The best website for selling mobile phones in Saudi Arabia 2021

4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:47 PM
The best website for selling mobile phones in Saudi Arabia 2021

The phenomenon of selling and shopping mobile phones in Saudi Arabia from shopping sites is witnessing a great demand recently, This coincides with the launch of e-learning due to the global pandemic. Consequently, the buying and selling of mobile phones increased. But the question that comes to mind is what is the best website for selling mobiles in Saudi Arabia , and it is also a guaranteed website in this aspect, so let’s get acquainted with the best online shopping site for selling mobiles among the various names and its popularity.

How is the process of selling mobile phones online in Saudi Arabia?

Buying mobile phones online in Saudi Arabia is available through e-commerce platforms, specifically online electronics shopping sites, which provides many different payment methods, but it is preferable to buy from sites that provide mobile shipping within Saudi Arabia because they have additional payment methods specific to Saudi Arabia itself, and also provide the feature of payment upon receipt, as well as free shipping for mobile phones when purchasing at a relatively high amount, and this is due It is according to the policy of the site through which the purchase is made.

What are the electronic payment methods available in Saudi Arabia?

There are many online payment methods available in Saudi Arabia , and among these methods are the following:

  • Payment through international credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others.
  • Payment through mada cards.
  • Payment through PayPal account.
  • Payment upon receipt , used in the event of receiving goods from international and local stores inside Saudi Arabia.
  • local payment gateways in Saudi Arabia, Such as: invoice portal, payment gateway, backedbill portal and website, And many other online payment methods in Saudi Arabia.

What are the benefits of online payment methods for Saudi Arabia:

The best benefit offered by Saudi Arabia’s online payment methods is that it enables all citizens residing in Saudi Arabia to complete online purchases of anything they want, even if they do not have credit cards or a PayPal account, Multiple payment methods also allow stores to achieve more sales and target all categories of people without exception. When the buyer wants to buy and finds the process of buying online very easy, he will buy anything he wants online and he does not find anything wrong with this matter at all.

Tips for buying mobile phones from websites:

  • Make purchases from sites that use strong bank data protection while making a purchase.
  • Do not buy from unknown sites and put your bank account information there before conducting a thorough search for these sites.
  • When buying, choose the seller with the highest rating and there are many positive reviews for it from previous customers.

Advantages of buying mobile phones in Saudi Arabia through shopping sites

  • Can I get a lot of special offers and discounts when buying phones online?
  • The phone can be returned within a specified period in case it has some defects or problems and completely free of charge.
  • Compare prices between different selling sites before making a purchase.
  • Getting the phone with a warranty that sometimes reaches a full year, Unlike buying it from traditional stores you often won’t get a guarantee on your purchase.
  • The freedom to buy from any site you want from the sites that sell mobile phones online and as you wish.

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The best guaranteed site for selling mobile phones in Saudi Arabia online:

There are many websites that sell mobile phones in Saudi Arabia. However, Jarir Bookstore website is considered the best secured website for selling mobile phones in Saudi Arabia.

  • Jarir Bookstore and Website:

Jarir is one of the oldest, reliable and 100% guaranteed sales sites when buying phones through it. It provides smart phones through its official agents directly, at the best and lowest possible prices, Among the advantages that will make you buy phones from Jarir website are the following:

  • Jarir provides you with all the international brands of mobile phones without exception. So that you can buy the latest phones that are in the global markets and from any phone brand you want without restrictions at all.
  • You can get a discount on the prices of phones through a Jarir card upon purchase, This makes you get the phone you want at a much lower price than the prices of other online mobile selling sites.
  • Jarir website enables you to browse the prices of phones starting from 999 riyals up to 5,000 riyals per phone, Where the site divided the categories of phones based on their prices to facilitate access by users and complete the purchase process as quickly and easily as possible.
  • The site enables you to order the phone to be shipped to any region and city within the borders of Saudi Arabia, And shipping is completely free for phones inside Saudi Arabia.
  • The process of charging phones to Saudi Arabia’s regions and cities is very fast, It takes a maximum of 24 hours only.
  • Amazon Saudi Arabia:

One of the best sites to buy mobile phones in Saudi Arabia. It is the site of the global company Amazon, His name became Amazon Saudi Arabia after Amazon purchased him in 2017, and his name changed from Souq Saudi Arabia to Amazon Saudi Arabia.

Shopping from Amazon Saudi Arabia has many advantages and incentives, Below we mention some of the most important of these sites that have increased consumers’ online shopping:

  • It provides all kinds of smartphones completely original and free from any imitation or counterfeiting, From international brands directly.
  • It provides free shipping for phones within the borders of Saudi Arabia. It delivers the mobiles within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the date of the request within the borders of Saudi Arabia.
  • Provides the advantage of cash on delivery in Saudi Arabia, It is an important feature that encourages all people to buy mobile phones online through Amazon Saudi Arabia.
  • Amazon handles customs completely. This aspect has nothing to do with the buyer. Rather, he only receives the phone he requested from the site, And Amazon does the customs clearance process itself.

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  • Saudi noon

Noon Saudi Arabia provides a choice of many international mobile brands through it, It is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Among the advantages of buying mobile phones from Noon are the following:

  • It provides excellent discount offers on the prices of some selected phones, and for a short period of time, he did not want to take advantage of these offers.
  • Free shipping for mobile orders valued at 200 riyals and above.
  • 10% discount on mobile orders of 200 riyals and above.
  • Choose phones from any of the international brands that manufacture them, It offers all kinds of phone brands without exception.
  • It provides low budget phones for those who do not have a high budget to buy expensive phones.
  • There is a section on the site that includes the latest brands of phones that have been released in the global markets. Showing the type of mobile phone issued by each of these brands.
  • It also provides a section for purchasing mobile phones according to prices, which start at less than 499 Saudi riyals and reach 4000 Saudi riyals and more.
  • Phones can be selected according to the features that the buyer wants, Like choosing the best phone in terms of camera, Or the best and most powerful battery.. Etc. is one of the features of modern mobiles.

These were the top 3 guaranteed sites for selling mobile phones online in Saudi Arabia, Which can be purchased with absolute confidence because of the features it provides of security and high confidence, All original phones are available directly from their official dealers. It also provides a warranty on the phones when purchased through it.

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