11 Best Smart Health and Fitness Trackers

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
11 Best Smart Health and Fitness Trackers

Who does not want a healthy life and a perfect body free of diseases? But the time clutter with daily tasks can distract us from focusing on our health and fitness. So what is the solution? There are devices and applications designed with the latest technology to track what you do in your daily life, monitor your health and encourage you to exercise, As well as recognizing the slightest complications even before symptoms appear, To alert you immediately if a problem is discovered to see a doctor, And because the search for a suitable device may need time; Today we have prepared a list of the 11 best smart health and fitness trackers.

11 Best Smart Health and Fitness Trackers

1. Body Cardio

جهاز body cardio

Through the Body Cardio device, you can get a comprehensive view of your general health, Because it provides an accurate indication of body mass and weight, fat and water content, as well as bone and muscle mass, So you can get a smart weight reading by tracking your entire body composition instead of just measuring your weight. helping you direct your health efforts on the right track, It can also check your cardiovascular health through your heart rate.

To take advantage of their Health Mate app; You can install it on Android and IOS devices, Set your fitness goals and get encouragement and advice from him. As for the material and design of the device, It uses a solid 0.7 inch thick aluminum base. Its design is stable and slim so it fits well on different surfaces from thick carpets to hard floors.

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The device can also automatically recognize 8 users and sync their data with their profiles in the Health Mate app. It also supports weights ranging from 5 kg to 180 kg and stores more than 15 readings. The device includes Wi-Fi sync and a rechargeable battery. It also displays the local weather forecast, You can also use a pregnancy tracker, baby weight, And sports mode to meet your different needs.

2. MorePro . smart watch

الساعة الذكية morepro

This smart watch is a great choice for tracking blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as sleep patterns and fitness, It is compatible with devices running iOS version 8.0 or above, As well as Android devices version 4.4 or higher, In addition, it has a long battery life.

This watch provides professional heart rate analysis by placing your fingers on the sensors for 30 seconds. After that, the result will appear on the application immediately. It also has a 1.14-inch high-resolution color screen. which allows you to read even in the sun if you adjust the brightness, In addition, it is IP68 water resistant so you can wear it while washing your hands. And in light water sports, As well as while taking a shower.

And it doesn’t just work at night to track your sleep patterns, It also works around the clock and during daytime naps, Because it is concerned with providing sleep statistics in detail, such as deep sleep or light sleep, You can also know your health through double infrared detection with green light for blood pressure and heart rate with a health report on your app that is available for 30 days, In addition, the watch can be paired with a physical activity tracker to track walking distance and calories burned. The number of steps, exercise times, etc.

3. 3D Fitness tracker

جهاز 3d fitness tracker

It is a 3D tracking device that can monitor sleep and activity times. body movement, tracking your progress and encouraging you to achieve your fitness goals, It acts as an instant vocal trainer for bodyweight exercises and aerobic boxing, as well as cycling and running, It is also equipped with an advanced swim tracker that provides the number and types of strokes during the swim as well as analysis of laps and provides recommendations and ways to improve your level.

It is also water-resistant and easy to wear, as it is light in weight. It has a soft belt with holes, So that you can wear it comfortably on your wrist while swimming, or on the ankle while cycling and running, While it can be worn during air boxing in both, The most important feature of this tracker is that it uses motion sensors that provide better sensing compared to standard trackers. It represents the data visually or in any color you want.

4. Oura Ring

خاتم oura ring

This health tracker comes in the form of a ring to help you improve and maintain your physical and mental health. By understanding your body’s movements with temperature sensing and sleep tracking, High-performance athletes can also use it to monitor their performance. This ring represents high technical quality in an elegant and compact surface area with intelligent data collection.

Because it provides you with a detailed report of your sleep, readiness and activity each morning so that you can better plan your whole day, This is done by interpreting the signals that your body sends during your sleep to provide you with indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, and others, It also organizes your health-related data, or so-called health trends, To focus on patterns and long-term insights that help you maintain daily healthy practices.

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5. Samsung Health app

تطبيق samsung health

The Samsung Health app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store, helps you maintain optimal conditions for your body by setting goals for physical activity and exercise intensity. body water and calories, sleep quality and daily progress tracking, It also ensures that all your health information remains safe.

