The best program to watch movies on the computer with subtitles

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:00 PM
The best program to watch movies on the computer with subtitles

Everyone loves watching movies, there are some people who like to watch comedies and some people prefer horror, drama, or maybe American action films , but their only option to enjoy various types of foreign films is to have a movie broadcast program with the correct translation of what is narrated in the events of the film, and certainly most categories of followers will want to have a program that allows watching movies for free without buying paid packages.

So if you want to watch movies for free on your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC, One of the computer movie watching software options that we discuss in this article will definitely suit you and can be used for free.

Follow this new article to learn about the best program for watching movies on the computer, which is Popcorn Time, which allows you to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, After we finish explaining this program, we will show you some of the free applications in addition to the applications that require a subscription after a free trial period.

Popcorn Time movie watching software is developed by YIFY company and was first launched in the year 214 as a multi-platform application through which we can watch all kinds of content for free from the same platform so that you can watch all the movies or series you want without having to download files on the computer.

The program is considered one of the best alternatives to Netflix for watching movies and other service providers with a paid subscription or limited packages, Its mechanism relies on displaying pirated movies from torrent sites to download movies , specifically to a large extent; Relying on the YTS website.

Popcorn Time to watch movies for free

Popcorn is a free service to watch movies online with subtitles, It is downloaded to Windows PCs and is P2P based and uses torrent files to enable users to watch any movie.

It also allows streaming thanks to the built-in multimedia player, In addition, this program includes a simple and easy-to-use interface very similar to the Netflix interface, but without the cost and with a completely different process.

After you download the program to your computer and start running it, The main interface will appear showing movie titles and their thumbnails. At the top you will find the sections of the site that you can navigate easily to find what you are looking for from your favorite movies, whether anime or action and combat films, And other films and series, including Turkish series and translated Chinese series .

Where you will find a section for films, a section for TV programs, and another section that includes a group of series, in addition to a special section for anime and Indian films. Another feature that Popcorn Time gives you in terms of interface and functionality is to add the movies you like to favorites to make them always present in your app and arrange them and you can also mark them as “invisible”.

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You can also use the search engine to find the movie you want, sort it (by trends, popularity, year, title, or rating) or filter by genre based on what you want to watch (whether it’s an adventure, animation, comedy, romance, fantasy, family, or war). historical, or suspenseful).

The program is easy to use, Since once you have selected a movie, you just have to click on it to start playing it. In addition to the many features that you will notice when you download Popcorn Time to watch movies.

Features of Popcorn Time movie watching program

  1. It has a simple and easy to use interface in addition to that it is completely free and does not include any purchases inside but it requires an internet connection.
  2. It contains a huge library of foreign films of all categories that include comedy, action, horror, suspense, and others.
  3. It includes a special section for documentaries and anime films, in addition to a special section for series and another section for famous TV programs around the world.
  4. It allows you to subtitle movies in the language you want with the click of a button, including Arabic, English and French.
  5. It also allows you to dub movies in your preferred language such as French, Russian and German.
  6. The ability to watch in very high definition HD or FHD.
  7. In the main interface you will find suggestions for the newest and best movies.
  8. It provides you with all the necessary information to know everything about the movie you want to watch, as you will find a brief summary of the movie and the names of the actors
  9. And the movie’s announcement, critics’ opinions, and private photos of it.
  10. It allows you to search for the movie you want through the search tab at the top of the main page.
  11. If there is a movie that has parts, this program will show you the rest of the parts if you are interested in watching them.

Popcorn Time download link

4 popular computer programs that allow you to watch the latest movies

1. Crackle

Crackle is a completely free program for watching movies and TV shows on PC. It contains a lot of movies from different genres such as action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror , thriller and science fiction.

So far this app is only available to users located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Latin America, However, if you live in Egypt or any Arab country, you can download this program and run it with a VPN, So you can change your IP address and access the program.

2. Leonflix

Leonflix is another movie watching software that gives you unlimited access to the latest and best movies, TV shows, original and favorite series of all time and hit movies. Available for free download on computers. It is not much different from Popcorn in the content inside and watch in high quality without cutting.

3. Netflix

The Netflix program is found by many to be the best program for watching movies and series, whether new or old. But its requirements for a paid subscription, It makes many movie-watchers look for alternatives to the Netflix program that enables them to watch movies for free.

The Netflix program to watch movies for computers and phones is not completely free, Requires a month subscription (its monthly subscription only costs $9.99 per month), And you don’t need a web browser to watch videos once you have an activated account, You will be able to access Netflix services from any platform whether it is a computer, smart TV, tablet or even a mobile phone and the Netflix platform is the most popular subscription service in the world for watching TV episodes and movies.

4. Epix

Epix is another paid program for watching movies on PC. It allows you to watch more than 3000 movies, concerts, comedies andThe best documentaries and many Hollywood content as well as unlimited access to uncut movie versions and ad-free content by subscribing monthly or annually through the official website for a free 14-day trial period.

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