11 Best Smart Speakers to Help You With Home Activities

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:00 PM
11 Best Smart Speakers to Help You With Home Activities

The world is getting smarter day by day thanks to technological progress. It is no wonder when we see that many people are relying on a smart home speaker to help them accomplish their daily activities and tasks. Like playing a favorite song and following the news, or set reminders and create shopping lists, or search for something on the internet, In addition to controlling smart home devices such as turning off the lights or turning on the air conditioner, etc., through voice commands, And if you have made up your mind to try out smart speakers, You may want to check it out before you buy it. Here is a list of the 11 best smart speakers to help you with home activities.

11 Best Smart Speakers to Help You With Home Activities

  1. Uxbridge Voice

مكبر الصوت uxbridge voice

The Oxbridge Voice amplifier combines the quality of Marshall Corporation and Amazon Alexa to provide you with clean, accurate sound, It is also characterized by its small size. And its ability to create 3D sound to deliver your voice from a distance, In addition to a fun smart experience by using your voice to complete your tasks with Amazon Alexa, the smart assistant, such as requesting a song or a music track to play with volume control.

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As well as managing daily tasks and adjusting your schedule, and control the smart devices in your home, and get responses to the information you’re looking for, such as the latest news, You can also use the buttons at the top to adjust the volume. voice assistant control as well as play and pause, In addition to an app for iOS and Android to allow you to set your own music preferences, With full support for Wi-Fi, Wireless Play 2 and Bluetooth.

  1. Bose Home Speaker 500

مكبر الصوت bose home speaker 500

The Bose Home 500 subwoofer can easily pick up your voice even from afar, Thanks to an array of 8 microphones, It also has two amplifiers in opposite directions to bounce sounds away from walls and fill the entire room with powerful stereo sound. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice assistant where you can access songs, online streaming channels and playlists through voice commands.

As well as access to weather updates and the latest news and set compatible home devices, The control is not only limited by voice, but can also be controlled by the top control buttons or the Bose Music app, You can also stream music services wirelessly with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 2 technology such as Amazon Music, Spotify, As well as playing songs from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

  1. Loudspeaker Fabriq

مكبر الصوت fabriq

The smart fabric speaker creates a multi-room audio system where sound can be delivered to multiple rooms wirelessly by pairing 10 fabrication speakers using Wi-Fi. It is controlled by touch and Amazon Alexa via voice commands to allow you to play music from Spotify and Amazon Music, i heart radio, You can also access audiobooks via Audible as well as set alerts and control smart devices.

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In addition, it is very easy to set up via the Fabrik app, And since it is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you can connect it to iPhones, tablets and computers, as well as take it with you on trips and travels. But you must make sure to carry the charging base, which gives you a battery life of up to 8 hours, It also has two motors that can supply 8 watts to provide clear and crisp sound at any level, Plus, it comes covered in beautiful and unique fabric designs.

  1. Sound Form Elite

مكبر الصوت sound form elite

The Soundform Elite speakerphone gives you high fidelity sound as it is powered by SAM technology which is active speaker matching technology to ensure that the sound emitted by the speaker exactly matches what was recorded by the microphone, Plus (push-push) technology using dual subwoofers to eliminate vibrations during loud sound.

It also comes with built-in fast wireless charging so that you can charge your mobile phone while listening to music without having to connect it with a cable. It can also be paired with any smart speaker that uses the Google Smart Assistant to play audio in multiple rooms at the same time. You can also listen to songs and podcasts, Search the Internet, manage smart devices, and daily tasks via voice commands with Google Assistant.

  1. Sonos One . Speaker

مكبر الصوت sonos one

Sonoz One is a smart speaker with integrated voice control by Amazon Alexa, It can also be controlled by Apple AirPlay 2 technology. Or the Sonoz app, which is an integrated platform through which you can access music from broadcast sites and Internet radio, your podcasts, audiobooks and clips, In addition to tracking news, and set alerts, Answering your questions while searching online. and control of household appliances.

It is distinguished by its pure and clear voice. As well as its elegant and compact design, it fits almost any space, So that you can put it on the kitchen counter or on the desk, In addition to another great feature is its resistance to moisture, You can also connect it with other speakers for sound access to multiple rooms, In addition to illuminated indicators that beep and indicate the status of the microphone is active or turned off.

