Best video editing and trimming tools without downloading

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Best video editing and trimming tools without downloading

Most of those who are interested in videos and clips are categories that aim to produce professional videos for profit online from an advertising project for example or entrepreneurs to present their products and services through explanatory and promotional videos.

Today, we offer these categories – no matter how many goals they have of video cutting – the best programs and tools that make it easier for them to cut video online easily via the Internet, That is, without downloading any software on the computer and the trouble of waiting for these steps, Most importantly, they are programs that do not require specialized expertise to deal with. Even a beginner can simply and easily cut the clips that terrify him.

All you need is to upload your video, cut it and compile it online via the site and then download it to your computer and use it easily and without any complications.

4 Online Video Cutter Programs 2021

Of course, there are many services related to online video cutting that can be used for free over the Internet, But not all of them are of high quality and that offer good and effective options for their use, There are many of these programs that lack many options to become professional, Therefore, here are the most important programs that are considered professional compared to others, This is as follows:

Video2Edit Video Cutter

برنامج video2edit لقص مقاطع الفيديو

This program is one of the most popular online video cutting programs that provides a lot of editing and cutting options for the video and saves it in many formats, Among the most important tools that this program contains are:

    • A special tool for cutting and slicing the video into several clips and controlling the start and end minutes of each clip in an easy and fast way by cutting the clip from the start minute and the ending minute to become a separate clip from the rest of the video parts.
    • A tool specialized in rotating the video clip from right to left and vice versa. Or reverse the direction of the video clip and make it horizontal or vertical with one click.
    • Video file optimization tools, which include software to improve audio quality, purify and raise it to make it strong and audible, In addition to having a tool to compress video and reduce its size while maintaining its quality, It also includes a tool to level the audio and make it balanced throughout all minutes of the video.
  • Special tools for converting video formats to various other formats or converting it to audio files, In addition, there are other tools to convert the same video to different formats, such as converting Mp4 format to avi format and other different formats provided by these tools.

Kapwing is an online video cutter

برنامج kapwing لقص مقاطع الفيديو أونلاين

This program is considered one of the easy programs that provides the ability to quickly and easily cut any part of the video without the need for prior experience, It can be used to cut a large number of videos in one day, as it is not limited to a specific number at all, The steps for using this program are as follows:

  • Upload the video you want to edit from your computer, Or by placing the electronic video link to be modified, whether it is on YouTube, Drive, or any of the video viewing platforms on the Internet.
  • Wait for a while while the video is finished uploading to the program’s website. Then use the trim tool by dragging the cursors that appear on the screen in order to select the start and end point of the video clip you want to cut, Then click on the done button below.
  • You will be taken to another window containing additional video editing options that can be used to add aesthetic touches to the video or add various effects. etc, And then press the export button to save the edited video clip to your computer within a few seconds.

Online Video Cutter

برنامج قص الفيديو online video cutter اون لاين

This program contains many video editing, editing and cutting tools that allow you to work on them professionally, It is considered one of the fastest video cutter programs on the Internet. It is also very easy to use so that anyone can deal with it and use it to get their work done as quickly as possible, The tools that this program contains are as follows:

  • Online video cutter is a small online video cutter, and it is used to quickly cut small videos online without using any programs installed on the user’s computer.
  • The tool to control the size of the video frame and reduce it, focus on a specific part of the video, and cut it at this part only for educational and other purposes, This tool is called crop video.
  • A tool that rotates the video at an angle of 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees, with the push of a button. This mode is useful for people who want to make their video look like it was shot from a specific angle so that it looks professional for everyone watching.

Clideo is a video cutter software

برنامج clideo لقص مقاطع الفيديو

If you want to use a quick and easy online video cutting program, this program is one of the beautiful options that you can use. All you have to do is choose the video you want to cut, Where you can insert it through your personal computer or by inserting the video link on Google Drive, or through the Dropbox cloud service, Or by entering the video link on YouTube or any other online video viewing platform.

This program contains many distinctive tools inside it, which are as follows:

  • Mp4 video cutter and other different video formats, This tool supports all video formats that you can imagine, So that you can upload and cut them directly through your Internet browser directly, And this tool is called mp4 spilliter.
  • A special tool for cutting the video to fit the Instagram website so that it can be placed in your account within a regular publication or within the stories feature, And this tool is called instagram video spiller.
  • avi spliiter, a special tool for professionally dealing with high-quality avi videos, whether they are on your computer, on your camera, or anywhere else, You can import and cut them professionally through this tool, And save the final file.
  • wmv trimmer is a tool that specializes in cutting wmv videos,
    With this tool, you can cut and manipulate videos with ease in just a few seconds.

Features of this program:

This program has many beautiful features that encourage users to deal with it within the list of trusted programs for cutting video online, These features are as follows:

  • The program is completely free online and there is no additional charge to use it, It is not required to download any tool to your computer in order for it to function properly. Everything is done online via the program’s website.
  • The process of cutting videos does not take long, It is done within seconds and very quickly.
  • This program has a high protection against hacking, attacks and sudden pauses during the video cutting process.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that anyone who surfs the Internet can use without having any difficulty.

Is it easy to use online video cutter software?

Dealing with these programs is easy and the average user does not need any experience at all to deal with the video, cut parts of it, merge the remaining parts and download it to his computer.

All that is required is that the video to be modified and cut part of it must be uploaded to one of these programs online, And start making the adjustments you want to the clip, And when you’re done, the last step is to download the video after your final edits on this site or tool to your computer or laptop.

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