City Max discount code 2021. City Max KSA Discount Coupon

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4 November 2021Last Update : Saturday 6 November 2021 - 6:36 PM
City Max discount code 2021. City Max KSA Discount Coupon

If you want to enjoy a very great buying experience in the field of shoes, clothing and accessories and you are a resident of the cities of the Gulf Cooperation Council or a resident of other Arab countries, The City Max store is the right elegance store for you to appear in a very attractive and wonderful way in front of others with all sizes suitable for young people and adults as well, With getting a City Max discount code that fits your budget to an amazing extent.

About City Max Company

City Max Company, which later changed its brand to Max Fashion, One of the largest online stores in the field of shoes, accessories and clothing, It started its work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the first Arab country in 2004, It is one of the largest retail companies in the Middle East and India. It is one of the Landmark International Group of Companies.

What is the City Max discount code?

It is a code consisting of English numbers and letters that offers a specific value discount on the prices of all City Max or Max Fashion products. Or offers a discount on the prices of specific products within specific categories of products that are displayed on the Citymax website.

What products can you find in Citymax store?

Max Fashion store provides many products for women, men and children as follows:

  • Women’s clothing: There are many categories of women’s clothing, which are: Various assortments, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, lingerie and sleepwear, large sizes, maternity clothes, Online exclusively includes many categories of clothes that are ordered online only, beauty, home, Downloads.
  • Men’s clothing: includes many of the following categories: Variety of clothes, Various men’s full body clothing, shoes, accessories, home, Downloads.
  • Children’s clothing: includes the following categories: Girls clothes from 0-2 years old, Boys clothes from 0-2 years old, Girls’ clothes from 2-8 years, Boys clothes from 2-8 years, Girls’ clothes from 8-12 years old, Boys’ clothes from 8-12 years old, shoes, Bags and Accessories, Home, Shop online exclusively, Downloads.

Citymax website features

  • It offers a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories products in all categories.
  • One-stop shop for the whole family. It contains a variety of clothes and products for women, men, and children at the same time, So that the whole family can buy it.
  • It is characterized by strong and highly responsive technical support that is available all the time to solve all the problems that customers face before the sale, after the sale and during the process of shipping the product to the customer.
  • City Max products can be purchased at a significant discount by using the City Max discount code.

What products can be discounted with City Max coupon?

All products on City Max (currently Max Fashion) can benefit from the discount code offered by the site. What is different is the type of discount code you will use. There are discount codes that give a specific percentage discount on all City Max products without exception. There are only discount codes that can be used on specific products on the site and are not valid for other products.

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How to register on City Max site to attain its discount code?

  • Go to the home page of Max Fashion and click on the word “register an account”.
  • You can register using your Facebook account directly, Or register your data through e-mail and enter it manually, which include full name, Your E-mail, password, The mobile number on which the verification code will be received, date of birth optional, Bypass the captcha and then click on register an account.
  • Log in to your account within the City Max website, Choose the product you want and add it to your shopping cart within the site.
  • You can view the products you have added to the basket or go directly to the checkout screen.
  • On the payment screen you will find a place to enter the discount code, Enter the discount code and apply it, and you will find that the price of the product has been reduced by the discount rate that the discount code gives you.
  • Then enter the address data you want the product to reach you at. Choose the appropriate payment method for you and complete the payment process in order to put your order on hold within the site.

What are the Arab countries in which Citymax or Max Fashion store operates?

City Max or Max Fashion store operates in the following Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, The Egyptian Arabic Republic, Kuwait.

What discount codes can we use, How much is the discount rate given?

These are some discount codes that can be applied to some products. In addition to the discount percentage granted by each code:

  • 10% discount code on all City Max products.
  • Discount code of up to 50% on selected collections of fashion within the City Max website.
  • Discount code up to 70% on children’s clothing.
  • Discount code up to 55% on men’s clothing prices.
  • 10% discount code, In addition to free shipping on every purchase of 200 AED or more.
  • 27% discount code on Embroidered High Neck Long Sleeve Sweatshirt.
  • 31% off discount code on high-top sneakers with lace-up closure.
  • 9% discount code on crew neck, long sleeve, plaid print sweatshirt.
  • 30% off discount code on mandarin collar, long sleeve and print shirt.
  • A 27% discount code on the prices of a textured tunic top with a high neck and long sleeves.
  • 36% off discount code with round neck, long sleeves and Avengers print.

The great thing about Citymax or Max Fashion is that it is a leading and well-known store in the whole world. It provides high quality products, At the same time, it offers great offers and discounts on the prices of these products, Which made millions of people around the world shop and buy their products through it.

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