The best online games sites without downloading

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
The best online games sites without downloading

Whether you prefer classic puzzle games or fast and exciting selections, You can find a wide range of free online games on websites, From which we have collected for you in this article the best online game download sites for the last two years, And nominated accordingly among the best online gaming sites for the year 2021.

Best online game sites 2020

In this article, I will take a closer look at 10 of the best online gaming sites that I have visited and tried for free, I spent time playing on each of the sites that we will mention to ensure the quality that was mentioned in most of the technical sites and online games with the best specifications and reached a high competition within the race of the most downloaded games .

247 Games: Gas, backgammon and chess online

Best for: classic games, Card games and puzzles.

Adobe Flash: Required for select online games.

Game types: Internet (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

If you are interested in simple online games from classic games to play online, 247 Game is the best choice among its specialized gaming sites.

On the home page under the heading « Home games », You’ll find seasonal versions of all your favorite classics, including backgammon, blackjack, checkers, chess, mahogany, solitaire, sudoku, Search for the game by words and more. Moreover, You can browse games by category.

All games on 247 completely free games, You will not need to create an account in order to access any features, I did not come across any ads while I was playing on this site.

In addition to the computer version, You can visit the site through your phone or tablet browser to access the same games without having to download apps.


  • It contains a small percentage of ads that are almost non-existent.
  • All games are free.
  • Easy to use and navigate platform.


  • It does not contain games that include the multiplayer feature.
  • You cannot create an account to track progress.

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Addicting Games is a unique online single game site

Best for: single games

Adobe Flash: Required for select online games

Game types: Internet (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

The Addicting Games website offers more than 4,500 games in several categories including action games, easy games, cute games, quiz games, and card games.

when you visit the site, You will see ads on the screen and on the sides of the page as you play. But at least for me, I have never felt that ads interfere with video games or user experience.

There is an option to upgrade this ability to a paid Game Pass in order to get a free trial and early access to new games. You do not have to play all the games on the site to access a specific game, You can create a free account to keep track of your high points and your favorite games.

If you visit the site on your smartphone or tablet, you can play many of the same games without having to download apps. However, some games are only available on the computer version of the site.


  • You do not need to create an account
  • New games are added every week.
  • Great variety between games and categories.


  • Exclusive games are only available for paid memberships.
  • Contains some ads.

Armor Games for free online games

Best for: Games available as apps; MMO . Games

Adobe Flash: Required for select online games

Game types: Internet (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

Armor Games is another great resource for discovering free online games in various categories including MMO (multiplayer online multiplayer), strategy, adventure, action, puzzles and more.

Many of the games that you may find on Armor Games are also available as apps for IOS or Android devices. Which means you can download it to your mobile device and keep playing away from your computer.

I was impressed by the variety of games on this site, And while you won’t find many well-known games like blackjack or checkers, You will find lots of unique and interesting games made by independent developers Armor Games.

You can create a free account on the site to follow your high points and your favorite games, However, an account is not necessary to play the games available on the site.

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  • Few ads are almost non-existent.
  • Many games are available as apps


  • Little classic games.

Big Fish Games website to download free online games

Best for: Downloadable games and applications.

Adobe Flash: Required for select online games

Game types: Internet (computer browser), and downloadable (desktop), and portable (phone/tablet browser, Apple Store, Google Play)

Unlike the other sites listed so far, You must create an account to play Big Fish Games, However, Creating an account is easy and free. You will simply need to enter your email address and create a password.

You will find access to thousands of free online games in categories such as hidden object games, casino games, and adventure games, puzzle games, strategy games, card and board games, family games, etc. While many full versions are available for free, Some games will require a paid membership for full access.

Although there are advertisements on this site, Most of the ads I saw were for paid memberships offered by Big Fish Games instead of Google ads, And as I played through many of the games on the site, I have never felt that ads interfere with video games or user experience.

In addition to free online games, You will find computer games, and mac games, iPad, iPhone, and Android games are available for download.


