The best types of laptops 2021 and their prices online

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
The best types of laptops 2021 and their prices online

In our year 2021 and with continuous technological development, The requirements and needs began to differ for each of us when choosing the best practical laptop that suits him and the specifications of this device that will bear the burden of his work, which vary from one person to another. Besides, the budget that he can afford to spend his needs and buy a laptop that meets the purpose varies, whether for study and university, design and engineering work, or for the purpose of playing heavy games.

This is evidenced by the emergence of multiple forms of laptops from the same brand. You will find among them thin and lightweight devices that have been directed to the enthusiasts of travel and constant mobility. And other devices with high technical specifications that have been customized to suit video game enthusiasts, And do not forget the various forms and types that were directed to professional categories and based on their requirements for work, Such as design and engineering laptops that come with high specifications that make it easier for them to get their work done.

Also, don’t forget about gaming laptops. Apart from that it comes with high specifications and professionalism,
Some types of laptops are also designed for gamers.

Since many people who are planning to buy a laptop do not know which laptop is better in terms of price and specifications, We brought you our article today about the best types of laptops for the year 2021, which we have chosen based on their quality and specifications, with the various tasks and requirements for which they are purchased, and finally, Their prices are reasonable.

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Best practical laptops for all categories 2021

The best types of laptops are chosen based on several things that we will go into in detail in the next lines, So if this is your first time buying laptops, You should follow this paragraph carefully.

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محطات تمثل قرارك في اختيار أفضل لاب توب عملي


Processors are considered the most important thing in laptops because they are responsible for the performance of the device. The newer and more powerful the processor, the better the performance of the device. For example, if you want a processor for normal tasks such as surfing the Internet, watching movies, editing photos and small videos, I recommend a Core i3 or Ryzen 3 processor because it will be very good at such tasks and will be cheap.

If the purpose of the laptop is to play large video games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and FIFA, you should choose a processor of the core i5 or i7 family and above or Ryzen 5 or 7 and above.


There are many companies that produce laptops, but most of these companies do not provide devices in the required form and efficiency, Therefore, you should choose one of the distinguished companies when buying a laptop, such as Apple , which is considered the best, but its prices are very high, and HP, Dell, Samsung, in addition to Lenovo and Huawei.

the screen:

You must choose a screen with a refresh rate of at least 90Hz and no less than FHD resolution and support HDR10,
In addition to its quality, LCD or OLED.

ROM memory:

Choose a laptop that contains magnetic SSD disks and not mechanical HHD because SSDs are characterized by high speed and long life, It is very suitable for those who work in photoshop, montage, and so on, as these discs do not make noise.


Choose a laptop with a random memory of not less than 8 GB so that you do not face any problems while playing heavy video games, editing programs and Photoshop, This means that it plays an important and significant role in processing orders at high speed, Therefore, you should choose a large capacity of RAM and not less than 8 GB.

But if the purpose of the laptop is for browsing and normal uses, 4 GB of random memory will be fine.

GPU Graphics Card:

If your goal in buying a laptop is to play games or work as a designer, You must use a graphics card from the AMD or NVIDIA versions, With a capacity of at least 2 GB.

This is because the GPU graphics card is responsible for the graphics processors within games and design programs.

the battery:

When buying laptops, look for a laptop with a high battery capacity that works for at least 10 hours in browsing mode.

Best laptops and their prices in 2021

The best 2021 laptops that we target in this article depend on the price-to-value factor. The goal is for everyone to find the right laptop for their business needs at a cost that they don’t have to pay extra for.

What we mentioned includes the various requirements and needs, whether it is a laptop for education or for use in design and programming work. or business, as well as to play games, Which is considered the most important in the right search and the most appropriate choice, as those who intend to buy a laptop in order to play a particular game or two, Perhaps they will find this ability in a laptop with specifications that allow and tolerate it. And they avoid buying an expensive laptop that is offered on the shopping sites with a “Gaming Laptop” note.

We start our list with one of the economical laptops from HP, It is an Hp 14 Lightweight Laptop at an economical price.

