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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Affiliate Marketing with ArabClicks

In light of the specter of the Corona virus that threatens the countries of the world, Many suffer from the possibility of shopping in stores after successive warnings from governments and curfews for citizens, Or at least avoid crowded places for their own health. What makes it imperative for citizens to find alternative ways to help them meet their needs, and then resort to online shopping, as well as providing a stable income through commission marketing and searching for reliable places such as the Arab Kilks network.

Affiliate Marketing

After the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, many suffer from deteriorating economic conditions and are looking for safe havens to achieve financial gains that would help them face the hardship of life. Which can be provided through “affiliate marketing”, To get a commission for promoting multiple companies and presenting them to your followers, That is, you choose the advertisers that you like and interest you, Then you promote them and present them to your audience and potential customers and buyers. In the end, you get a financial interest (i.e. commission) on every sale you make, In other words, on every purchase made by any of your audience.

Affiliate marketing enables you to contribute to the marketing of your favorite advertisers or services and products that you are interested in and appreciate, Which ultimately results in a profit-sharing when anyone makes a purchase.

Therefore, When marketing with commission, you are the master of your choices and the methods of promotion that you adopt. You only promote your own personal style to advertisers and products of your choice.

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Affiliate marketing benefits you (the affiliate) and the advertiser you chose at the same time, And you both win; You get paid to help your audience find products and items they desperately need. Through you, your preferred advertiser can reach audiences that you would not be able to reach without your services.

Even better, when your audience clicks on the affiliate link that you yourself recommended, You get a commission for every purchase they make in the following weeks.

But online shopping contains many platforms, most notably the Arab Kilks network, that provides coupon codes or what is known as discount codes for all groups of society, It serves you in all your marketing and promotional activities and strategies and improves your marketing performance and profits.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes (discount codes) are based on commission marketers, Which is directly based on the ability of the marketer’s skills and his plan to convince customers and promote services correctly, which ensures the achievement of abundant financial gains, As an affiliate marketer, When you offer people, your audience and followers, or give them a discount coupon, You will help them save money. Find coupons for brands and products that your followers like and want that pay you the best commissions, As a commission marketer, you have to be constantly researching and motivating your audience and persuading them to make purchases, which means that you make sure that they complete purchases or conclude deals to get you your commission and financial benefit.

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Types of coupon codes

There are two main types of coupon codes or discount codes that affiliate marketers use to earn money and make profits. Both types provide your audience with discounts, encourage and motivate them to buy products at discounted prices or reduce the purchasing value by some percentage, But the difference between them lies in how to track the commissions that the marketer receives by commission on the purchases.

1- Online Coupon Codes – Also known as promotional codes or hyperlink codes, these are generic discount codes that provide your audience with the products they like and like at discounted or discounted prices. the site.

2- Offline coupon codes – also known as unique coupons, offline coupons, coupons attributed to the affiliate, Tracked discount codes.

These coupons are exclusive coupon codes for a specific affiliate marketer. Through it, sales, purchases and conversions are tracked based on your discount code that you give and share with your audience.

How to register in ArabClicks network

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must sign up for a highly qualified affiliate marketing network, This will make a huge difference between your success or failure in the profession of affiliate marketing or in your profession as an affiliate marketer.

There are several sources that the affiliate marketing network should offer you, You are encouraged to consider the following elements when making any decision about this.

Make sure to choose the network that provides you with the following:

  • Offers that are better than those offered to you by advertisers and are relevant to your region and your audience.
  • High commission rates.
  • Trusted partnership.
  • Quick payments.
  • Innovative products.
  • Technical and marketing support in the language you speak or choose.
  • Exclusive discounts and coupons that you, in turn, can offer to your audience.
  • Mobile app to instantly monetize your posts that you share.
  • A reporting system that allows you to verify the gains and revenues in a timely manner.

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