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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:47 PM
Mamas and Papas Coupon discount code

Mamas and Papas specializes in providing products for children of a certain age. Specifically, from birth to 12 years of age. The site seeks to provide all the needs of children as well, It offers many other products that children’s rooms need in the house, What distinguishes the site is that it offers reliable products that have won the admiration of customers in all their locations. As this brand is considered one of the strong international brands in the field of providing products for newborns.

The establishment of the Mamas and Papas online shopping site

The idea of establishing a Mamas and Papas store started in 1981 by the spouses David and Lisa, who live in the United Kingdom, They thought of many ways for the comfort of their children at that time, At first, they made the products for their children themselves. After that, they started importing and selling clothes after establishing the site. In order for the site to ensure the quality of the clothes, the children’s parents are asked to try them on before displaying them officially on the site’s pages. This ensures the provision of products that are of high quality and reliability during use.

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Products offered by Mamas and Papas

  • Offers: Multi-piece sets buy 2 at 200 riyals, bedroom furniture sets, Up to 40% off travel supplies qualifiers.
  • We just arrived: latest baby gear, latest baby clothes, Latest toys and gifts.
  • hardware: by type, car seats, accessories.
  • Luxurious children’s clothing: boys’ clothing, girls’ clothing, accessories, and distinctive collections.
  • Children’s rooms: Furniture, Bedroom, Decoration, Children’s room games.
  • Feeding and changing supplies: Baby Chairs Feeding Changing Shower.
  • gifts: the games, Shop by category.
  • The best brands.

Advantages of shopping through the Mamas and Papas website

  • The site provides all the products of interest to the child from birth until he reaches the age of 12 years in one place, This saves the trouble of searching and shopping in traditional markets to buy baby supplies.
  • The site has a very easy and simple interface that enables the purchase of products with ease, simplicity and speed.
  • Both Arabic and English are available on the front of the site. Which makes it suitable for Arabs and foreigners at the same time.
  • Within the Mamas and Papas website, there are products from many famous international brands that have very high credibility and quality in the manufacture of children’s products and supplies.
  • You can get a guarantee of up to 6 months on many of the products offered by the site.
  • The site provides the feature of cash on delivery and free shipping for furniture products whose value exceeds 2000 Saudi riyals, And 250 SAR for other products on the site.
  • Free returns are available within 30 days of the product being delivered to you.
  • The site contains a lot of children’s games that suit all ages, Which works to develop the child’s intelligence and skills better.
  • Express shipping service for products can be obtained within a maximum of 5 working days for a reasonable shipping cost that does not exceed 30 Saudi riyals.

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What payment methods does the site provide?

  • Payment through credit cards of all kinds, such as: visa card, master card, American Express.. etc.
  • Payment through PayPal account.
  • Payment upon receipt .
  • Payment through Apple Pay International Payment.

What is the return policy of the site?

  • You can return products within 30 days of receiving the product.
  • Products must be in their original packaging and in excellent condition as received in order to be returned to the site.
  • Beauty products cannot be returned. personal care products, underwear, swimwear;
  • Furniture can be returned if it is defective. Or if a piece of furniture was received by mistake and did not comply with the customer’s requirements.

What is the site’s shipping and delivery policy?

  • The site ships its products to the following Arab countries: Kingdom Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.
  • The shipping period takes a maximum of 6 working days by cooperating with major and powerful global shipping companies.
  • Shipping cost is estimated according to the type of products. And you can get free shipping for products worth more than 500 Saudi riyals for regular products, And furniture products 2000 Saudi riyals, A charge of 50 Saudi riyals was imposed on shipping products that did not reach 500 riyals for regular products. And 2000 riyals for furniture.
  • The site does not provide furniture installation service at this time.

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How to reach customer service on the site

  • customer service phone numbers, Where the first two numbers are available from the Saudi Telecom Company stc, The second number belongs to Mobily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Support can be contacted on their WhatsApp number from 10 am to 10 pm daily.
  • Fill out the contact us form on the website page and send a message to technical support.

The discount codes provided by the site, And the percentage of discount you give

  • An additional 5% discount code for all site products.
  • Up to 30% discount code + Extra 5% off children’s clothing.
  • 75% discount code + extra 5% discount on children’s toys.
  • 15% discount code + extra 5% off children’s clothing.
  • Up to 25% off code + extra 5% off on travel essentials.

If you are a mother or father and you have children of all ages, you can find all the appropriate products for them on the Mamas and Papas website, the first global website specialized in selling children’s supplies for all ages.

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