The most luxurious and latest types of electric cars for 2021

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4 November 2021Last Update : Thursday 4 November 2021 - 3:48 PM
The most luxurious and latest types of electric cars for 2021

Owning a car has become a necessary and vital matter for all segments of society in all its cultures. Some of them take it as a means of luxury and look for its attractive appearance, Others use it as a source of income for them and in their businesses, Since the launch of electric cars, they occupy a large and continuous space of coverage on the most famous major newspapers, which keep pace with all their news and updates.

Since electric cars are one of the most discussed topics these days, At Techni 101, we liked to list a group of the best types of electric cars according to the anatomy based on price, power and model.

The most luxurious electric cars of 2021

Anyone who aspires to own a new electric car should pay attention to its advantages as well as its impressive shape, With the advent of the twenty-first century, car manufacturers are scrambling to create a special form that takes the lead in the automotive world.

They also hastened the introduction of features in its engines, speed, power, energy and controls to become easier, more luxurious and more in demand, especially from the category that knows the value of those cars.

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Tesla’s new Model S electric car

This car has enough features to be on the throne of luxury, Its “S Plaid” model is distinguished by all standards of quality, durability and beautiful streamlined shape, And when he mentions her name, we must mention with him these advantages:

  • A super battery of four thousand six hundred and eighty cells. Which is a huge amount that allows the car to store a not insignificant amount of energy,
    She was out of competition according to her ability to cover more than five hundred and twenty miles in order to exhaust her energy.
  • Its electric motor runs at a rate of one thousand and one hundred horsepower. And car owners know very well what the meaning of that sentence, which may astonish them when they hear about this tremendous ability,
    Which makes it one of the most prominent cars with very powerful engines.

E-Tron GT

One of the global brand “Audi” products. Its features can be summarized as follows:

  • Its stark shape with its utmost precision and perfection, Brilliant colors and striking lighting.
  • Its battery is capable of traveling distances of two hundred and fifty miles. The number of its cells exceeds one thousand and two hundred cells.
  • Its electric motor, which produced five hundred and ninety horsepower, Which proves its superior strength when compared to its counterparts.

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Aspark’s first Japanese “Aspark Owl”

Aspark Owl is a Japanese car that has penetrated global markets with its luxury, We find that its design resembles a “white owl”, a pinnacle of artistic creativity in terms of form and capabilities. They are the most suitable and wonderful for athletes because of the following:

  • Its mighty engine, which enables its owner to travel one kilometer in the equivalent of 1.6 seconds, i.e. traveling at 60 miles per hour, Its speed is not measured in kilometers like other conventional cars, but rather in miles.
  • They are similar to rally cars in their unique design.
  • Its battery is designed to match that speed and withstand it under any circumstances.

BMW BMW 14 electric car

As we are accustomed from the BMW brand to break into the market with the finest cars, It is made of the best materials ever. Perhaps this model was produced within the electric car model to be distinguished by the following:

  • A heavy-duty battery with more than three thousand five hundred cells. This is to make it have a high endurance capacity to cover three hundred and seventy-two miles without being exhausted.
  • electric motor of five hundred and thirty horsepower, Which makes it more stable and runs at an incredible speed.

Rivian R1S

It was launched in the market on the basis of its battery, Everyone who is looking for a distinctive battery that can bear the burdens of traveling long distances, it must suit him.
What distinguishes it most from others is the ability of its battery to travel more than four hundred and ten miles in the states of exhaustion or charging. So it is absolutely the most appropriate.

Lucid Air electric car

The electric Lucid Air is a premium vehicle in every sense of the word. It combines shape and color with the goal of beauty and consistency. Among the impressive capabilities are as follows:

  • She runs with a force of one thousand and eighty horses. High-quality electric motor, fast and durable alike, Specialists said about her that when she runs at her full speed,
    No one who passes in front of it will notice it.
  • As for its battery, its cells exceeded four thousand cells. Where it travels four hundred and seventeen miles to run out of power and get a charge back.

Best electric cars in the UAE 2021

The Volvo XC 40 Recharge Comes at the top of the car lists for lovers of different shapes, Whoever cares about the possibilities, regardless of the importance of the form, in a large percentage, rushes to own them. It includes the following features:

  • Its power and speed reach sixty miles, That is, a kilometer is covered in just 4.3 seconds. And that’s because of its solid engine with a power of four hundred and two horses.
  • Its battery goes full 200 miles and then has to be charged again to get it going again.

Best electric cars in Saudi Arabia 2021

The Kingdom has started adding the Bollinger B1 model to its lists. It is the most famous and most popular electric car that has conquered the world, the “SUV” model, which some might call armored cars, Because of its strength and durability, And its shape, which is similar in nature to armored cars already, It has great capabilities, including the following:

  • super electric motor, Because it exceeds the barrier of six hundred and fourteen horses, And not only that, but it has a torque of more than six hundred and sixty-eight revolutions per foot.
  • It travels nearly two hundred miles without stopping or depleting its energy. Because of its powerful battery.

Best electric cars in Egypt 2021

The Renault Zoe car swept the Egyptian market. It was characterized by:

  • Its electric motor has a power of one hundred and eight horsepower. Which can travel at a speed of eighty-five miles per hour.
  • It has the capacity to travel one hundred and fifty-one miles until it is recharged.
  • Its price is thirty-two thousand dollars.

Best electric cars in Kuwait 2021

The most popular car in the State of Kuwait is the “Jaguar” model, which includes the “Jaguar XJ”, It is a British car of origin and origin for lovers of excellence and lovers of luxury, The latest production of the “JX” model, Its advantages can not be counted, but the most prominent of them are the following:

  • An electric motor of over three hundred and ninety-four horsepower. As well as its torque, which exceeded five hundred and twelve revolutions per foot.
  • Its velocity is measured in miles, It can travel the equivalent of sixty miles per hour.
  • It travels two hundred and thirty-four miles on its durable batteries.

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The cheapest modern and very luxurious electric cars 2021

For lovers of owning a distinctive car at the same time, with the right price and dozens of times more than its price,
There are some cars that have been released to the market at low prices when compared to others on the same level. Including the following:

  • Skoda City Go electric car: At a price of twenty-five thousand eight hundred dollars.
  • Honda i car: The price is thirty-two thousand five hundred dollars.
  • The Volkswagen Fusion ID3: About thirty-three thousand dollars.
  • Kia Soul: Its price is thirty-four thousand dollars.
  • Nissan Leaf: The cheapest price in the market, equivalent to twenty-three thousand dollars.
  • The Hyundai Ioniq electric car: At a price of thirty-one thousand dollars.
  • The Peugeot i208: At a price of thirty-four thousand dollars.

The bottom line, For everyone looking for new technology and the luxury cars it produced, And for everyone who likes to combine superpowers and great looks.

You are definitely looking for the best types of electric cars for 2021, which exceeded all expectations and surprised the whole world with their impressive features and designs.

Also, there are those who like to add to these features the right price, This is what makes him gravitate towards the cheapest electric cars that are distinguished by their looks and power.

Here we finish our article in which we touched on the best types of electric cars and the most luxurious models that take a greater share of popularity in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Kuwait.

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