For gamers and geeks: Here are the best gaming headphones for 2020

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
For gamers and geeks: Here are the best gaming headphones for 2020

The sound in video games is a large part of the game experience and without excellent sound, you are sitting around killing your pleasure and you will feel bored after a short period of playing, But there is an awesome way that provides you with the ultimate fun experience when playing games, It is the use of one of the best gaming headphones that has been specially made as a product for gamers to give them the experience of going to another world completely when playing.

In the past period, with the emergence of many distinctive video games that caught the attention of the masses and have become very popular, Leading headphone manufacturers have launched advanced headphones for gamers and enthusiasts to provide them with an outstanding audio experience. There is a list of the best gaming headphones of 2020 that I will show you now.

Best gaming headphones for gamers

If you are a gaming content creator on YouTube or doing a live broadcast while you are playing on Facebook, then you will definitely need a good headphone that will provide you with excellent sound quality.

We now begin our review of the list of gaming headsets that offer the best gaming experience with their use.

HyperX Cloud Orbit S

HyperX is one of the most powerful gaming headset manufacturers, so it’s very difficult to show you the best gaming headsets and what they have in today’s article. So I chose one of the best gaming headsets launched in 2020, the HyperX Cloud Orbit S headset, which comes with very good and strange specifications, but its price is rather high and may stand in the way of some when thinking about buying it.


  • The design of the headphone is different, it comes tilted back a little, and the speaker can be lengthened as you want, and its weight is acceptable and does not exceed 368 grams.
  • It includes 3 ports for connecting to various devices such as a phone, computer, laptop, or even a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as it includes a 3.5 mm port, a USB Type-A port, and a USB Type-C port.
  • Supports 3D Audio that tracks the movement of your head and changes the direction of sounds according to the movement of the head.
  • The battery of the headset works up to 10 hours if the 3D Audio feature is turned on, and if it is disabled, the headset lasts for 14 hours. The headset is charged via a USB Type-C cord.
  • It allows you to know the exact location of your opponent in the stage thanks to the 3D Audio feature.
  • It has a button to turn the microphone on and off, as well as to increase or decrease the volume.
  • It includes a power button that turns the speaker on and off, as it only works after pressing this button, even if it is connected through USB.


  • It works by wire only and does not support wireless connection.
  • The price is high as a wired headset.
  • You cannot power it with a 3.5mm connector if the battery is dead.
  • The program for the 3D Audio feature is relatively complicated, so I advise you to watch any explanations on YouTube.

the price:

The price of the HyperX Cloud Orbit S gaming headset in Saudi riyals until the last update of the article is 1330 Saudi riyals.

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The best gaming headset: (Steelseries Arctis pro + DAC)

steelseries Arctis pro + DAC It is one of the best gaming headphones 2020, if not the best of them, because it comes at a competitive price with high-quality features, and it also comes with a piece called Game DAC that provides you with sounds from 10 to 40000Hz that you can choose from, and these frequencies allow you to create a very high sound quality that you will not find in any other headset. Below we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this headset.


  • The sound quality is very good.
  • It comes with the distinctive Game DAC that provides you with professional features that you will not find in any other headset.
  • Supports Hi.Res Audio feature that works to provide better sound quality but this feature is only available on PC.
  • It works wired via USB Type-C port and can work on all devices such as computers, phones, PlayStation, Nintendo and XBOX ONE.
  • Featuring the Arctis ClearCast bidirectional microphone, the world’s best gaming mic.
  • It includes an OLED screen that helps you in easy access to settings and features as you will be able to control the EQ and control the sound level, in addition to the ability to control the intensity and color of the lighting on the speakers.
  • Provides RGB lighting.


  • It is very small in size and may be uncomfortable for some.
  • It does not support wireless connection.
  • It has only one port, USB Type-C.

the price:

The price of the steelseries Arctis pro + DAC gaming headset in Saudi riyals until the last update of the article is 1299 Saudi riyals.

Astro A50 Professional Gaming Headset

Astro is not one of the most famous companies mentioned, but its products are distinguished and high quality, such as the headset that we will talk about now, which is the Astro A50 headset that works without wires via 5.8GHZ wireless technology.

The Astro E50 gaming headset includes many other features that I will show you now, We can sum up our talk about this headset as being one of the best for gaming, But the disadvantage is that the price of the headset is not suitable for all categories.

Astro A50 headset features:

  • It is very convenient for users and its design is more than wonderful.
  • Wireless headphones and supports 7.1 surround sound.
  • It supports Dolby Audio technology, which provides you with high fidelity and lets you know where the sound is coming from, and it also balances the sound of the game and the sounds of the players you are playing with.
  • The battery capacity is very large, up to 15 hours. The time to fully charge the battery is up to 90 minutes.
  • Supports the feature to automatically turn off the headset if you leave it so as not to consume the battery.


  • It can not work with a wire, it is a wireless headset.
  • The headset base is limited to two devices only, for example, there are copies of the headset that work on PC and PS4, and there are other versions that work on PC and XBOX ONE.
  • Its price is high for some people, but if we do a comparison between the price and the specifications, we will find that it is worth it.

the price:
The price of the Astro A50 gaming headset in Saudi riyals until the last update of the article is 1500 Saudi riyals.

Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset

The Razer Nari Ultimate headset belongs to the company Razer, which specializes in the field of gaming accessories, and it works wirelessly via a 2.4GHz wireless connection if the wireless piece is connected to PC or PS4 devices, And it works with the standard 3.5mm audio cable on XBOX ONE or SWITCH devices.

This headset offers good headphone sound and supports Hyper Sense and other features that we will learn about now.


  • Very cheap compared to the great specifications it comes with.
  • Excellent sound quality and a very cool design from Razer.
  • It includes a cooling gel so that it cools down on your ear after a certain period.
  • Supports Hyper Sense feature that pulls the player into another dimension as the headset vibrates on in-game sound effects.
  • Works wirelessly on PC and PS4 and works with a 3.5mm cable on XBOX ONE or SWITCH.


  • It is rather heavy due to its large size.
  • It does not allow you to modify its Head Pan.

the price:
The price of the Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset in Saudi riyals until the last update of the article is 855 Saudi riyals.

Here ends our article on the list of the best gaming headsets for a unique experience when you play PC games online , or play alone games for your PC that have been preloaded on it.


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