Very Professional Blogger Templates 2020-2021 Free

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Very Professional Blogger Templates 2020-2021 Free

We offer you a compilation of the best very professional blogger templates for the year 2019-2020 from Tech 101 Blog.

Many are looking for templates for blogger blogs, But the template may not be compatible with it on a lot of things.

Very professional blogger templates:

Among these things that must be appropriate in the template that you will choose: Template speed – template responsiveness to all devices – you can modify the template from the layout section of the blogger platform – template shape…. And a lot of other things that we will explain in the features of each of the templates that we will show.

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Seo Plus Template Free Version 2019

As many know that the SEO Plus template is paid, But don’t worry, this template is a free version that the Seo Plus template designer allowed us to use, But it is a healthy copy of any malicious code, ads, etc.

Seo Plus Template Features:

  • Add topic announcements by layout.
  • Easy mold control by layout.
  • Ease of customization and use.
  • Full response with tablets and smart phones.
  • Browsing speed and compatibility with browsers.
  • Premium Slider Show (for the paid version only).
  • And other features that will amaze you when you use the template.

Ultimate blogger template

We offer you a free blogger template with preview and download:

Features of the Ultimate Blogger Template:

  • You can control all add-ons through the layout page
  • You can easily control all colors through the template designer for blogger
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Supports all screens to try from here
  • Related topics in the form of slides
  • Supports Retina and very high quality images
  • Follower counter with social media buttons
  • Beautiful 404 page
  • Two exclusive formats for popular posts
  • Latest Topics
  • Reduce template codes you set to increase speed
  • Menu and logo problem solving
  • Add ads within the topic of the layout
  • Typography page for more professional posts: page link

Squeeze template for blogger blogs

We offer you the features of the Squeeze template for free with preview and download:

Squeeze Mold Specifications:

  • Clean, bug-free code and strong seo
  • powerful control panel
  • Short codes ready to be used inside posts
  • Theme split feature
  • Responsive with all devices
  • profit sharing system
  • Redirect page to double your advertising revenue
  • An advanced commenting system that supports photos and videos.

To download the Squeeze template, you must download the activation code first, then download the template and activate it as shown in the following


This page will be updated with all new professional templates.

Free Levon Template

Levon is a free template for blogger blogs as it is a professional template with multiple options and uses, It includes many modern features as it comes with an elegant design and is ready to be displayed on all browsers and is compatible with all screen sizes, It had a paid version, but programmer Mohamed Saleh canceled the paid version and made the template completely free and included all the paid features in the free version. Below are the features of the template.

Levon Template Features:

  • Responsive to all screen sizes including phones and tablets.
  • Supports installation on blogs in any language in the world.
  • It allows you to choose from three comment systems namely Blogger, Facebook or Disqus and choose the one that is right for you.
  • It comes with an intuitive control panel that makes it easy for people to use.
  • It has a copy prevention feature that protects your exclusive content from being stolen.
  • Complies with SEO standards and archiving rules.
  • It includes a new tool to display the weather according to the geographical location of the visitor.

Levon Template Preview

Download Levon Template

GM . template

GM is a versatile template for blogger blogs, for example, it can be installed on technical, sports or health and beauty blogs, This template is paid, but it has a free version that the developer has launched for beginners with some good features that are not found in other blogger templates. It is enough that this template is free and has an elegant and attractive design.

GM Template Features:

  • A fast template that is compatible with all screens, whether they are computer screens, smartphones, or even tablets.
  • Supports https encrypted connection for free domain and supports SSL certificate installation for paid domain.
  • It is compatible with SEO standards and includes meta codes and the Schema according to the standard specifications of search engines.
  • Provides you places to place ads inside articles.
  • Supports adding social media icons to place links to your pages.
  • The ability to disable or activate the author’s name, publication date, author information, comments and labels.
  • Allows you to add author information below the topic.
  • Easy mold control by layout.

GM قالب Template Preview

Download GM . Template

heroes template

Champions Template is a free template for sports bloggers (for football) that includes many features that we will learn about in the next paragraph, which is suitable for people interested in the sport of football, as it comes with great colors and a very good design. Here are the features of the heroes template.