  • Games are available for download.
  • New and classic games in different categories.
  • Little ads.


  • You must create an account and you will be able to play.
  • Some games require a paid membership to access the full version.

Free Online Games (FOG) site to download games

Best for: independently developed games; Mobile browser compatible games.

Adobe Flash: Required for select online games

Game types: Internet (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

Free Online Games (FOG) allows you to play games for free on your computer and mobile device without having to download any applications.

You will find a selection of 3D games, action games, defense games, driving games, flying games, multiplayer games and more, And war games with friends without the net .

While the most popular games on this site seem to be action games, However, you can find classic games like Sudoku and Chess by searching for them using the search bar at the top of the screen. in addition to, You can browse games by category under the heading «More games».

During my time at FOG I saw some ads for other games on the site, So do video ads during breaks in video games.

I had to disable these ads so I could play, However the ads I saw were not enough to be a major part of the experience on this site.


  • Mobile versions of the games are available without the need to download applications.
  • Great variety of games and categories.
  • Few ads.


  • Visual ads.
  • You must disable the ad blocker to be able to play.

Best online games site 2019

Free game sites are a fun way to play games online without any download but your experience can become annoying if the site you are visiting is the opposite of fun,
To make your work easier, We have prepared a list of the best sites to play online games for free.

We have thoroughly tested these sites for the quality and variety of free games available. to download free flash games online

This free games website includes a number of free and addictive online games. has several categories of flash games including puzzles, action, zombies, entertaining etc.

The games on this site may need to download some games or do not need to download and start playing with just one click, However, the site is full of ads that can only be skipped after 15 seconds and some games don’t have clear instructions on how to play them.


  • A variety of free electronic games
  • The games do not need to be downloaded.


  • The ad can only be bypassed after 15 seconds.
  • Lack of instructions in some games.
  • Advertisements in video games. website for children’s games online

Another free game site,, offers a good variety of online games, It mainly contains small toys suitable for children. horse racing adventure And types of action games.

This site is one of the few sites that offer ads that you can bypass, But it contains a lot of free electronic games that do not need to download.

But the interface looks very cluttered and can hamper your gaming experience. Games do not require a login to the site, and this is a point that counts among the advantages of the site.


  • Ads you can bypass.
  • You do not need to login to the site to play the games.


  • The interface is cluttered and unorganized.
  • Advertisements sometimes appear among video games . Free online action and adventure games site to try games for free online in various styles and genres such as action and adventure games, And many other categories.

You will also find a number of “Battle Royale” games available for download online via the Miniclip games website.

Games need some time to load and are larger than other flash games. Sometimes the “Battle Royale” games on the Internet also suffer from slow loading, It may hinder your video game experience, But the overall variety and quality of the games are really good and make up for any issues.


  • Free online battle royale games.
  • Huge list of action, adventure and other free online games.


  • It takes longer to download.
  • Slow in team games.

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Free online games download site “”

Contrary to his name, Bored Games com is a fun online platform for playing free games. The site offers various free games such as puzzles, strategy, action, All kinds of fighting games.

On the downside, the free services force you to install unnecessary Chrome extensions. And even the power button becomes hard to find at times.


  • Free online games without downloading.
  • good platform strategy games, Action and puzzles.


  • Deceptive ads are hidden in the play buttons.
  • The site asks you to download unnecessary Chrome extensions. Free online games site

This site is good for popular game titles like Plants Vs Zombies, Scrabble, and many more. also has a variety of games that can keep you entertained for hours, But the site asks you to login to play free games.

It also features multiple ads in one game, Some games also have a long loading screen which can hamper your online gaming experience.


  • It contains all the famous games.
  • High quality RPG games, Action and puzzles.


  • It has long loading screens.
  • Some games require a login process for the site.

Here we conclude our article, in which we touched on a group of the best online gaming sites of recent years, in which you can enjoy various games with your friends online.

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