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4 November 2021Last Update : Saturday 20 November 2021 - 7:45 AM
Shopping from Twenty4 Online

Twentyfour offers the latest fashion of the highest quality within a huge assortment of modern fashion and accessories suitable for all age groups of both sexes and covers all tastes to ensure a wonderful look and attractive appearance, Because of the importance of customer satisfaction, Twenty Four stores have provided the opportunity to shop online to keep pace with technological progress and to facilitate purchases.

Twenty Four Store

Twenty 4 is a well-known international fashion brand that keeps pace with modern trends since it was first released in 2013 in Abu Dhabi, Twenty Four fashions are based on targeting the spirit of youth and enlivening their appearance.

Twentyfour branches are distributed in a number of Arab countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE. You can browse the official website of Twentyfour from here.

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twenty four products

Twentyfour provides a wide range of high-quality fashion of women’s and men’s clothing, youth clothing, sports clothing and children’s clothing, As well as providing modern home requirements, Twenty Four is concerned with achieving optimum customer satisfaction with unparalleled elegant looks.

How to shop from twenty4 online

You can go to the Twenty4 Online website fromhereAnd start browsing the site, which has a simple user interface by choosing the country you want to shop through, and the product categories are divided into boxes where you can choose the type of commodity you want to buy and then add it to the shopping cart, when you finish shopping go to your own basket To complete the request information.

Twenty Four Rewards

Now you can participate in twenty4 online rewards and own a number of points that are later exchanged for exclusive offers and discounts, Also, there is no minimum purchase amount, so you are not obligated to special purchase criteria to be able to accumulate points and participate in the rewards program. By presenting a BMA International membership card that is located in Dubai, you will get your points when you visit Twenty Four stores.

How to get a membership

Anyone can obtain a membership from BMW International A, and membership is also available to its employees, Points are earned with every activity that takes place on your personal account with the Twenty4 application, whether likes and shares, or by shopping from twenty4 stores.

How to calculate reward points with Twenty Four?

By showing your membership card to the staff of Twenty Four stores, you will get your rewards upon completing the purchase, As follows:

  • Three points for every 0.1 Bahraini or Kuwaiti dinars of non-sales items.
  • Three points for every Omani Rial of non-sales items.
  • One point for every 0.1 Bahraini or UAE dinars of merchandise in the sale.
  • One point for every Omani Rial of merchandise in the sale.
  • Three points for every Saudi or Qatari riyal of non-sales items.
  • One point for every Saudi or Qatari riyal of merchandise in the sale.

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How to redeem twentyfour points

When the number of your points is 2500 points, you can go to the nearest Twenty4 branch and show your card and account number to the cashier, and the value of the points will be calculated according to the following:

  • 100 points are exchanged for 1 AED, or SAR, or QR.
  • 1000 points are exchanged for 1 Bahraini Dinar, Or Omani Rial or Kuwaiti Dinar.

Advantages of online shopping from Twenty4

  • Online shopping makes it easy for you to buy what you want at any time without going anywhere else.
  • The site provides a detailed description of the product’s features and characteristics to facilitate finding what you are looking for and that suits you.
  • All products offered by Twentyfour are affordable and of high quality.
  • The diversity of the site’s sections makes it easy for you to get all your supplies and order them.
  • You can order products and send them to your residence address or to the address of someone you want to surprise.

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Twentyfour’s blog

The site includes a blog through which you can see the latest fashion and the world of fashion by displaying articles that are interested in keeping pace with the times, such as the views of the blessed month of Ramadan, Learn about the colors of spring and the art of choosing the right clothes for the summer, The blog helps you in arranging your clothes and acquiring the right ones for all age groups of both sexes.

Availability of Twenty Four stores


The United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi – Dalma Mall


the two seas

Al Ramli Complex – 3025 . Street


the two seas

Adliya – Sheikh Issa Street


the two seas

Alinma Complex



Twenty4 Shuwaikh – Al-Rai



Panorama Mall – Al Ghubrah


Saudi Arabia – Buraydah

Al Omari Center – Qassim Al Nahda Roundabout


Saudi Arabia – Al-Namas

Al-Namas – King Faisal Street


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Chef – Ibn Taymiyyah Street


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Limited Income – Nasser Saudi Club Street


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Alia Plaza – Al Thumama Street


Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Al Hamdaniya – Hajj Station – Al Haramain Street


Saudi Arabia – Qunfudhah

Twenty4 Fun City Qunfudhah – King Abdulaziz Street


Saudi Arabia – Jazan

Twenty 4 boys – Azan Plaza – Jizan Street


Saudi Arabia – Jazan

Twenty 4 Jazan – Jazan Avenue – Prince Muhammad Bin Nasr Street


Saudi Arabia – Abha

Twenty 4 Khamis Bin Mushait – King Fahd Street


Saudi Arabia – Khamis Mushait

Twenty4 Bin Galala Plaza – Prince Sultan Street


Saudi Arabia – Yanbu

Twenty 4 Yanbu – Omar Bin Al Khattab Street


Saudi Arabia – Medina

Twenty 4 Azizia City – Imam Bukhari


Saudi Arabia – Moha El

Twenty 4 Mahayel – King Abdul Aziz Street


Saudi Arabia – Al-Ahsa

Twenty4 Al Rawda Plaza – Eastern Villages Street


Saudi Arabia – Taif

Twenty 4 Taif – Army Street



Start shopping online with TwentyFour, which is concerned with providing fashion at an economic value that has no competitor, And search among the latest fashions of the summer, Where the site provides fashion for every occasion and is looking for the best in quality and price to satisfy all classes, It is worth noting that the site provides a blog that is interested in explaining the details of fashion and fashion, so you should pay attention to browsing it from here.

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