Comprehensive review of the iPhone 11

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Comprehensive review of the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Jarir, which is one of the latest mobile phones or mobile phones on earth, Where this device is a breakthrough by all standards from Apple in everything such as capabilities, price, raw materials that were manufactured from it, or other capabilities, In this article, we will learn about everything related to this version of Apple or the parent company, the iPhone.

iPhone 11 mobile version

  • It is a phone from Apple, the American global company.
  • This phone is considered the most popular in 2019/2020 in terms of capabilities and manufacturing materials used in it.
  • And this device with a higher battery performance with an increase in the number of cameras and an increase in the functions of the rear camera.
  • It is also distinguished by the fact that it is made of glass materials from the back and from the front, and it is made of solid minerals that are resistant to water, dust and dirt.
  • It also has an elegant and distinctive shape that has influenced its attractiveness to many categories of those interested in Apple products.

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The capabilities of the Apple iPhone 11

  • This device works with a processor that is a hexa-core, It is also powered by a processor called Apple A13 bionic.
  • This device has internal storage of up to 64 GB. There are also other versions with 128 GB storage, and another with 256 GB internal storage.
  • This device comes with a random memory of up to 4 GB RAM.
  • The cameras are dual rear. And it works about 12 mega-pixels and the other also works with the same size and accuracy in imaging 12 mega-pixels.
  • The front camera works with a resolution of up to 12 mega pixel. It is also supported by fox or format checking.
  • The screen has a resolution of up to HD. The screen price is 6.1 inches. And with it some big nicks.
  • It works on the iOS operating system from the thirteenth version.
  • The battery in it is a high-tech battery, Where it arrives to be 3110 mA.

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Information about the iPhone 11

  • Apple unveiled this mobile phone in late 2019.
  • This phone is considered the latest among all the versions and the cheapest in the price for this year.
  • Its battery is a bit less than other versions, But it is characterized by a noticeable increase in the operating speed of the mobile phone.
  • The position of the Apple logo was changed for the first time in history. Where it is in the middle.
  • The rear glass remained the backend, with the screen increasing a few inches.

iPhone 11 features

  • This device supports Near Field Communication or Proximity Communication.
  • You can add two types of slides in it, But it has to be a very tiny nano type.
  • Supports modern third, fourth and fifth generation networks.
  • This device is resistant to water or any types of dirt and dust.
  • The outer frame of the device is made of very strong aluminum.
  • This device is available in several different colors, most notably green, red, black, yellow, violet and white.
  • It operates all GPS systems, the most famous of which is GPS.
  • This device works by means of an eye print or a face print, It also works on the presence of modular or digital security.
  • This device is designed not to scratch its side, glass back, or front rear.

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Disadvantages of iPhone 11

  • It does not have any headphone port. It does not have a 3.5mm port for any earphone.
  • If you are a fan of iPhone phones in Egypt, you will find it difficult to esim, as it is not supported by any telecom company in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • The default port of the charger has not been changed to the type c port, which is faster in the internal charging process. It also holds together stronger than regular outlets.
  • The screen works with liquid retina ips LCD, Despite the appearance of AMOLED screens, which makes them less accurate in the screen than many other regular screens in lower-priced mobiles.
  • The device does not come with the usual charger from Apple, Which supports 18W fast charging.
  • You must purchase the charger from anywhere and separately from the external accessories of the device.

The iPhone 11 is the version that has attracted nearly 60% of phone users in the world, Because it is considered the smartest smart phone that has been made for a long time, It provides a secure connection to the user and the pleasure of working on it, And a lot of the features in the iPhone 11 that our review will not be enough to talk about more of them in many details.

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