Heroes Template Features:

  • Completely free and features a slideshow to display themes plus a drop down menu.
  • Compatible with all screens.
  • It contains a contact us page with the feature of subscribing to the blog by e-mail, which is professionally designed in the footer.
  • It comes in a new and different shape with an elegant and attractive design.
  • It has a powerful and distinctive control panel that keeps you from dealing with codes.

Heroes Template Preview

Download heroes template

Big mag

The Big mag template is very suitable for professional blogger bloggers who want to get a professional look for their sites because of the features that it comes with, but the only thing that may stand in the way of beginners who want to use the Big Mag template is that it is paid and must be purchased for 10 USD, And for the money you will pay, you will get advanced and professional features that we will learn about now.

Big Mag Template Features:

  • It is very fast and provides an easy and simple control panel.
  • Supports LTR and RTL with full English version.
  • It contains powerful meta tags that are compliant with SEO standards.
  • The ability to customize your site as you want, as it provides you with an infinite number of shapes.
  • Supports the lazy load feature, which stops the loading of images until the page is loaded, thus speeding up the loading.
  • It features a fixed menu and sidebar that has a fixed ascent and descent that you can disable from the layout.
  • Features a professional side panel to hold any number of widgets.
  • A wide range of other features that you will get to know after purchasing and downloading the Big Mag template.

Big mag . template preview

Download Big Mag Template

Naz template

Nas is one of the paid templates that contains more than great features that provide a professional look for the blogs of the people who have purchased it. It is also very suitable for profit sharing blogs. It was designed with the latest modern technologies that suit all uses. It is also compatible with all screens and supports all languages where the language is changed. automatically as soon as you change the language of the blog, The mold price is up to 10 US dollars.

Features of Naz Template:

  • Completely free of errors and unclean codes.
  • Sleek and attractive design as well as extremely fast.
  • Support https encrypted connection for free domain and SSL certificate installation supports paid domain.
  • Its control panel is easy to navigate and use where you can turn off and turn on all the plugins that the template comes with whenever you want.
  • Strong SEO with the latest meta tags.
  • It has a copy prevention feature that prevents your content from being stolen.
  • Supports the Read Also feature that appears in the middle of the article.
  • It provides you with add-ons to place ads all over the site.
  • Free technical support This means that you will be able to contact the template developer and inquire about anything for free.

Naz template preview

Download Nazi Template

Slash Template

Slash is a professional blogger template for blogging. Paid and sold at a price of $ 10 and comes with an attractive design and more than wonderful colors that can be customized whenever you want and can be used with all blogs, whether technical, download, sports or even news, and it also provides many advertising spaces distributed throughout the site, including in posts that you post on your blog.

Slush Template Features:

  • It is fast, distinctive and allows you to fully customize it and change its colors.
  • Compatible with all screens and also compatible with SEO standards.
  • An advanced control panel that completely eliminates the need to deal with codes.
  • Supports https encrypted connection.
  • It also includes all the features found in the paid templates that I previously offered you.

Slash Template Preview

Download slash template

Mag Plus Template

Mag Plus is one of the best paid themes out there right now. This template is similar to the Big mag template, but there are some differences in terms of design and features, as it is professional, has multiple options and uses, and comes in a new form, in addition to being light, with many additions and friendly to search engines.

Mag Pluse Template Features:

  • It comes with an elegant and distinctive design.
  • Supports most of the world’s languages.
  • It has a powerful control panel through which you can modify everything in the blog.
  • It allows you to change the font to any of the Google fonts.
  • Supports lazy load feature.
  • Side bar has a fixed ascent and descent bar.
  • Supports many places to place ads without having to deal with codes.
  • It supports three different formats for main, grid, and individual posts, in addition to supporting about 15 home screen shapes.
  • It has a night mode (dark) feature that you can switch to at any time.
  • It supports article popup feature that appears at the bottom of each article to increase the viewership of other posts on your blog.
  • After purchasing and downloading the Mag Plus template, you will find all the features in the Big Mag template, in addition to other advanced features.

Mag Plus Template Preview

Download Mag Pluse Template

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