Buying experience from Jarir Online

Buying experience from Jarir Online
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Jarir is one of the most popular shopping sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the first sites launched in the Kingdom, The site works in the field of stationery and school supplies, children’s toys, computer accessories and software, As well as many devices can be purchased according to international brands such as: HP, Hawaii, Camel.. etc.

What is Jarir Online?

Jarir website is a website belonging to Jarir Marketing Company. which was founded in 1974 as a small library, The second branch of the library was opened in the eighties. The third branch opened in the nineties. The headquarters of Jarir Company is located in the city of Riyadh. The company’s retail department handles sales through the company’s website. While there is another department whose mission is limited to wholesale to merchants and other bookstores that deal with Jarir’s website and company.

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Features of Jarir Online

  • Provides a wide variety of products in the fields of school supplies, electronics, and various technology products such as: Smartphones of major international brands, laptop computers, The site also provides electronic cards such as Google Play cards, iTunes and other various cards.
  • Jarir offers renewed offers and discounts on the products on the site.
  • The site’s latest products can be obtained through the newly arrived section of the site.
  • A guarantee is available on the products on the site upon purchase of up to a full year and more in some products, With the provision of a replacement and return policy for the products on the site within a specified period from the date of purchase.
  • Jarir coupons and discount codes can be used in order to get more discounts on the prices of products inside the site.
  • The site provides the feature of tracking your shipment through the Jarir website.
  • You can buy original software such as: windows 10 operating system, or office package, The original antivirus. etc.
  • The site contains an entire section of refurbished products that have been returned to their original condition by maintenance specialists. It can be obtained at lower prices than the original prices.
  • Jarir website provides its own discount card that contains a discount code that gives a specific discount percentage when using it and shopping through the Jarir website.

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How to register on Jarir website

  • Click on the Sign in to your account button or Register now at the top of Jarir’s home page.
  • Choose the Create Account tab.
  • Choose your country code, enter your mobile phone number, and press the Submit Verification Code button. Enter it when it reaches your phone in order to confirm the phone number.
  • Proceed with entering the rest of the required information. and click create account, An account will be created for you on the Jarir website directly.

Is the experience of buying from Jarir online special?

Jarir offers the best shopping experience on its website, Because of the advantages it provides that make the shopping process easy, fast and very simple, Among the features that make the shopping experience unique on the site are the following:

  • The site is arranged according to specific sections, Which saves time and effort for the shopper in finding the products he wants in the specific section he is looking for, This makes it very easy for him to find the product he wants.
  • Jarir website provides a special section called Favorites, in which the shopper can add the products he liked while browsing the site in order to repurchase them later. This is a nice feature that makes the shopping experience very special on Jarir website.
  • By obtaining, as a shopper, a guarantee on most of the products that you will purchase, this will encourage you to buy from Jarir website with high confidence that they offer the best and finest products.
  • The tracking feature of your shipment makes the shopping process special, Where you can find out all the details about your request and where it is currently, And when your shipment is expected to arrive at your door.
  • Jarir website provides a return and exchange policy for products as well. This gives a unique shopping experience in it.

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How to try buying from Jarir Online

  • You must first register a new account on Jarir to enjoy a unique buying experience from the site, You save all the details and purchases that you will make now and in the future within your account on the Jarir website.
  • After registering a new account, Go and browse the products within the categories and sections that interest you and add any product you like to the favorites list in your account.
  • If you like a product and want to buy it now, add it to your basket on the site in order to complete the payment procedures and put your order in progress.
  • You can add the Jarir discount card number that you got in order to get an additional discount on the price of the product you choose to purchase, After you have added it, click on the Finish Shopping button to continue shopping.
  • What makes the experience of shopping from the Jarir website special is that you can complete the shopping process without having to log in, just enter your phone number so that the site will communicate with you only, And agree to the terms and conditions of the site to go to the payment box directly and place the order.
  • Pay through the appropriate payment method for you and place your order to be in progress on the site.

And when you shop through the Jarir website, you will get the original products that Jarir imports directly from its original brands, With a warranty of up to 12 months from Jarir website on the product, It is replaced or serviced free of charge during the warranty period.

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