Online shopping sites offer free shipping 2021

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:00 PM
Online shopping sites offer free shipping 2021

Sometimes customers may drop the order due to the high shipping cost, They are the additional fees imposed by the site or the seller on the value of the original commodity in exchange for its delivery to the customer, This prompted a lot of online shopping sites and e-stores to provide free shipping service on sales orders so that the buyer does not bear any costs other than the price of the basic product.

Stores have adopted this method because it contributes to increasing sales or demand rates for their products and gaining more customers. Thus, getting better profits. Today, in our article, we review the most popular online shopping sites, free shipping in 2021, to most countries of the world.

Online shopping sites that provide free shipping

1- AliExpress website

علي إكسبريس aliexpress

Ali Express is one of the most popular online retail and shopping sites. It is affiliated with the Chinese Alibaba Group. The site acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, whether they are individuals or companies. The most important thing that distinguishes it is that it contains millions of varieties of products and merchandise, such as clothes, cosmetics, accessories, electronics, and others. Where sellers can display their goods.

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Also, customers can search for products, evaluate them, and compare their prices. Items are often available with free shipping to multiple countries, But this varies from one seller to another because sometimes the seller may charge costs for shipping the product in addition to its price, This is explained to the buyer in the product details.

2- eBay website

مميزات التسوق من خلال موقع إيباي ebay

eBay is a world-renowned online retail shopping and trading site. eBay also acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. As the field is open to anyone to buy goods or offer their products for sale, either by direct sale or auction, and for all types of goods, whether new or used.

Buyer can also view product details including description and photos as well as payment options and shipping information, Where customers can order hundreds of goods, which are usually shipped free of charge to most countries of the world, But sometimes seller may charge buyer extra shipping fee.

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3- DealExtreme website

موقع ديل إكستريم dealextreme

It is one of the most prominent e-commerce sites in China, founded in 2005, It enjoys a wide popularity estimated by more than one million customers and hundreds of merchants, whether individuals or companies. Because it is distinguished by the diversity of its products, which reach 200 thousand products, at a rate of 150 new products per day. In addition, it takes care of the delivery of products of all kinds and shipping them free of charge to anywhere in the world.

To facilitate the delivery process, the site has set up global warehouses for goods, which are currently distributed in more than 30 countries without charging any shipping costs. It also supports local phone numbers in some countries to support customers’ contact to save them international calling fees, In addition to providing vouchers, coupons and financial discount codes , the value of which depends on the customer’s activity and the duration of his subscription to the site.

4- Shopbop site

موقع شوب بوب shopbop

ShopBob is a website for shopping women’s clothing and fashion. and he Amazon US storeIt specializes in selling international fashion of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gifts and other products that suit all age groups. It is also considered one of the most prominent stores that provide free shipping with goods and all over the world, but this feature is conditional on that the order value exceeds $100.

5- Yesasia website

موقع يس آسيا yesasia

It is one of the largest international stores specialized in selling entertainment items such as video games , anime, films, series and Asian music.
The site provides free shipping with most of its products and to most countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

However, the total order amount is required to equal or exceed the minimum purchase amount to receive free shipping, which varies by country, Where the amount ranges from $20 to $99, The site explains these details through a list that contains the name of the country and the minimum purchase price against it.

6- Newegg website

موقع نيو إيج newegg

It is one of the American companies that are widely popular in the field of online shopping, Because the site provides a wide variety of products such as electronics and the best types of laptops , as well as related devices, In addition to sports equipment, children’s toys, household items and more.

The site also provides free shipping to all countries of the world and on most products.

However, the Site may charge additional shipping costs for some orders. You can check this by viewing the product details.

7- Strawberrynet website

موقع ستروبري نت strawberrynet

The British website Strawberry Net is one of the most important and well-known sites for selling cosmetics of all kinds. The store includes a variety of perfumes, cosmetics and makeup, in addition to body, skin and hair care products.

The site also provides free shipping with its products and to all countries of the world for orders of $55 or more.

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8- Better World Books

موقع better world books

If you are a reading lover or a book lover, the Better World Books American Store is one of the most important stores specialized in selling new and used books at discounted prices, in addition to old newspapers and magazines, So that you can find rare and famous books and in all fields.

You can also search for the book you want by title, author name or ISBN number,
The most important feature of the site is that it offers free shipping on all books and to all countries of the world, and the shipping period may take from 10 to 12 days.

9- Fishpond website

موقع فيشبوند fish pond

It is one of the leading companies in the field of online shopping, owns several branches stationed in New Zealand, Britain and the United States of America, and the store includes more than 25 million products so that you can find any product that comes to your mind such as books, movies, music, children’s toys, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, sports supplies, nutritional supplements and many more, in addition to that, the site provides Free shipping service to all countries of the world.

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10- Amazon Prime website

موقع أمازون برايم amazon prime

When talking about cash-on- delivery shopping sites in Saudi Arabia that provide free shipping to their customers, we must mention the Amazon Prime service, which is provided by Amazon, It is the most famous and used site by individuals and companies worldwide in the field of e-commerce, It is multilingual and has several branches and separate retail points in several countries, Which includes millions of products and merchandise of all kinds.

Subscribers to this service can enjoy low-cost or often free shipping, As well as express shipping within 48 hours or the same day, In addition to their priority access to offers and discounts on goods before other customers, And other benefits for an annual subscription of $119, Or a monthly subscription of $12.99 after a one-month free trial.

This service is also provided to undergraduate students who have an email ending in edu. 6-month trial period, Then they can pay half the subscription fee either per month for $6.49, Or annually for $59.5.

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