Best school korean dramas 2021

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4 November 2021Last Update : Friday 19 November 2021 - 3:53 AM
Best school korean dramas 2021

With the beginning of the current year 2021, preparations have begun in full swing in order to show many of the best Korean series on television in Korea and then all over the world after subtitles and processing them in Arabic. The categories of Korean series vary between horror, thriller and mystery series. romantic series, There is a category of school series whose events take place inside schools or whose heroes are some of the school’s students. Which we will highlight in this article.

Watching Korean series is increasing among Arabs

This is due to several different reasons, including:

  • The Korean culture, which considers the family relationship between members of the same family as sacred and must be respected, You find the Korean family interconnected with each other and each member respects the other.
  • Social pressures in Korean society are addressed jointly in which all members of the society participate with one another.
  • Korean dramas are not without high-end romance that focuses on the sacrifice of the person he loves for the person he loves in terms of human feelings, And devoid of this romantic scenes indecently indecent once and for all.
  • Korean dramas focused on addressing all cultures from the perspective of human feelings shared by all the inhabitants of the earth, such as: Feelings of joy, sadness and love… etc, She did not focus on addressing people according to cultures at all

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Best korean school dramas 2021

Dear.M . series

This series tells the story of 4 students who were studying together in school and then grew up and moved to study at Seoyeon University in 4 different departments, But the common denominator between them is the search for a mysterious person named M, These four students are: mah jo ah, and see who he is, Seo Ji Min, Park Ha Neul.

This series was adapted from the popular electronic drama series Love Playlist. The series is being produced in partnership between Playlist and Monster Union. It is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of 2021.

Love Alarm Season 2 series

The events of this series in the second part revolve around an application that sends a notification to its owner when there is a person who likes him in a circle with a diameter of 10 meters, This series is considered one of the love series that brings together school students who studied at school together when they were young in the first part of the series. And then they became adults in the second part of the series, These students are: Young Hwang Sun Oh, and young Kim Joo-joo, And young Lee Hye Young.

It is expected that production of this part of the series will begin in the current year 2021.

School 2021 series

The events of this series revolve around Kim Tae Jin, a student who was practicing taekwondo and won a bronze medal in the national athletics competition. However, he suffered a serious injury to his ankle that prevented him from practicing taekwondo again. At the same time, all his father’s business was completely bankrupt. Which prompted him to enter vocational high school, Student Kim has a mature personality for his age.

At the same school, Kim meets Na Kum Young, a student who attended the school in order to become a YouTube celebrity by learning to cook at the vocational high school she attended.

The series focuses on the growth and life story of students in a vocational high school.

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Live On . series

This series revolves around a famous high school student named Jung Da Bin, who discovers one day that someone is trying to reveal a secret about her past. So she joins her school’s radio club and asks club president Hwang Min Hyun for help in finding and getting to know this person, This series was launched in January 2021.

The Hairs . series

This series tells about a group of high school students who are rich and distinguished at the same time. The series revolves around topics related to wealth and the management of social relations. One of the main characters in the series is Kim Tan, the potential heir of Jikook Group, who did not have a good relationship with his brother Kimo One, who always believes that his brother Kim is trying to steal his father’s company from him. And his brother Kim became tight on his life more and more, However, Kim ends up falling in love with their housekeeper’s daughter, Cha Eun Sang. But Kim’s father did not agree to this.

One day, Cha Eun Sang moved to study with Kim at their school. Kim had to compete with his classmate Choi Young Do and overcome all obstacles to always be with Eun Sung no matter what his family or friends at school said about it.

Master of study series

The events of this series revolve around a lawyer who managed to obtain a position in a high school notorious for the failure of students in it completely, Therefore, the lawyer has developed a solid plan aimed at changing and modifying the course of students and making them successful students over time. Through the events of the series, the lawyer conveys a new idea to the students that everything can be changed and modified to become better than before, Likewise, success is something acquired and can be obtained if it is pursued according to a solid plan.

Reply 1997 series

The events of this series revolve around a group of 6 friends who were studying together in high school in 1997, They had a dinner party together in high school at the age of 33 to remember the good school days.

This is a series of romance and mutual love for family and friends.

White Christmas series

This series tells the story of a school located on the mountains. Where in this school there is one teacher, 7 students and a doctor who could not go back to their homes and stayed to spend the winter holidays in the school, But strange things happen in this school, and the doctor was killed in a car accident. While students committed suicide over a period of eight consecutive days, The episodes of the series reveal the reason that leads to the suicide of some students and the death of others in mysterious and strange incidents.

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Hi! School: Love On

The events of this fictional series revolve around an angel’s tour of schools, and there he sees a high school student who is in great danger, so he rescues him, But then the angel turns into a human being, The angel-turned-human tries to adapt and live with the students’ lives in high school, which are adolescence, love and friendship.

My boy series

This series revolves around a girl who goes to an elite music high school to study the music she loves. This girl is exposed to many situations that are characterized by secrets and ambiguity because of one of the girls who lives with her in the same room and admires her, But later she discovers that this girl pretends to be a girl and is actually a boy.

The school Korean series clearly highlights the real life of students in Korean schools and conveys the Korean culture in dealing with school students of other cultures in the world. The Korean drama expresses the reality that Koreans actually live in their daily lives and is not just an acting drama like other dramas.

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