Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

Templates in websites are considered the most important thing because they give your site appearance and distinguish it from others, and the template you choose may be a reason to speed up or slow down your WordPress site, so I will now present to you the 10 best free WordPress templates that we recommend in 2021.

WordPress is a content management platform that helps you manage your content on the web in a smooth and simplified way, and also you will be able to create your own website that displays what you love, so you must have a good and fast template because the template is very important and is the main interface of your site that visitors will see.

To start creating a professional website on WordPress, you must purchase a paid domain and paid hosting according to the expected visits to your site per month, and then start searching for a template, There are not a few paid templates, but their price is very high, it may reach 50 and 60 dollars, and this is what makes users search for free templates, so let’s get to know the best free WordPress templates available.

Top 10 Free WordPress Templates 2021

Now it’s the turn of the top 10 free WordPress templates, as the templates that I will show now are of high quality and responsive to all phones, mobile devices and smart computers, and with their use, you will not encounter any problems on the site.

1- Twenty Twenty Template

When creating a WordPress site, I advise you to download and activate this template because it comes with many features that you will not find in any free WordPress template, as it has a distinctive and attractive design and supports many different languages, including Arabic and English, as it is responsive to all devices and supports AMP technology And the new WordPress editor Gutenberg.

2- Sydney . template

If you want to create A freelance site and you want a template that fits, you should download the Sydney template for free because it is the most suitable template for such sites because it gives you full control of the color, control the layout, upload the logo, use front page sections to create a great website for your organization, decorated navigation and much more.

3- Template Customizr

The Customizr template is one of the templates supported by WordPress that you can use in Arabic or English. This template is one of the top 10 free WordPress templates because it allows you to get the look you want in an easy and smooth way.

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4- Flozo . Mold

This template is one of the best free WordPress templates to try in 2021 that I have seen because it has a distinctive and attractive design and is easy to customize and comes with many great features, but this template is valid for small businesses that want to have a website and no one can use it because it will not be suitable His is directed to companies only.

5- CyberChimps Template

CyberChimps is one of the best and most popular free WordPress themes around the world. It is used on more than 1.5 million websites worldwide due to its fully customizable design and more. It is responsive to all devices and is suitable for microblogging, business, agency or startup It is based on a stackable grid system that provides custom templates, custom background and many other things that you will get to know when you upload the template and activate it on your blog.

6- Travelify Template

One of the best free WordPress themes that has come out recently is Travelify which comes without plugins pre-installed which makes its loading quick and easy to set up. Moreover, this theme includes the necessary meta tags that will help you improve your site’s SEO and improve its ranking in Google search engine.

In addition, it has a design oriented to blogs and tourism sites, and it is a completely free template, but there are some features that require the purchase of the template, but these features are not so important for a beginner person, the most important thing is that it is responsive and friendly to search engines, which makes the process of appearing on the first pages of Google is simple .

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7- Themia template

Themia theme is one of the themes that I personally liked otherwise I wouldn’t include it among the top 10 free WordPress themes as it is easy to use and comes with a unique and highly customizable design. You can easily change logos and social icons through the theme options panel and you can have your new website for your brand For commercial or personal use in minutes, moreover, free templates are available for free download from the WordPress repository.

The free version of this template has great features, but there are more features than the paid version that you can buy through the official website of this template.

8- Orchid Store Template

If you want a suitable template for a site selling products, I advise you to download the Orchid Store template, which is the ideal template for people who want to create a site to sell their products such as or Amazon or even affiliate marketing, as this free template comes with a wide range of features that will help you display your products for sale Easily and professionally.

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9- Andrina Lite Template

Andrina Lite is a free theme developed by InkThemes and uploaded to the free WordPress repository in order to benefit people who want to start building a WordPress site at the lowest cost and this template is one of the most important and popular free WordPress themes out there.

Also, this template is elegant and beautiful with easy customization options built by

The template also features a uniquely curved feature section. Andrina Lite is ideal for all kinds of business and personal websites You can easily turn the theme into your own Themes can be easily modified using the theme options panel like logos, foreground and background text Andrina Theme supports five small areas (two in the sidebar, and three in the appendix).

All this and more in the free version of the template, but if you want to get more features, buy the paid version from the official website of the template.

10- Newspaperss Template

Newspaperss is the best free WordPress template for sites that provide news, newspapers, or product reviews. Others that include responsiveness on all devices, whether they are mobile devices or desktop devices, and its home page contains 4 custom post widgets, and it is difficult to find such things in a free template.

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