Best wired headphones for iPhone 2021

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:00 PM
Best wired headphones for iPhone 2021

Recently, Apple has not been attaching earphones to new phones as it used to, Therefore, Apple phone users who love to use earphones are searching for the best alternatives to the iPhone headphones, which are very close to the sound quality of the original iPhone headphones from Apple. Which makes users at a loss in choosing the appropriate alternatives in order to buy them, But in this article, you can check out the best wired headphones for iPhone in 2021.

Best wired iPhone headphones 2021

Belkin rockStar iPhone Headphones with Lightning Connector

سماعة belkin rockstar iphone headphones with lightning connector

This headset comes with a wide input type c compatible with Android phones, as well as an additional cable that supports iPhone phones, It is an Apple certified headphone at the same time. And it has a loud volume control in the same headset, One of its most important features is that it is light in weight and small in size, and it can be used while answering calls, listening to music, and moving around in it anywhere you want.

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Audeze sine dx wired headphone for iPhone

السماعة السلكية audeze sine dx للآيفون

It is a large-sized headphone that is placed on the ears and creates a built-in broadcast of the type dac 24, which is a high-definition broadcast as it is transmitted within the wired cable of the headset, The speaker also contains strong, flat magnets that maintain sound quality and prevent distortion and distortion. It is one of the good options that can be used for iPhone phones during 2021.

Audeze EL-8 Titanium Headphone

سماعة audeze el-8 titanium

This headset is distinguished by its high fidelity sound that exceeds the internal and actual sound of the iPhone when used, It has the ability to raise the volume strongly and give a great sound thanks to the magnets feature and DAC broadcast through its cable, It is made of weather-resistant titanium, which gives it a long life compared to other headphones. But it is not as cheap as other headphones.

Libratone q-adapt in-ear

سماعة libratone q-adapt in-ear

This headset comes with a technology to isolate external noise while using this headset and this technology is called citymix noise, which is available inside this headset with four different levels that you can control the noise level either by blocking it completely and becoming completely isolated from the outside environment.

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It can also be partially isolated so that you are aware of what’s going on around you outside with a simple remote control on the headphone cable.

Audeze isine10 . headphone

سماعة audeze isine10

This headset is equipped with a cable compatible with the lightning port on the iPhone, It has built-in 24-bit DAC technology to create high fidelity, powerful, distortion-free, ultra-high clarity and fidelity audio streams. So that makes the experience of listening to music through this headphone wonderful and very powerful.

There is also an application for this headset on the iPhone to control the volume and control the effects and to produce a wonderful sound according to the user’s desire and however he wants.

JBL reflect aware

سماعة jbl reflect aware

This headset is one of the distinctive headphones that you can use while exercising or walking at any time, It is equipped with a reflective coating that helps drivers see you while you are driving in the dark. It is also characterized by being waterproof and unaffected when used in rainy weather or in places where there is high humidity.

In addition to containing noise cancellation technology that can be controlled from within its own application, which is installed on your iPhone and control the speaker settings through it, This headset is somewhat heavy compared to its counterparts from other headphones.

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Pioneer Rayz Plus

سماعة pioneer rayz plus

This headphone has a noise cancellation feature that automatically adapts to the ear when the headphone is placed in it, This technology partially isolates the noise and provides a very good listening experience for the person who uses it. At the same time, it keeps him aware of what is going on around him from the outside. The great feature of this headset is that the music stops automatically when the headset is removed from the ear. And it works again when you put it back in the ear completely automatically without the need to control the music through the phone.

In addition, the settings of the headset buttons can be adjusted as the user wants so that each button opens and closes an application inside the phone, The iPhone can also be charged while you are using the headset, which may not be available when using a wired headset of other types.

UrBeats wired earphones with lightning connector

سماعة urbeats wired earphones with lightning connector

With this Apple certified headphone, you can get a great music listening experience, Thanks to the strong magnetic earbuds that this headphone comes with, It is connected through the lighting port on the iPhone. There are three sizes available, and the appropriate size can be chosen for the nature of the user’s ear.

Its cable is not tangled when it is wrapped in order to carry the headset from one place to another. The magnets of the headset can also be attached to each other and moved easily to any place, This headset is available in many different colors.

B&R large diaphragm headphones

سماعة b&r large diaphragm headphones

One of the good options that provides high fidelity sound, quality and clarity at a very reasonable cost, This headset uses programs that amplify the sound and make it very powerful so that the user enjoys a distinct listening experience for sounds and this feature is usually found in high-cost headphones and is not in this category, It also provides a partial noise isolation feature to provide a great deal of comfort while listening to music and sound. In addition to the possibility of rotating the headset to match the headgear if worn, The headset is protected by soft leather.

The manufacturer also provides another cable with a thickness of 3.5 mm to use the headset with phones other than the iPhone ,
In addition, there is a remote control that can be used with the headset to answer calls and interact greatly with music while listening to it.

1More triple driver in-ear headphones

سماعة  1more triple driver in-ear headphones

Thanks to the triple driver software that comes with this headset, it gives you as a user an ideal listening experience for sound and music through it, This headphone gives you powerful, flowing sound that is free from distortion and dropouts. These headphones are available in 9 different sizes that you can choose from. In addition, the volume control unit consists of 5 main buttons that perform many tasks, including: make calls, Activate and control Siri Guidance.

In addition to volume control, As well as moving between audio clips and changing them with ease and speed, This headset is available in several colors, including silver and gold.

PALOVUE lightning headphones

سماعة palovue lightning headphones

This headphone, which is suitable for sports, came a little larger than the approved sizes for headphones, which are 10 mm, In order to give a wonderful and excellent listening experience during sports, it maintains the strength and stability of the sound and prevents the headphones from falling out of the ear. It can be obtained in three different sizes to suit each user. The headset controller enables you to perform several different tasks, including: answering or rejecting calls, Talk to Siri, your personal assistant on your iPhone. In addition to playing music and switching between different music clips, as well as the volume control, It is also available in two colors, white and black only.

Thore bluetooth headphones with lightning connector

سماعة thore bluetooth headphones with lightning connector

It is one of the few earphones that can be used dually, i.e. wired and wireless at the same time. This headset works with both features and you can use either of them however you like. This headset also features an additional 3.5 mm cable that can be used with other phones other than the iPhone. One of the great features of this headset is that it has a powerful battery that can run for up to 16 hours continuously.

In addition to being a flexible headset that can be easily folded to become less bulky while placing it in your bag and taking it with you anywhere you want, The headset control can also be used when used as a wired headset. The headset blocks external noise during use to give its users the best music and sound listening experience. It can also be connected to all mobile phones through Bluetooth.

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