Hp 14 Lightweight Laptop: Good capabilities at an economical price

لابتوب hp 14 lightweight سعر رخيص وامكانيات جيدة

The Hp 14 Lightweight Laptop is one of the cheapest new and modern laptops launched during the year 2020. Where it is sold at a price of 180 to 250 dollars, depending on the store and seller, This strengthens its place to be on the list of the best budget mobile devices of 2021.

We will not exaggerate when we say that this laptop is the best for gaming, But it can play games like PUBG, Fortnite, and others.

It is also used in browsing and running simple photo and video editing programs and allows you to download Android applications to it because of the Chrome system. It also includes many specifications that I will present to you now.


  • It has a 14-inch HD IPS screen and a 720p camera.
  • A very fast hard disk with a capacity of 32 GB of SSD type with 4 GB of RAM of the type DDR4.
  • AMD A4-9120C is a good processor for its price and an AMD Radeon R4 internal graphics card.
  • Its weight is very light, not exceeding 1.5 kilograms.
  • Supports connection via Wi-Fi and also supports Bluetooth 4.0.
  • It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB Type-C jack, in addition to two USB 3.1 and an SD memory jack.
  • Price ranges from 180 to 250 dollars, depending on the store.

This device will be very good for beginners because it will help them in carrying out daily uses well with the ability to play games, but we do not recommend it for heavy work such as montage.

Huawei MateBook 13 Graphics Business Laptop

لابتوب هواوي matebook 13 لأعمال الجرافيكس

We all know that Huawei is one of the leading manufacturers of smart phones, and when it turns to the manufacture of laptops, it will certainly be of the same quality as phones and will be a strong competitor to the leading companies in laptops; And now we are with one of the best laptops that appeared at the beginning of this year, the Huawei MateBook 13, which comes with very distinctive technical specifications suitable for heavy work and the ability to run editing programs and Photoshop programs without any hindrance.

All this at a very low and impressive price compared to its competitors, Here are the most important Huawei MateBook 13 price and specifications .


  • 13 inch screen, Resolution 2160×1440 pixels
  • It comes in two versions at the processor level, the first includes Intel Core i5 and the second includes Core i7.
  • Graphics card with two versions Intel UHD Graphics 620 or Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5, both of which are very good in gaming graphics and editing.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • SSD hard disk with a capacity of 256 GB or 512 GB.
  • It’s Windows powered, heavy-duty oriented, built with great specs, stylish design, and powerful hardware inside.
  • Huawei MateBook 13 starts at $850.

This device has some impressive specs and puts its performance on par with many of the more expensive Android laptops and MacBooks that fit into the rest of our list of best laptops.

Microsoft Surface 3 laptop for playing heavy video games

لابتوب microsoft surface laptop 3 الأفضل لتشغيل ألعاب الفيديو الثقيلة

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is one of the best gaming laptops from Microsoft. It comes with excellent technical specifications compared to its price and is very suitable for managing business and tasks or playing video games.

If you want to buy a laptop in order to play heavy video games as the main purpose, I advise you to buy the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, Now I will give you a brief overview of its specifications.


  • It has a 13.5 or 15 inch PixelSense screen with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels.
  • It comes with a distinctive, attractive and very light design.
  • Available with four different processors: Intel Core i5 – i7, AMD Ryzen 5 or AMD Ryzen 7.
  • 8 GB RAM or 16 GB RAM.
  • In addition to an SSD storage disk with a capacity of 128 GB up to 1 TB.
  • Three versions of the graphics card are Intel Iris Plus Graphics, AMD Radeon Vega 9 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 11.
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 starts at $799.

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop for playing games and editing work

لابتوب hp elite dragonfly لتشغيل الألعاب وأعمال المونتاج

The HP Elite Dragonfly, which was launched at the beginning of this year 2020, is one of the best types of laptops 2020 because it belongs to HP, the leading manufacturer of laptops, and also because it comes with powerful specifications and a small and slim design that you can carry anywhere.