And if you have a Samsung watch, You can exercise more effectively through CoreHealth, Technogym and Life Fitness using the application, You can also keep track of the total number of steps and floors you have climbed and wall push-up metrics, In addition, it supports a woman’s health by tracking her menstrual cycle. Symptom management with personalized content and insights.

The app also includes videos made by expert trainers for fitness programs such as weight loss, stretching, endurance training, and more. So that keeping fit is no longer boring, Because it allows you to challenge your family and friends in an interactive and fun way, The app also supports compatibility with third-party apps for additional resources such as fitness guides and diet trackers, You can also sync it with important tools like glucose monitors to take extra care of your health.

6. Apple Watch

ساعة آبل apple watch

Discover new fitness insights and experiences powered by your Apple Watch, It helps you exercise and track your performance on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can also choose from three types of them at different prices:

Apple Watch series 6 is available at $399

Provides you with high and low heart rates as well as irregular heart rhythms, It also supports the Family Sharing feature. As well as (GPS + Cellular GPS), It is water-resistant and has a case size of 44 or 40 mm along with an (Always-on retina) screen. It also comes with ECG and blood oxygen applications.

Apple Watch SE, available at $279

This watch comes in a size from 40 to 44 mm, It gives similar notifications to the previous type for heart rates, It also has the same features except for the standard retina display plus no ECG and Oxygen app.

Apple Watch Series 3, available for $119

The size of this watch ranges from 38 to 42 mm, and provide you with heart notifications like the previous two, In addition to being water resistant, it offers a retina display and GPS.

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7. WHOOP . device

جهاز whoop

Through this device, you can get statistics related to fitness, sleep and health daily and immediately, You can also join a WHOOP membership for $30 to get a free WHOOP belt, which collects your physiological data all the time to provide you with accurate insights, It is also waterproof, lightweight and has an improved 5-day battery life as well as Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

It tracks your daily activities and sleep and provides you with a report on desktop and mobile applications. So that the coach guides you on how much quality sleep you need and shows you how to sync it with your routine, You can join people as well as family and friends through WHOOP teams, You can also create your own custom team according to the activities, Training groups and common interests.

8. Withings Health Mate App

تطبيق withings health mate

You should think about it for a healthier and happier future, Because it is the ideal partner that allows you to take the right measures to maintain your health, From tracking your weight, sleep patterns and heart rate, Plus many options to let you know every detail of your body.

Set goals each week and have him remind you of them if you don’t achieve them. You can also get inspiration and motivation by connecting with your friends and family through the app, And not only that; It also lets you track your baby’s health and offers you exercises during pregnancy. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and make sure you wake up at the optimum point so you are fully refreshed to start the day. It also provides you with other vital information about your body such as temperature and blood pressure.

9. Fitbit Charge 4

ساعة fitbit charge 4

You can wear it as a regular watch and get a comprehensive view of your fitness and health at the same time, which can be used for up to seven days without recharging its battery, It is equipped with an advanced heart rate sensor and algorithm.

In addition, it provides you with the exact amount of calories you burn each day. It also tracks your sleep pattern and much more. As for the girls, You can uninstall all your female apps because the watch covers everything related to women, From tracking your menstrual cycle to calculating ovulation and fertility, and others.

10. Leaf Chakra Jewelry

11 best smart health and fitness trackers 1

It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is specially designed for women who want to enhance their appearance and take care of themselves in the most fashionable way. They come in two different styles, One of them is rose quartz stone, which enhances the positive outlook towards you and others, The second type is designed with auxin, which protects you from negativity and helps you maintain your focus and balance.

And you can use it as a necklace or a clothespin, Allow it to act as a health tracker and use natural energy to make you feel positive and happy. It is water resistant, Its battery is rechargeable and you can use it for up to 6 months without replacing it. It also has an app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

11. Garmin Fitness Watches

ساعات garmin fitness watches

There are more than 20 hours of fitness in the Garmin range, These watches come in different modern styles and with unique features. For example, the latest version of Garmin Vino includes features such as:

  • GPS feature
  • Equipped with more than 20 sports applications.
  • Monitor energy levels in the body.
  • Keep track of stress levels and suggest ways to relieve it, such as calm breathing.
  • Women’s menstrual cycle tracking.
  • Help improve breathing pattern.
  • sleep monitoring.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • A complete set of exercises in a fun cartoon style.
  • Lasts up to 5 days after a full charge.

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