The best sites to shop luxury children’s clothing online

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:00 PM
The best sites to shop luxury children’s clothing online

The trade of selling clothes is one of the most prevalent types of trade in the Arab world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has tended to buy clothes through websites with a noticeable increase, Where these sites provided them with the process of shopping online and easily choosing between dozens of international brands for the clothing industry, Among the clothes that are most bought from these sites are children’s clothes for boys and girls, So we will get to know together the best online clothing sites for kids that we have selected based on their presentation of very luxurious clothes.

7 guaranteed sites to shop children’s clothes in Saudi Arabia online

Pat Pat shopping website

It is a Chinese-origin shopping site that provides all kinds of children’s clothing, divided into different categories. There is a newly arrived section. Which offers the latest clothes for girls from 1-4 years old, It also offers the latest clothes that have arrived for newborn girls, In addition to other clothing sections, There is a section for baby clothes, boys and girls, that includes all the pieces of clothes that newborns need.

There is a section for children aged 4-14 years that includes clothes for boys and girls, arranged in the form of a section for boys and a section for girls as well. BatBat also offers discounts of up to 70% on some children’s clothing, Where these discounts can be seen when browsing the home screen of the site.

The site also offers a cash-on-delivery feature. And free shipping for products worth 300.86 SAR and above.

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Shein online shopping site

It is one of the largest children’s clothing sites that when shopping in Saudi Arabia, you can find luxury international clothing brands, Which contains an entire section specialized in children’s clothing, whether male or female, The beauty of the site is its division into clothing categories. Open the children’s category on the site, you will find other internal divisions such as: What’s new and which contains new baby clothes that have just arrived in the store, As you will find the latest clothes in the true sense of the word, which without exaggeration may have arrived on the same day you shop.

The site also provides many sections for boys’ and girls’ clothes, And a section for young children’s clothes, boys and girls as well, In addition to providing the latest clothes for infants, It is one of the comprehensive stores that offer all the needs of children’s clothing and of all ages.

The site offers a cash-on-delivery service to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. It also offers a 15% discount on all orders valued at 500 riyals. In addition to a 20% discount on orders up to 1,800 SAR.

Namshi is a website for shopping children’s clothing in Saudi Arabia

Namshi has an entire section for children’s clothing called Children’s Collection. When browsing this section, you will not have any difficulty at all in finding any type of children’s clothing that you want to buy, Everything is arranged and organized on the site. If you want to search for clothing products, you can find the latest clothes that have arrived at Namshi through the New Arrivals tab and choose clothes.

And if you want to browse the clothing section, Select the clothing tab. You will find that the site has presented a long list of clothes for boys and girls. You can choose one of its internal sections and browse according to the type of clothes you want to buy. There are all kinds of clothes suitable for boys and girls, You can also choose clothes according to the age of the children, starting from the age of birth to the age of over 10 years, The available clothes are suitable for all ages and groups, without exception.

However, the following instructions must be adhered to when purchasing products through the Namshi website:

  • The site provides a cash on delivery service for customers inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The site provides free delivery for orders of 200 SAR or more.
  • Orders under 200 SAR will be charged a 30 SAR delivery fee for all types of orders.
  • Orders are delivered within 5-7 working days.
  • Free exchanges are available for orders within 14 days of receiving the order.

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Mothercare online clothing store

If you are looking for a site to shop children’s clothes online to buy children’s clothes suitable for your child, Mothercare is among the appropriate sites, which is an ideal choice for shopping and buying through it, It provides clothing for all groups and ages, From birth to 18 months for both boys and girls, There is also a special section for children’s clothing in walking age, which starts from the age of 12 months to 3 years, In addition to the presence of a section for children’s clothing also from the age of two to 10 years.

You can choose one of the following brands of children’s clothing and buy clothes from them, Among these brands are: Boboli, zip and zoe, payless, and new balance, and justic, and geox.

In addition, the site offers discounts and renewed offers on selected designs of children’s clothing, boys and girls, up to 33%.

It also offers many discounts on selected designs of infant clothing, There are also discounts on basic children’s clothing.

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People’s website: Luxurious baby clothes at cheap price

It is one of the cheap baby clothes shopping sites. Through it, you can shop and buy children’s clothes at discounted prices compared to other stores, Through the main interface of the site, at the top of the page, you will find a 70% discount on the store’s products, And as it can be considered a site for children’s clothing brands, It contains many brands designed by international clothing designers such as Baby Walker, Calvin Klein and other international designers of children’s clothing.

Clothes can also be obtained for infants of all ages, from the age of one day to the age of 36 months. It is from a children’s website that you can buy from at very discounted prices, And not only that, through the Ounass website, it is possible to buy and pay the amount in installments over several payments later, through the list of approved banks in Saudi Arabia for the store, These banks are: Al Jazeera Bank, and Emirates NBD Bank, and Riyad Bank, The Saudi British Bank, and First Bank.

mamas and papas baby clothes website

It is considered one of the cheap children’s clothing sites, as well as a direct shipping site for children’s clothing, as it offers free and direct shipping service in addition to free delivery of products in a period ranging between 3-6 working days to any place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The site offers huge discounts of up to 70% and more on the prices of children’s clothing and accessories, The prices of children’s clothing on this site are up to half the prices that you can find for the same brands of clothing in other stores.

In addition, it provides a cash on delivery service. It also provides a personal shopping service that is concerned with advising you regarding preparing for the reception of the new baby in no more than an hour and a half, In addition to the service of choosing the appropriate stroller for your child in no more than one hour.

You can also get advice in the form of tips for organizing and organizing your children’s room.

Redtag online shopping site

Redtag online shopping site is the last shopping site in our list in this article on the best sites for shopping luxury children’s clothes.

Redtag shopping site displays children’s clothing for various age groups; From birth until the age of 8 years, Age 8-14 years.

What distinguishes it is that the prices of clothes in it are very acceptable and accessible to everyone, Also, its products are distinguished by their high quality when compared to the price level.

Redtag offers free delivery for orders of 200 SAR or more. In addition to the ability to exchange purchased clothes at any time, It delivers orders within two weeks of the order date. In addition to providing a completely secure online payer portal.

These were some of the online children’s clothing shopping sites in Saudi Arabia, through which you can shop and choose the designs of children’s clothing that you like among dozens of designs and different types of clothes.

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