New Golden Scent discount code 2021

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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:47 PM
New Golden Scent discount code 2021

Golden Scent is one of the excellent websites that offer the best raw materials for completely original beauty and elegance products, far from any imitation or forgery, It is a specialized and comprehensive site for all international brands that specialize in providing beauty and elegance products worldwide. If you are one of those people who are looking for elegance and beauty, Golden Scent is definitely the right place for you.

About the Golden Scent website

It is an online shopping site that imports various beauty and elegance products directly from the owners of international brands and sells them directly to customers, Which makes it provide these products with 100% original quality and at the lowest possible prices in the market, Many Gulf countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are interested in buying from this site, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is the Golden Scent discount code?

It is a code consisting of several numbers and letters that reduces the price of the product when it is entered in the place designated for it and at a specified percentage, Each discount code has a specific percentage of the discount that it reduces from the price of the product when it is used, Some of these codes only work with specific products. Others give the same discount rate on all products on the Golden Scent website.

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What products can you find on the Golden Scent website

  • Brands: They are international brands, and arabic brands, brands by niche, and exclusive brands.
  • Our new: It is a section that contains the latest perfume and beauty products for men and women that have been added to the site. which can be done by shopping by category of perfume, or browse for women’s perfumes, perfumes for men and children, You can also choose the type of product. or choose the fragrance components, fragrance personality, In addition to choosing a makeup category as well, Products can also be selected according to the price category, which starts from 0-100 riyals and up to more than 700 riyals.
  • International perfumes: In this section, the best and finest international perfumes are presented at the present time. Be it men’s or women’s perfumes, or for children, or by brand, With the possibility to choose the type of product, fragrance components, fragrance personality, fragrance concentration, In addition to controlling the color of makeup, and make-up type, As well as the price category for perfumes and makeup as well, which starts from 0 -100 Saudi riyals, And even more than 700 Saudi riyals.
  • Bestseller: In this section, all the perfumes that achieve the best sales percentage on the site are displayed, The prices of these perfumes range from low prices to very high prices, depending on the specifications and concentration of the perfume.
  • Discover beauty: In this section you can choose between makeup, skin care products, Or hair and body products.

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Goldencent website features

  • All products on the site are 100% original and belong to the most famous international brands in the world.
  • Create a new account on the site that enables its owner to fully benefit from all the services provided by the site, And it opens a channel of communication between it and the site to see all the new products that are added to the site.
  • The site provides free shipping for all products valued at 300 SAR or more.
  • The feature of tracking your shipment is available when you purchase from the site and request that it be shipped to your country by entering the tracking number on the Aramex website, Or through the company’s contact number inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The site provides a service to return the product if it has defects or does not meet the specifications that were requested, This process is done by communicating with the technical support of the site to give you a paper called a return receipt to be delivered to the nearest Aramex office in order to return the product within a period not exceeding 3 days from the arrival of the product to you.
  • Several payment methods are available on the site. including: Paiement when recieving, payment by credit card, and bank transfer.

What are the products that accept discount code Golden Scent

You can take advantage of the discount codes that are available on all Golden Scent products without exception, But there are some codes that can be used with all products, There are some codes that are valid for use with some products on the site and may not work when used with other products.

How to register on the Golden Scent website and take advantage of the discount code

  • Click on the person icon at the top of the website page on the left.
  • Choose Create an account from the menu that pops up in front of you immediately.
  • Type the first and last name, And tell us more about you. Choose your gender, a man or a woman. And then click Next.
  • Enter your email address, and then the password, password reset, and accurately determine your real date of birth, And then click on the Start Now button.
  • Now you can log in to your account on the Golden Scent website and start the process of purchasing products.
  • When you choose one of the products, a window pops up for you to choose from, add to cart.

How do I enter the discount code to take advantage of it

  • After you choose the product you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart on the site, Go to the shopping cart and the product you chose will pop up for you with all its specifications, And in the discount code field, you can add the discount code you want.
  • You can choose the gift wrap service for an additional fee on the price of the product when sending it as a gift to someone, With the possibility of writing a specific message with the packaging for the person to whom it is addressed as well, and after completing everything, press to complete the order.
  • Now add the full shipping address according to the data required from you, and click Next.
  • Choose the shipping method that suits you and click Next.
  • Choose the payment method that suits you also in order to complete the process successfully and put your order in progress.

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What are the Arab countries in which Golden Cent operates?

Golden Scent operates in the following Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Oman.

What discount codes can we use with Golden Scent? How much is the discount rate given?

  • 5% discount code on all site products.
  • Saudi Arabia 5% discount code on perfumes.
  • 15% discount code on Model Rose products.
  • 15% discount code on all site products.
  • 5% discount code on your total order.
  • 10% discount code on all perfume and cosmetics products on the site.
  • Discount code up to 60% on Calvin Klein products.
  • Discount code up to 80% on a wide range of perfumes.
  • Offer buy one perfume and get one free.
  • Discount code of up to 25% on perfume brands: Hugo, Gucci, Jess, Calvin, Burberry and other international brands.
  • 60% discount code on the top 100 perfumes on the site.
  • Discount code of up to 50% on cosmetics and makeup from the best selling products.
  • Discount code up to 60% on favorite women’s perfumes such as: Calvin Klein, Versace, Parada, Dior, And other beautiful brands.
  • 40% discount code on all site products.
  • Up to 62% discount code on Oud products for men and women.
  • Discount code up to 69% on the finest men’s perfumes such as: Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Givenchy, and others.

The Golden Scent website is getting more and more popular day by day in the Gulf countries because it is one of the very few Arab websites that deal with international brands and products in the field of perfumes and make-up and provides the best products at very acceptable prices.

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