Best electric cars for kids with prices and locations for sale 2021

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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:48 PM
Best electric cars for kids with prices and locations for sale 2021

After the streets were crowded with cars of all kinds that stormed the markets, and many people are rushing to own them. And after highlighting the honorable competition between the most famous car brands and their production of everything that is distinctive, And after introducing the new technologies to provide the necessary luxury and easy driving for everyone who owns a car, Children are looking at such cars and chanting to buy similar ones. But how can they own a car when they are still children at that age?, From here came the idea of these companies to design a small-sized car suitable for children, To practice that hobby and to break the barrier of fear within them towards leadership, The search for the best electric cars for children has become a concern of many parents in recent times to choose the safest car for their children.

Best electric cars for kids online shopping

E-shopping stores offered a very large number of types of electric cars , which are suitable for children of all ages and which parents have taken as the ideal gift for their children, due to their following advantages:

  • Better child development It helps him to balance movement and psychological development.
  • It increases his self-confidence and makes him resist his fear of many things.
  • It strengthens his social relationships and emotional and psychological stability.
  • It clearly raises his level of intelligence.

Mercedes Benz children’s car from Xiamen

A replica of the real car designed with the highest quality and safety for your child, It is characterized by:

  • It has two gears for spare, one for high and low and one for the reverse, It can also be controlled through a control device specially made for the car to be used under adult supervision.
  • It has a USB port to play your child’s favorite songs, As well as an MP3 player.
  • Safety belt and LED lights on the front and back, Openable doors.
  • Available in several colors, the most famous of which is black.
  • It is sold at a price of one thousand and one hundred and seventy Saudi riyals in the electronic markets.

Electric children’s car “Jeep” from “Family Center”

It is distinguished by its exquisite shape, They are similar to safari cars and were manufactured especially for children who love adventure and love action cartoons. It is characterized as:

  • It has a double decker chair, And a safety belt.
  • Attached radio and music players.
  • It has very powerful twelve volt batteries. and ten amperes per hour.
  • An excellent motor with a power equivalent to twenty-four volts.
  • Equipped with a twelve-volt charger and a thousand milliampere-hour.
  • The Bluetooth feature is controlled from a distance of two and a half gigs.
  • It is distinguished by its attractive red color and its tires made of the best types of safe and anti-shock rubber.
  • It bears children’s weights up to seventy-five kilograms.
  • Its price inside the stores is one thousand three hundred and sixty-two Saudi riyals.

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Electric children’s car “Lamborghini Urus” from “Raster”

More suitable for girls for its great shape and color, If your daughter loves adventure and daring, you should choose that car that resembles the shape of the original jeep racing cars, It is characterized by:

  • Its speed exceeds three and a half miles per hour.
  • Wireless device for parents.
  • Suitable for four years of age and over.
  • Its pedal is under the type of foot pedal, Which enhances the child’s ability to move the legs better as if he is playing sports.
  • Holds weights up to fifty-five pounds.
  • It has brakes that allow the car to stop safely and quickly.
  • It works for at least an hour and a half without charging.
  • It has a key to start.
  • It is available in the market at a price of two thousand five hundred and eighty-two Saudi riyals.

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Children’s car from “Lexus”

Its blue color adds beauty to it and makes it more suitable for males. Among its features are as follows:

  • Equipped with a handle for easy tightening. Its wheels are made of reinforced plastic.
  • As well as the remote control, it has a manual control feature.
  • The feature of playing sounds with the possibility of controlling their loudness.
  • Suitable from two and a half years old to eight years old.
  • It has four motors running at thirty-five watts.
  • It is offered at a price of one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five Saudi riyals.

Children’s car from “feber”

This car has many features. It includes:

  • alert board, To find out if an error occurred.
  • It travels up to two kilometers without stopping.
  • It contains six games at once. change wheels, tighten engine bolts, Use the key to start the car, fender repair, fill it with gasoline, and turn off the alarm that beeps if the car does not stop.
  • Its price is one thousand four hundred and fifty-two Saudi riyals.

The cheapest electric cars for children in Saudi Arabia 2021

As for the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, electric children’s cars have invaded the market in a very amazing way, It was distinguished by its affordable prices, Which made it the most popular choice for children to develop their talents, This is instead of buying any other games that only cost us a lot of money and do not benefit our dear children.

GMC kids car from General Motors

When this car was put on the market, it was reported that it was out of stock after a few minutes. This is due to several advantages that it has as follows:

  • Very similar to the shape of real cars, Which gives the child the real feeling of driving.
  • It has rubber tires to prevent friction. It makes it more stable.
  • Equipped with a real speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour forward, And five kilometers per hour if you move backwards.
  • Attached is a special link to play “MP3”, You can add an “SD” card and play the one on it.
  • The engine is characterized by its low sound.
  • It is battery powered and has an indicator that it is low so it can be charged again.
  • Its most notable feature is the remote control that allows parents to control the car from afar. If they feel the child’s imbalance to avoid any danger or mistake that shakes his self-confidence and makes him not dare to drive again.
  • Child driven by steering wheel, It has a front door and two seats.
  • Its seats are made of leather and have straps to control the position of the child in it.
  • Front and rear springs to absorb shock without the child feeling the severity of the shock.
  • It operates at twelve volts. It weighs twenty-eight kilograms and is suitable for children from the age of three years.
  • It can be purchased at a price of one thousand six hundred and twenty Saudi riyals.

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BMW X6 kids car from Mega Star

A German car designed with a distinctive open-top shape that resembles the original car in the form of a miniature for children, Characterized by:

  • It has two doors on the right and left, which can be opened. It has a single seat made of the finest materials that make your child feel comfortable and balanced, and it is equipped with a safety belt.
  • It contains a speedometer and next to it there is a button to control its lowering or raising.
  • It has an excellent motor which is perfectly suitable for a small child. Its battery varies from twelve to twenty-four volts. So it takes a long time to implement.
  • A device is attached to it for parents to control the car from a distance to ensure the safety of their children.
  • It runs for more than four hours continuously without needing to be charged.
  • Comes with another battery as a replacement for the original battery, So you can charge one, use one, and switch between them.
  • Its unbeatable price is only nine hundred and seventy Saudi riyals.

For every father and mother who wants to properly develop the talents of their children, They wish their child to grow up with a healthy, balanced personality. They must take systematic steps towards achieving this. And stay away from games that may extinguish the child’s talents, reduce his intelligence and self-reliance, and increase his confidence in his abilities. Therefore, the best choice is to search for the best electric cars for children that combine all these features and more for your child.

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