My Sima and the 6 best apps to watch series and movies

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7 November 2021Last Update : Saturday 20 November 2021 - 5:04 AM
My Sima and the 6 best apps to watch series and movies

Best Movie Watching Software for Android: Watching movies and series on smartphones through programs and programs for Android and iOS devices has become one of the most important things that adults and children are occupying their time with. Perhaps we can say goodbye to the era of watching series or movies on TV screens without hesitation, because that shrinks dramatically with time.

If you are looking for a program to watch different movies on your phone for free, Follow this article to know the best movie watching apps that you can download and use for Android to watch the latest new movie shows and series for free.

The best programs to watch series and movies 2021

Now I will show you the best free programs to watch movies on smart devices, especially Android devices, All you will have to do is follow the article to the end and then download the program you like on your Android phone or iPhone to start watching movies.

Here is a list of the best free movie watching software for Android and iPhone.

EgyBest program for Arab and foreign series and movies

The EgyBest program is a free program for watching Arab and foreign films and series affiliated with the famous EgyBest website. It contains a huge library of the latest Arab, foreign, Indian and Asian films of various categories, whether action films, romantic films or horror films, Even addictive cartoons for kids, In addition to many other sections that you will learn about after downloading the EGYBEST movie watching program.

Features of EgyBest Program:

  • The interface is simple, easy to use and very similar to the interface of the site.
  • Featuring thousands of new and old movies.
  • The program is divided into sections in order to make it easier for users to access what they want easily.
  • It allows you to search for the movie you want through the search rectangle at the top of the interface.
  • It allows you to watch online or download to your phone.
  • It supports many fast servers that you can switch between them in case of any errors in the main server.

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MovizLand for Android and iPhone movies and series

Movies Land is one of the most popular sites for watching movies and series that exist today and is followed by millions of users on a daily basis. This forced the developers of the site to develop a program that works on smartphones and includes the same features as the site. The MovizLand program includes a large group of films and series of various categories and genres, including Arabic, English, Turkish, Indian and others.

The main reason why we recommend MovizLand as one of the best free programs for watching movies is, It is to provide new and the latest movies and series in one program, which includes thousands of new and old movies and series, Unlike EgyBest, which specializes in watching movies only.

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sum up, If you are looking for a program that combines movies and series, I advise you to download MovizLand.

MovizLand download link

Tubi TV program for foreign series and movies for iPhone and Android

If you are a follower of foreign films and want an independent program that offers you the service of watching foreign films for free, Tubi TV is the most suitable solution to meet your needs. It offers you thousands of foreign films and series online for free and legally, It also has more than 200 partners including well-known production companies such as Lionsgate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Paramount.

To start watching foreign movies and series on Tubi TV, You will just have to download it through the link at the bottom of the paragraph and then log in as a user with your Facebook account or email to explore the different sections and categories that include horror films, dramas, action, suspense, comedy as well as series and TV shows.

The most important thing about this program and supports our nomination in the list of best movie downloaders is that it is completely free and it adds new TV shows and movies every week. smash

Tubi TV Download Link

TeaTV for foreign films and series

TeaTV is another foreign series and movies program that specializes in showing foreign films and series, as it offers us a huge library of series and movies for free online, in high definition 1080p, and a very simple interface.

In addition to that it works through external P2P connections which also allows us to download many of these contents for offline viewing.

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Features of TeaTV for watching movies on Android

  • It does not ask you for any monthly or annual fees and features a very simple interface.
  • It features a wide range of movies and episodes of foreign series online.
  • There are no speed issues as it allows you to choose the best connection for your needs.
  • It allows you to play any content with its subtitles in several languages including Spanish, French, German or Italian.
  • The ability to download movies and series on your device.
  • Find what you want with the search tool built into it.

To visit the TeaTV website click here

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WatanFlix Program for films in Arabic

WatanFlix is an Arabic program to watch movies and series for free, as it displays the latest movies, series and plays with their release date so that you can watch them on your mobile phone from your home without paying any fees at all.

In addition, this program includes a special section for television programs and another section for children, in which you will find films, series and cartoon stories.

Regardless of the simple interface and the huge amount of movies and series that you will find in the Watan Flex program, Another amazing feature that is not available in any other program caught my attention, which is that it is free and does not contain any annoying ads, and this is a feature that encouraged us to recommend it with the best sites for watching series and movies.

WatanFlix download link

Akoam program: A variety of paid movies program

Akoam is another Arabic movie and series program that includes thousands of Arab, foreign, Indian, anime and other films, in addition to a special section for series in which you will find all the new and old series, As well as the series that are currently being shown for the first time.

In addition to the Ramadan 2021 series, the program’s interface is very simple and easy to use, similar to the interface in it.

Furthermore it, It has many great features that I will show you now.

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Akwam Program Features:

  • It is completely free and includes a large collection of Arabic, English, Hindi, international, new, classic, dubbed and subtitled films.
  • It contains many series, including the Ramadan 2019 series, Ramadan 2020 and 2021 series, and the series that are currently being shown, such as the fifth part of the series “Tales of Girls”.
  • It includes dozens of comedy plays in addition to a group of action anime films , and Japanese anime films .
  • It has a special section for TV shows and free wrestling episodes.
  • It includes a search box that helps you to find the movie or series you want in the fastest time.

Akoam download link

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My Cima program

My Sima is the latest program in our list of the most powerful free movie watching programs in 2020 and it is still running until early 2021.

This application is similar to all the programs for watching movies and series previously mentioned in this article, Where it contains many Arabic films and films of the good time, As well as action anime movies and other series and other TV shows that are available to watch online for free with the ability to download to your phone or tablet to watch them offline.

The most important thing that distinguishes My Cima from the rest of the programs is that it constantly adds all the exclusive movies and series.

It also provides its users with all the series that are currently shown and adds them as soon as they are downloaded.

Moreover, it allows you to add a movie or episode of any series to your queue to come back to it at a later time.

Here we conclude our article in which we tried to provide the best programs to watch video broadcasts and download sites for Arab and foreign films and series.

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