How to buy from Amazon and delivery to Saudi Arabia

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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:47 PM
How to buy from Amazon and delivery to Saudi Arabia

Amazon is one of the most used sites for online shopping, as it is available in a large number of countries in the world, It provides special offers and discounts in addition to the advantages of online shopping that save time and effort compared to traditional marketing, You can choose between a large number of products and goods in one place and you will receive purchase orders with the click of a button.

Amazon company

It is an American company that was established by Jeff Bezos in 1996. It started in the Arab world two years ago as an online retail store after it purchased Souq. com, And the Emirates store and the Saudi store were changed to Amazon instead of Souq. com.

Amazon Saudi Arabia is interested in providing various services in Arabic with a detailed explanation of the characteristics of the products and the offer of discounts, It is also possible to sell goods on Amazon by creating your own account, which provides employment opportunities for many people.

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Login to Amazon Saudi Arabia

By entering the Internet, all users can go to the Amazon Saudi website with ease from Here , then create an account through the account menu at the top of the site interface, and you can go directly to creating an account on the Amazon website from Here , then fill in the required data and press Continue, the site will take you to the login page and through it you can browse the site after entering the same data.

موقع امازون السعودية

How to buy from Amazon Saudi Arabia

You can learn how to buy from Amazon Saudi Arabia by following these steps:

After logging in to the Amazon Saudi Arabia website, you can start browsing the products and search for the goods you want through the search box that the site provides to users, By clicking on add item to cart, you can collect all the products you want to buy.

طريقة الشراء من امازون السعودية

Go to the shopping cart to review the products and complete the purchase process by pressing the Continue button and entering the required data correctly, Then choose the method of payment by credit card or payment upon receipt, and upon completion, press the button to complete the order, There are a number of tools that are required to be available for shopping from Amazon, Which are as follows:

الشراء من امازون السعودية

  • Owning a MasterCard or Visa.
  • Access to an international shipping method in the event that products are ordered from Amazon and there is no shipping outside the country.
  • How to add a Visa card on Amazon
  • By going to your account that you created on Amazon, Click on Payment methods, then click on Add Credit & Debit Card, then enter the national number and name data and complete the entry process.

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How to buy from Amazon Saudi Arabia by mail

You may want to purchase some products that are only available within America and cannot be shipped to Saudi Arabia. The solution is to use the Saudi Post service after launching the Wasel service website. But be sure to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Saudi Post website from here and then click on Wasel service.
  • Register your residence address in the Kingdom and fill in your data correctly.
  • The Wasel service creates an address for the customer within the United States of America and is linked to the previously entered national address.
  • You must browse the email to confirm your US address.
  • After adding the products you wish to purchase to the shopping cart, Enter your US address in the Shipping address field.
  • The order is sent to the American address, and the mail takes care of preparing the shipping process from America to the national address in Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of buying from Amazon

There are many advantages of dealing with buying and selling with different Amazon sites around the world, As it has all the different products and necessities in all aspects of life to suit everything you are looking for and want to buy, Also, all products are offered at the best prices, which are superior to the prices of products inside shops or local stores, One of the most prominent advantages of Amazon stores is the possibility of delivery and shipping at the lowest costs by contracting with guaranteed companies such as Aramex.

Shipping and delivery method from Amazon Saudi Arabia

The Amazon store provides the advantage of local shipping and international shipping to all over the world, This provided the opportunity for users to shop freely without the restrictions of intermediaries or shipping companies, Where the order inside the customer’s shopping cart is prepared and packaged in appropriate ways, and send it to the address attached to the application for a period ranging from two to nine days, Amazon store orders’ shipping fees vary depending on the size and weight of the order. Where the shipping fee within Amazon Saudi Arabia starts from 18 Saudi riyals.

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You can get everything through the Amazon Saudi Arabia website, because it includes all products from household supplies, electrical appliances, electronics, phones, cosmetics, toys, headphones, clothes, jewelry, and many sections that include a huge amount of goods from around the world with the possibility of international delivery and shipping.

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