The best sites to learn French for free

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
The best sites to learn French for free

In the current period, learning a second language besides your mother tongue has become very important in working with people from other countries or making new friends and many other things that require you to learn foreign languages, including French, which is spoken in many different countries with economic development high, So, in this new article, we will talk about the best sites to learn French for free online that will help you understand French grammar from zero to professional or if you speak French fluently and are looking to improve something, You can do it from
Through the websites you will find in this article.

Top 5 sites to learn French for free

If you are thinking to start studying or improve your knowledge of the French language, you are in luck with Technical 101 where we will give you a list of the 7 best sites to learn French for free from home.

1- Bonjour de France website

Bonjour de France is a free British site that is a complete resource for all people, whether they are beginners or professionals, as it includes explanations of the rules, lessons and exercises to practice what you have learned, In addition, it relies on the European Framework of Reference for Languages to determine French language levels including A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, Note that a certificate showing at least B2 level is required for a French university while C1 is required for a French master’s degree.

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When you start learning French through this site, it will give you the option to determine your level and after each lesson you can take a test with different exercises and check your successes and failures.

2- Duolingo site

Duolingo is an American online language learning platform that allows you to learn the world’s most famous languages including English, Spanish and French. It offers you French grammar lessons that adapt to your learning style, plus there are exercises after each level that help you learn and review vocabulary effectively. It provides instant feedback to help you improve your French language skills right now.

This site has an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone for free so that you can learn at any time and anywhere in addition to that it supports many international languages and this means that if you speak Arabic and want to learn the French language, you will find in front of you the site in Arabic so that it is easier for you to access To lessons and exercises easily and without any complications.

3- Le Point du FLE website

Le Point du FLE is another site that allows you to learn French for free and with ease where you can find many resources to study the language in a scientific way and once you enter the site you can choose between the option of learning or teaching French, which makes it an interesting site not only for people who want to learn French but also for teachers who want to help people and add lessons and explanations to them.

On this site you will find a variety of resources including pedagogical files for activities, grammar and reading as well as exercises and quizzes to help you revise what you have learned properly. All this and more for free.

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4- French Spanish Online

French Spanish Online is a completely free Spanish website for learning the French language online, where you can review grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation tips, expressions and idioms. And if you are interested in learning the French language, you should definitely take a look at it and I am confident that you will like it and will make it your first or second choice to learn French from home for free.

The main interface of this site is very simple and intuitive. When you enter it for the first time, you will find 4 options. When you click on the first option, you will be taken to the page of French vocabulary by topic. When you click on the second option, you will be transferred to the grammar of the French language and the third option is for expressions and idiomatic expressions. As for the option The fourth is for learning to pronounce complete sentences, not just words with abbreviations, contractions, and speaking.

5- Ielanguages . website

Ielanguages is a free English site that allows you to learn French online through the learning resources provided by this site. It contains all the rules needed to make you a professional in the language, familiarize yourself with French vocabulary and phrases, integrate new vocabulary and listen to sounds at 7 different levels of difficulty and at the end For each level there is a simple test to apply what you have learned.

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This wonderful site is not only limited to teaching the French language, but it supports all countries of the world where you can learn English, German, Korean, Chinese and all the languages of the world, The site is also very easy to use. After entering it, you will find on the main page a subtitle “Which language would you like to learn?” and at the bottom you will find all the languages supported by the site. When you click on any of them, you will be taken to a guide to learning this language and from there you can access Grammar and lessons to learn the language you want.

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