How to register on Fiverr and work services

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
How to register on Fiverr and work services

If you have any skill such as design, programming, translation and writing articles and you want to start working online as a freelancer but you don’t know where to start? Follow this article with me to the end to learn how to register on Fiverr and work services, As Fiverr is the best site for selling microservices and helps you offer your service that you are good at for the right money, whether it is $5 or more.

Fiverr includes a large group of freelancers who provide design, translation, writing, programming, marketing services and others.

What are you waiting for now? Come on, register on Fiverr and start selling your services and making profits.

How to register on Fiverr

Registering on Fiverr and creating an account is not a difficult process, There are some simple steps that you must do to register on this site. Below is a complete explanation with pictures of how to register on Fiverr.

The first step:

Search for from your browser and you will see the Fiverr website in front of you

The second step:

Click on the Join button at the top right of the home page.

The third step:

A pop-up will appear in front of you containing the subscription form and the available methods for registering on the Fiverr website where you can enter the email address you want to use for your Fiverr account or register with your Facebook or Google account; Choose the appropriate method for you, then click on the Continue button.

The fourth step:

You will be taken to a new interface that requires you to type in a username and password and you will see a green tick next to each box when you select an available username and password. After that, click on Join to complete the registration on Fiverr.

Fifth step:

You will need to verify your email address to activate your account, Click the Submit Code button and wait for the verification message to arrive.

After that, log in to your email, open the message and click on the Activate Your Account button when you click on this button, Your account will be activated and you will be able to access your Fiverr account without any problems.

How to convert your account from a buyer to a seller

When you complete the registration steps on Fiverr, you are a buyer, not a seller. So if you want to transfer your account from your buyer’s account to the seller’s account, you will have to follow the steps that I will show you now. Follow the steps below to set up a professional seller profile on Fiverr.

The first step:

After you complete the registration steps on Fiverr, you will be transferred directly to your home page on Fiverr. Follow the rest of the steps to become a seller.

The second step:

At the top of this page, you will find several options, including the option to become a seller. Click on it to open the sellers page.

The third step:

You will be redirected to a new page. To confirm that your account has been converted to a seller account, not a buyer, click on the Become a Seller button that appears in green in the middle of the page.

The fourth step:

A new page will appear in front of you, the steps that you must take to become a seller on Fiverr as shown in front of you in the image. Click on the Continue button.

Fifth step:

Click Continue on the pages that you may encounter next. So to start creating your seller profile.

Steps to create a seller profile

Here we will show you the steps to create an end seller profile.

The first step:

Write your real name consisting of First Name and Last Name and make sure that it is real in order to start selling services legally on Fiverr.

Add a personal photo of you from your computer that distinguishes you from others Use your original photo here Never use photos that you own copyright to. Everyone can see your profile picture on Fiverr.

The second step:

  1. After you have completed writing your full name and adding your photo, you will have to write a description of yourself, the skills you master and the services you will provide on Fiverr. You can write a maximum of 600 characters. Including letters, spaces and punctuation. Writing a good description of your profile is very important so that buyers get to know you and your skills before purchasing the service.
  2. Then add your language skills and proficiency in that language and then click on the Continue button.
  3. Then add the skill you master in addition to your degree and your education level does not matter if your degree is not related to the services you provide on Fiverr. Add it because it’s good for people to know that you hold a certain grade and then add your website for buyers to see before buying your service and click on the continue button.
  4. Link your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Fiverr account by clicking on the Connect button next to the social media accounts. Once the accounts are linked, Click Continue.

How to create a service on Fiverr

After you have completed the previous steps, a pop-up window will appear offering you to start creating a service for sale on the Fiverr website, or follow the following steps to learn how to create a service on Fiverr.

The first step:

From your home page on the site click on the word Gigs and then click on CREATE A NEW GIG.

The second step:

Write a suitable title for your service that you want to sell on the site GIG TITLE and provide the service with a short and attractive title because this is the first thing buyers see You can use up to 80 characters in your gig address.

The third step:

Click on SELECT A CATEGORY and choose the appropriate category for your service as this will help buyers find you in searches filtered for other services such as writing, business or programming.

The fourth step:

Enter the relevant search terms in the SEARCH TAGS box and as you start typing them you will see matching and popular tags as you type Click and add tag where you can add up to 5 TAGS search tags.

Fifth step:

Then, by clicking on the Save & Continue button located at the bottom right corner of the form, you will be taken to the “Scope and Pricing” page.

Sixth step:

Decide if you want to display 1 or 3 packages. Fiverr allows you to create three separate packages that you can modify each with a different name, and offering different products or services at different prices. Then enter a name for each package. Click on your package name field, And give a title to each package you provide at gig.

Seventh step:

Write a simple description for each package in the description box You can write up to 100 characters per description. And then select the appropriate delivery time to finish each package in the service, whether it is a day, two days or more, The site allows you to set different delivery times for different packages.

Eighth step:

Determine the number of revisions you will make after delivering your products or services to each buyer, Then select the upgrades and add-ons you offer in each package. You’ll find a list of the most popular upgrades and add-ons below.

The ninth step:

Choose the appropriate price for each package in your service that you want to charge for each of your offers, knowing that the price starts from $ 5.

Tenth step:

Put extras that buyers might like on your service where you can add extra content, upgrades, extra fast delivery, or extra custom for an extra fee.

Eleventh step:

Click on the Save & Continue button to be taken to the description page. Enter the appropriate description of your service clearly and add all the details of the service. You can use up to 1200 characters in your description.

After you are done, publish your service on the various social networking sites in order to attract buyers, and the more attractive your service address is, the more buyers will be attracted.

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