This device is a qualitative leap from the company in laptop computers, regardless of its somewhat high price, but it is preferable to use it in montage and photoshop, and play various games and programs with more than wonderful graphics, Below are the specifications of this flagship laptop from HP along with its price.


  • 13.3-inch diagonal screen with FHD + resolution.
  • Eight-core Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor.
  • An Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card that is very special in gaming graphics and editing programs.
  • The RAM is 8 GB or 16 GB.
  • SSD hard disk with a capacity of 256 GB.
  • The HP Elite Dragonfly laptop is priced at $1750.

Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop for those who love speed and light weight


The Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop is considered the best laptop on the list today, in my opinion, because of the specifications that exceeded expectations. And a luminous keyboard and many other great features that I will show you in the next paragraph.


  • The design of the device is very beautiful and lightweight, which can be carried with you to the cafe or restaurant.
  • supports touch, It is foldable and can be used like a tablet as it has a fingerprint sensor.
  • It has an 8th generation Core i7-8565U processor.
  • It includes an internal graphics card of the type Intel UHD Graphics 620, and this card is very distinguished in gaming graphics and editing programs.
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 512 GB SSD storage.
  • Its battery lasts about 12 hours of work.
  • It has a USB 3.1 and a USB 2.0 port, as well as an SD card reader.
  • The price of the Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop is around $700.

The fact that the Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop comes with a lot of great specs and features, But its price is impressively low compared to its competitors and companies are launching such devices at competitive prices in order to spread more in the market and compete with the leading manufacturers of laptops.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 is one of the best laptops for editing and heavy gaming

apple macbook pro 13 من أفضل لابتوبات المونتاج والألعاب الثقيلة

Since the Apple MacBook Pro 13 laptop belongs to Apple, the leading manufacturer of laptops, we should include it in the list of the best types of laptops in 2020 because of the fame of his company and also because of the specifications and reasonable price, as you will be able to download editing programs and work on them without facing any problems in the system Download heavy games and play them with more awesome graphics and more other things, Now let’s get to know the price and specifications of the Apple MacBook Pro 13.


  • It has a 13-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 pixels that supports color contrast.
  • It comes with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor in addition to a very cool and modern graphics card and will provide you with high graphics in games and editing programs of the type Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645.
  • SSD hard disk with a capacity of 128 GB, expandable.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • The price of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 laptop is up to 1500 US dollars.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop for running programs and business

لابتوب lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon

Lenovo company One of the leading manufacturers of laptops, and some say that it outperforms HP, especially in terms of performance, and it is unfair that we do not put any of its devices in the list of the best types of laptops 2021. It comes with very good specifications that we will get to know now.


  • The design of the device is very cool and different as usual from Lenovo, as it is made of carbon.
  • 14 inch screen with FHD + resolution.
  • 5th generation Intel i5-8265U processor.
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 internal graphics card.
  • The storage capacity of 256 GB of SSD type and the device allows you to install regular HHD disks in case you want to increase the storage space.
  • 4th generation RAM with a capacity of 8 GB.
  • The price of this device starts from 1150 USD.

Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop

لابتوب alienware area-51m لتشغيل الألعاب العملاقة

If you want to buy a gaming laptop with excellent specifications and technologies to run giant games that require high graphics such as Fortnite, Free Wrestling 2020, and FIFA, I advise you to buy the Alienware Area-51m laptop for gaming enthusiasts, capable of high-quality graphics and great speed, with the ability to use it for business and editing large photos and videos.

This device was developed and launched to be practical with excellence in playing games that require high capability, design and montage programs, Now it is the turn to present the specifications of this device.


  • 17.3-inch screen, FHD + resolution, with a refresh rate of 140Hz.
  • 8th generation Intel Core i7-9700 or i9-9900K processor.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card is very special and high quality.
  • 4th generation RAM with a capacity of 16 GB and up to 64 GB.
  • 1 TB storage memory called SSHD combines SSD and HHD.
  • The price of the laptop is up to $7000.

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