Restrict ad display: Causes of this problem and effective ways to solve it

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Restrict ad display: Causes of this problem and effective ways to solve it

Many website owners face the problem of ” restricting the display of ads “, especially in the previous period, Currently, Google Adsense is updating its policies and many updates, Therefore, it is normal for some errors to appear. Today, we will talk about the causes of the “advertising restrictions” problem. We will present the suggested methods that will help you, God willing, in solving this problem.

We may notice that Google AdSense no longer closes publishers’ accounts, but give offenses, Because of the European publishers, Where when Google Adsense closes his account, The publisher goes to court. He takes his money with legal compensation.

Therefore, Google AdSense resorted to violations, such as the violation of restricting the display of ads, When you receive this violation, Ads appear on your site only for a limited number of visitors. This may cause huge losses.

Reasons for the problem of restricting the display of ads

There are two reasons that may result in the appearance of the problem of restricting the display of ads:

1- The number and sources of visitors to your site

If your site is new or has few visitors, This problem may appear to you. It occurs as a result of the low number of clicks on the ads, or in other words, “your views are worthless.”

If you are bringing visitors to your site from a fixed source for example: Facebook bot, pages or groups and direct referrals to the same audience, This problem may also appear to you.

Facebook visits should be reduced because Google considers its visits not of quality, And you like Adsense very much, the organic traffic directly from Google; Because the visitor enters from Google to your site to search for a problem that he is actually facing and is looking for a solution.

bring untargeted traffic to your site’s content, Where, for example, your site is technical, You publish your content in a cooking group, These are unintended visits. You will not benefit from these non-targeted visits at all, but it may cause you other damages such as increasing the bounce rate.

2- Increase clicks using tricks

Some people may use tricks to force the visitor to click on ads, Of course, we all agree that this method is illegal. Only you can close your account.

Solve the problem of restricting the display of ads

In order to get out of the “restriction of ad display” violation, you should pay attention to your site, and activate it by writing exclusive content, update old content, Link your articles together.

Updating your old site articles is a very important factor for Google, It indicates that you are always interested in updating the content of your site with everything new to achieve the maximum benefit for your visitor; In doing so, you gain Google’s trust.

Also, linking your site’s articles to each other, internal link, is one of the most important factors of on-page SEO that influences raising your site’s ranking among search engines. Therefore, link the content of your site together in order to benefit the visitor.

  • Target within your articles high CPC keywords

During this period, we discovered sites where ads were restricted, Others are still running ads without any problems. Does Google punish some sites and leave some?

The answer is definitely no. But we also wanted to know why. When analyzing this site, we discovered that the sites where the ads were restricted target keywords with a “CPC” price that is almost non-existent. On the other hand, sites where ads are still running topped with reasonable CPC words.

So compile a list of some of your competitors in the same field as your site, Analyze their sites and then collect keywords that have a reasonable CPC, And start making a plan to appear in these words.

  • Optimizing visitor sources through diversity, In other words, do not rely on a constant source of visitors such as Facebook only, But get visitors to your site from Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit….. etc.
  • bring in targeted visits, So that when your site talks about cooking, Put your content in groups interested in cooking.
  • In this period, reduce the number of ad units for your community until this violation is removed.
  • Stay away from the tricks you use to increase your click count, and place ads in the right place, It is preferable to use the automatic ads code, as Google Adsense chooses the appropriate places to display ads.
  • Review your site content and remove any inappropriate or violating AdSense policies

Review the articles on your site first and delete the copied content because it will certainly negatively affect your site, Also, delete articles that contain “violence”, sexual content, weapons content, anything hacker-related, or copyrighted software and images.

What do I do after applying the previous solutions?

After you have implemented all of the above, Wait for Google Adsense to review your site again, When it finds your site is appropriate or appropriate, It will remove the violation of restricting display of ads, Then the ads will appear without problems, God willing. But do not stop applying everything that has been mentioned on an ongoing basis.

If you have any problem facing you, Write a comment below and I will respond to you, God willing.

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