the click of a button. With a lot of new designs, templates, and beautiful fonts that you can use and add to the video you want to edit.

And the most beautiful thing is that there is no place for the No Watermark app, The program is available on the Google Play Store for Android phones, And you can go and visit the store Click here to download and upload it to your smartphone.

اسهل برنامج للكتابة على الفيديو


A light program for writing on video (Viva Video), or in English, VivaVideo is among the best video editing programs for writing texts, and add beautiful fonts and templates, As it is easy to cut the video and cut part of it and merge it with the other part, Among its advantages is that it is easy to use and uncomplicated so that beginners can use it without problems.

The program contains a lot of free effects and stickers that you can add to your videos that you want to upload to your YouTube channel or any other platform. With a number of 3D animations, The program is available on the Google Play Store, click here to download it to your phone immediately.

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vont – text on videos for Android

Vont – Text on Videos for Android is considered the easiest program for writing on video, because of its wonderful and exclusive features that you may not find in any application or online editing program, There are more than 200 beautiful and wonderful fonts that you can write and add to your videos, With the ability to download new fonts online.

Go to visit the program link via the store in Google play click here .

Animated Text برنامج

Are you looking for a professional video writing software for Android? Legend – Intro Maker Animated Text app is another among the best video writing software as it carries a lot of new and cool features, Perhaps the most important of them is the presence of more than 45 fonts that you can use to add your artistic touches of writing in Arabic and English on the video to be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

The program also has a number of professional animated texts that attract and fascinate the user, The program is intended for Android phones and you can download it on your phone, click here .

اسهل برنامج للكتابة على الفيديو

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Easiest video writing software for computer

We are still talking about the easiest program to write on video, In addition to Android and iPhone applications, There are also programs for computers, and we have a wonderful program with which you can edit and edit videos with high professionalism.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

The program we are talking about bears the name Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022, and it is one of the programs intended primarily for computers running Windows 10 or Windows 7, 11 and other versions, It is an easy-to-use video editor that has a lot of tools for editing and editing videos with great professionalism.

Designed primarily for beginners in the field of video writing and editing, You can get it through the program’s official website on the Internet, click here , and then click on Download For Free to start downloading it to your computer.

Finally, In today’s article, we learned about the easiest program for writing on video, which is a group of programs and applications for Android phones, the Windows operating system, There are also many programs for the iPhone operating system that are available through the App Store in the iTunes Store, such as the iMovie application and other applications and programs.

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