  1. Google Home speaker

مكبر صوت google home

The Google Home speaker is powered by the Google Assistant that responds to voice commands to manage your schedule. and set reminders, and add items to the shopping list, Follow the news and weather, and provide you with information about transportation and flight, and get answers to what you’re looking for online, As well as controlling home appliances.

In addition to playing music from several services such as YouTube, google play music, Pandora and Spotify, It has a microphone at the top of it that can pick up and distinguish your voice from a distance. As for the setup process, it is very simple. Just connect the power cable, Then download and launch the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. Which is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot . speaker

مكبر الصوت amazon echo dot

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Speaker is an Alexa-powered smart speaker. And designed in an attractive way, it is equipped with control buttons at the top to adjust the volume and microphone, In addition to the audio output and power jack on the back, You can also set it up by connecting it to the electricity and entering the Alexa app to turn on the smart assistant.

With voice commands you can play music, set timers, and create calendar events and reminders, Follow news and weather updates, As well as movie showtimes and restaurant opening hours, Manage smart devices, light bulbs, operate thermostats, In addition to making voice calls.

You can also set up the Alexa security feature to get alerts in your mobile phone if the device detects a crack or smoke while you are out of the house. You can also contact emergency assistance through it, In addition to being able to protect users’ privacy with an electronic switch off microphones, As well as control your audio recordings where you can hear them or delete them.

  1. Google Hub Home Speaker

مكبر الصوت google hub home

Google Hub Home, a small 7-inch smart screen, It’s like a tablet attached to a round base, It has a button on the top to turn the microphone on and off. While another button on the left side controls the volume, But you can do without that by adjusting the settings to have the Google Assistant do the tasks via voice commands.

where you can listen to music and watch videos, and weather updates, and upcoming news and events in the calendar, It also enables smart home control, However, you cannot make video calls. And you can only make voice calls because the camera is not included which is due to privacy concerns. However, it has a location search feature. Where the screen displays a map through which you can check the place before you visit it, It is also light sensitive so that the screen brightness changes according to the outside light in the place.

  1. Google Home Mini Speaker

مكبر الصوت google home mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in, With it, you can easily control everything in your home, such as household appliances, via voice commands. and provide you with a forecast of the weather, traffic, news, reminders and alerts, In addition to entertainment and educational products.

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It also supports playing audio clips and music across major streaming sites, As well as broadcasting shows and movies on TV using Chromecast technology, listen to audiobooks and set your daily schedule, It is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, It is available in several colours.

  1. Lenovo Smart Display Speaker

مكبر الصوت lenovo smart display

Lenovo Smart Display with Speaker and Google Assistant offers you an engaging visual and audio experience, It allows you to play music and podcasts, and watch your favorite videos and episodes from shows and movies directly, Track the weather and the latest news, and traffic in addition to the site support feature, And compatibility with smart home devices such as turning on air purifiers and coffee makers, dimming the lights, and checking in children with voice commands.

It also allows you to make video calls in Full HD via its 8-inch or 10-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera, The smart screen is powered by a Snapdragon 624 octa-core processor. In addition to excellent sound quality thanks to the 10W speakers, The smart display also works with the Google Photos app together. So you can turn your family’s albums into slideshows or a different picture show every day, The color tone sensors automatically adapt to the time of day to make you look attractive.

  1. Apple HomePod . speaker

مكبر الصوت apple homepod

The Apple HomePod smart speaker features a sleek cylindrical design and a touch surface, It is also equipped with an integrated A8 processor, It also has 7 speakers at its base. In addition to a loudspeaker on top and 6 microphones, it spreads sound throughout the room, and accurately capture voice commands, You can activate Siri the smart assistant by pressing the top of it to play your favorite songs and music clips. As well as the volume control.

It also provides you with the latest news, reports, and song suggestions. In addition to the ability to connect it to your iPhone so you can send messages and set reminders, Make and answer calls hands-free.

In addition to the ability to connect it to other Apple devices so that your favorite songs and playlists in the speaker are synced with the Apple Music Store, You can also connect all smart home devices to it so that you can control them via voice commands through the Apple HomeKit.

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