Wireless and wired.. Best iPhone headphones 2021

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Wireless and wired.. Best iPhone headphones 2021

Recently, Apple launched iPhone phones without earphones, and this causes users who buy iPhones to be confused about choosing the right headphones for them, whether wireless or with a Lightning or 3.5 mm port, So we have compiled a list of the best iPhone headphones of 2020.

The headphones available for iPhone phones are divided into two types, The first type is the most popular, which is the traditional wired headphones EarPods.
There are two versions, the first with a Lightning port and the second with a 3.5mm port.

The second type is the wireless iPhone headphones known as AirPods, which were launched for the first time in December 2016.
Since then it has spread very widely among users all over the world.

The best wired headphones for iPhone

We start our list with the best types of wired headphones for iPhone phones, and the headphones will be chosen in terms of quality and price, Let’s review them together:

VddSmm Wired Headset

VddSmm is a 3.5mm wired headphone made of metallic aluminum, Speaker Cord The cord is approximately 47 inches (1.2 meters) in length and is made of TPE, which makes the cord more durable and tangle-resistant.

Furthermore it, The headset has more than great specifications at a symbolic price, so don’t cry behind it.

Basic Specifications:

  • The design of the headset is very cool, Plus they are beautiful in the ear and you won’t want to remove them from your ears.
  • The sound is clear and high quality.
  • It supports noise isolation, so nothing will disturb you when listening to music or talking on the phone.
  • It contains three buttons, A button for answering calls or pausing and playing music, another button for decreasing the volume, and the third button for increasing the volume.
  • The VddSmm wired headset is priced at around $10.

LUDOS Wired Headset for iPhone

سماعة ludos

LUDOS headphones are among the best wired headphones for iPhone in terms of good features and a very cheap price that is suitable for all categories, Note that this headset works through a 3.5 mm port, One of its most important features is that it comes with a microphone and cable for maximum comfort and provides crystal-clear sound and balanced treble sound.

The price of this headset is about 18 US dollars

Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

سماعة آبل

This headset is designed by Apple and is connected to the phone via the Lightning port to which the charger is connected. This headset comes with a distinctive design, is lightweight and comfortable to wear while sleeping. On top of that, the EarPods with Lightning connector sound flatter, have a slightly cleaner mid-range, and come with great specs and a cheap price.

Key Specifications:

  • The speaker is designed to increase sound output and reduce sound loss which means you will get high quality sound.
  • It includes an in-line button device that lets you adjust the volume, control music and video playback, and answer or end calls with the flick of the wire.
  • Supports all devices (including iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone) running iOS 10 and later.
  • The price of the headset is about $18.

Best wireless headphones for iPhone

After we showed you the best wired headphones for iPhone that work with a Lightning or 3.5 mm port, Let’s get to know the best wireless headphones for iPhone now.

AirPods 2 Apple AirPods 2nd Generation Edition

Apple AirPods 2 second generation

AirPods 2 is the second generation of Apple’s AirPods headphones and comes with the same classic Apple headphone design, but without a wire, and includes advanced specifications and features that make the use experience comfortable and better, and it is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth connection, Below we will learn about the price and specifications of the AirPods 2.

Key Specifications:

  • It includes a 5-hour battery and with a wireless charging case, it can reach more than 24 hours.
  • It contains multiple sensors including dual beamforming technology, dual optical sensors, a speech-recognition accelerometer, and a motion-recognition accelerometer.
  • The wireless charging case or headset charges via Qi wireless chargers or the Lightning connector.
  • Speaker control options: Double tap the headset to play songs, switch to another song, or even answer calls.
  • Supports noise isolation.
  • It works with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • The weight of the headset is very light and does not exceed 4 grams.
  • The price of AirPods 2 is up to $199 for the version that comes with a cover that supports wireless charging.

Powerbeats 4 Headset for iPhone

سماعة powerbeats 4

The iPhone Powerbeats 4 is another headphone developed by Apple. They may not offer better sound quality than AirPods, but they are ideal for the audience who is looking for a cheap, all-terrain headphone that they can take anywhere without fear of getting lost, as it is attached to a very comfortable cord that does not chafe on the neck and is available in different colors.

Key Specifications:

  • Nice collar design on the neck.
  • Battery capacity up to 15 hours of work.
  • Supports fast charging (5 minutes of charging is enough to power the headset for 1 hour).
  • It is charged with a Lightning cable via a USB Type-A port.
  • It houses the Apple H1 processor that provides fast pairing with smartphones.
  • It contains several buttons to perform different tasks, where there is a button for operating the headset and another button for controlling music playback and answering calls, in addition to buttons to control the volume, whether to increase or decrease.
  • Supports resistance to sweat and water drops with IPX4 certification.
  • It supports Apple’s Siri voice assistant, which helps you to give instructions by voice without the need to use hands.
  • Available for purchase in three different colors, black, white and red.

The price of the headset is about 149 US dollars.

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