New JollyChic Coupon 2021

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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:47 PM
New JollyChic Coupon 2021

Through the JollyChic website, which is directed to the category of women, women can find all kinds of products that they want and are looking for, such as clothes, bags, accessories, and jewelry, home decorations, clothes for children, And other products that will come to the mind of women, you will find them on the Jolly Chic website, At the best and cheapest prices.

About Jolly Chic

It is a Chinese shopping site established in 2012 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, And he started his work in the Chinese local market at first in the field of selling products of various kinds, In the year 2010, the site began to expand and work within the Arab countries. At the present time, it is considered one of the largest and largest sites that have spread widely in the Gulf countries, as it offers the best products from the finest and strongest raw materials in the global markets. With a huge discount on the prices of these products.

What is the JollyChic discount code?

They are codes and numbers, or one of them, that reduces a specific value from the prices of products once it is entered and applied in a place designated for it in the shopping cart of the JollyChic website, Then the payment will be made according to the new price after deducting the percentage given by the discount code of the JollyChic website that was used by the shopper.

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What products can you find on JollyChic?

Jollychic offers a lot of different product categories, These sections are as follows:

  • what’s new: This section contains all the new products that are added in all product categories within the site without exception, This list is updated on a daily basis.
  • female: This section includes women’s clothing, skirts, shoes, bags, and accessories. Underwear of all kinds.
  • men: This section also includes men’s clothing of all kinds, shoes, bags, shoes, and accessories, And men’s underwear
  • Beauty Secrets: It is a complete section that contains all the products that take care of the beauty aspect of both men and women, In it you will find makeup products of all kinds for women. In addition to many different types of perfume, skin care products for women, and personal care products for both men and women, And hair care products for men and women as well, and health care products for men and women, and men’s personal care products, It is a comprehensive section for all kinds of beauty products for men and women without exception.
  • Mother and Child: This section provides clothes for young children, Children’s bags and accessories, too. And all kinds of games that are suitable for children of all ages, and products for the mother in the maternity stage from pregnancy until after birth, Stationery products of all kinds, including notebooks, pens, and textbooks. etc.
  • electronics: This section includes many products, including: Mobile phone and its various accessories, Household electrical appliances of all kinds, computer and its miscellaneous accessories, Consumer electronics of all kinds.
  • home and living: It includes all kitchen and dining utensils, bed and bathroom utensils, home decor tools, home supplies, And all the storage and organization products that are used to organize and arrange things inside the home.
  • Sports Corner: It has all kinds of sportswear for men and women. sports shoes, sports accessories, And sports equipment necessary for practicing sports of all kinds.
  • supermarket: It includes beverages and dairy products, food and snacks, Mother and Child, personal care and beauty products, cooking needs products, Home and pet cleaning products.
  • Temporary offers: It is a section dedicated to collecting and providing the latest discount offers that are offered for a very limited and temporary period within the site in one place.

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Features of Jolly Chic

  • JollyChic is one of the sites specialized in providing all products related to women in all fields such as clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry and perfumes. etc.
  • The site provides more than 30 thousand products in various fields, Every day, more than 300 products from various fields and more are sold.
  • The site provides a lot of discount offers and discounts on a continuous and daily basis, It provides a lot of great discounts during different seasons and holidays throughout the year and for all different religions.
  • Through the JollyChic website, you can pay by various different electronic payment methods, Such as: Various credit cards from Visa Card and MasterCard.. etc, Payment can also be made through the well-known PayPal website and bank.
  • The site provides the advantage of cash on delivery for the Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a fixed increase of $ on the price of the product for this feature.
  • The direct shipping feature is available to customers in all countries of the world, It costs $20 for all products under $99.
  • The site fully supports the Arabic language within the list of languages it supports, such as English.
  • Provides free shipping for products over 338 SAR in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and products valued at more than AED 221 in the United Arab Emirates, and products with a value of more than 18.14 Kuwaiti dinars in Kuwait, Products valued at more than 400.51 QR.
  • You can take advantage of the wish list feature, which means creating a list of the types of products that a person would like to have, The site will notify him if these products are already available via messages on his e-mail that he registered with on the site.

What products can be discounted with the JollyChic coupon?

All of the more than 30,000 products on the JollyChic website accept the use of the JollyChic coupon when purchasing them with ease.

How to register on JollyChic and take advantage of the discount code

  • Click on the word Create an account at the top of the home page on the left side of the site.
  • Enter the email address, and password, and confirm the password, And agree to the terms of the site by leaving it as it is and press the button Create an account.
  • A new account will be created for you and you will never need to activate it through e-mail, You can even use it immediately after registration.

How do I enter the discount code to take advantage of it

  • Browse the list of products and choose the product you want, Then scroll down a bit and hit the Add to Bag button.
  • The product will be immediately added to your shopping bag and a pop-up window will appear, Choose View Cart.
  • Click on the Add New Address button. Enter the data and details of the address to which the product will be shipped, And click on the Ship to this address button below to have this address approved by the site to ship your product to.
  • Make sure all product data is correct, And click the Continue to Pay button below.
  • Now in the field Please enter the coupon code, enter the discount coupon that you have and that you want to take advantage of, And click on the redeem button to apply the value of the discount to the price of the product you will buy.
  • Now click on the continue to pay button. Choose the payment method you want to pay and complete the payment process.
  • Wait for the estimated shipping time, which will appear on the screen immediately after completing the payment process.

What Arab countries does Jollychic work in?

JollyChic is available in more than one Arab country, namely: Kingdom Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt.

Jollychic discount code 2021

  • A 5% discount coupon on the prices of all products and discounted products on the JollyChic website.
  • 10% discount coupon on all products on the site.
  • 30% discount coupon on all product prices on the site.
  • 30% off coupon for your first order on the site.
  • Coupon 18% off on all site products.
  • 25% off coupon on all site products.
  • 35% discount coupon on all site products.
  • A 70% discount coupon on shoes and bags on the site.
  • 70% off coupon on beauty products.
  • 20% discount coupon on kitchen supplies.
  • 5% discount coupon for all orders over 329 SAR.
  • 15% + 70% discount coupon on all fashion products only through the secret page on the mobile application or through the jollychic website.
  • A discount coupon of 15 riyals when purchasing products priced at 109 riyals and more.
  • A discount coupon of 7 riyals when purchasing products priced at 147 riyals and more.
  • A discount coupon of 11 riyals when purchasing products priced at 222 riyals and more.

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The site is considered one of the leading sites in the Arab world, which receives a very large percentage of attention, especially by women. It is one of the wonderful Chinese shopping sites that provide high quality products at cheap prices and compete with many other electronic stores that operate in this field.

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