Explanation of the Jubna cheese site, the most powerful alternative to Google Adsense ever

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Explanation of the Jubna cheese site, the most powerful alternative to Google Adsense ever

Many website owners like me faced many problems with advertising companies, including low profit rate and inappropriate ads that annoy the visitor, Since some cannot place Adsense ads on their site, Therefore, we resort to searching for an alternative to Google Adsense

Recently, we heard about the alternative to Google Adsense , the Jubna cheese site , where the company Cheese is one of the best advertising companies in the Arab world. At the beginning of my experience with a cheese company, I faced many problems, You do not know how to deal with the company, I don’t know the minimum payment. What are the payment methods The big problem is that my site in the cheese company is not accepted…. All these problems and more will be presented in this article, God willing, Tech 101.

Explanation of the site of Jubna cheese

Jubna Cheese Company is an Arab advertising company based in the UAE. Started in 2014, The cheese company relies in its advertisements on the embedded content from the “advertisers” sites. It displays ads for the content of other advertisers’ websites.

Certainly, there is no comparison between the cheese company and Google Adsense, Because Google Adsense outperforms all competitors, But Cheese Company is one of the most powerful alternatives to Google Adsense, Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of the cheese company.

Advantages of subscribing as a publisher with the cheese company

  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • The site ads are responsive on all devices and support AMP.
  • For advertisers, their prices are excellent. The price of visits and clicks varies depending on the country of the visitors.
  • For publishers, the cheese company can Show your ads and get clicks with just a few cents per click, The click price is high, especially if the source of your visitors is from the Gulf.
  • You can receive your winnings via PayPal, or Pioneer, or bank transfer.
  • Cheese Company displays advertisements as part of the content, in-article ads, So that it is difficult for the visitor to know that this is an advertisement; Thus, you will get a lot of clicks and therefore a lot of profits.
  • The minimum payout is $50, Payment is made every 7th day of every month.
  • Supports the Arabic language because it is basically an Arab company.
  • Technical support is very quick to respond.

Disadvantages of cheese company

The profits of the cheese company are sometimes small if the source of your visitors is from Arab countries other than the Gulf, Because cheese site pays a large return to owners of Gulf traffic.

Conditions for accepting your site in the cheese company

Your site should have a paid domain such as com or net or free such as tk, Not the default blogspot in blogger.

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  • That the content of your site is valuable and useful to the visitor.
  • Quick, simple and responsive template installation for phones, computers and tablets.
  • Your site has a great source of contact to ensure reasonable profits.
  • To remove from your site the ads of all advertising companies other than Google Adsense, Where you can place adsense ads with cheese ads

Do the ads of the cheese company do not violate the Google Adsense ads?

Cheese site ads are responsive to Google Adsense ads and do not violate them at all, You can place the ads of the two companies on your site and there is no harm, God willing.

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