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7 November 2021Last Update : Monday 8 November 2021 - 8:35 PM
Best Cash on Delivery Online Shopping Stores

With the spread of electronic commerce significantly in our time, online shopping has become a feature of this era and the number of shoppers has increased through the Internet, This is due to the ease of shopping online. In addition to the ease of browsing and choosing products with ease while you are sitting at home, online shopping sites offer you a shipping and delivery service of your chosen products to anywhere in the world for a small amount, And many of them after receiving the product, This is known as the cash on delivery feature.

These sites also provide you with a payment feature when you receive the product, which increases your confidence and reassurance as a user of these sites.

Payment when recieving:

In this article, we will talk about the cash on delivery and delivery feature. We will also mention a list that we recommend as the best online shopping sites for 2021, Which we have carefully selected based on the buying and shopping experience of consumers in 2020 and 2019.

What is the cash on delivery feature?

It is one of the payment methods offered by online shopping sites. In which the cash due is paid upon receipt of the product and its arrival to the customer.

This method means that the shopper can shop and choose the products he wants from any store or website, and after completing the product ordering process, he chooses the payment method upon receipt, and this means that the payment process is made when the customer receives the products that he ordered online.

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Cash on Delivery Features:

  • It makes the online shopping process easier for customers who do not have bank accounts or online payment cards.
  • Encouraging shoppers to shop and buy what they need from online shopping sites without hesitation: Because this feature provides confidence to users, through this feature, the user will not pay any amount of money to these sites unless he receives the product he ordered.
  • protect the privacy of customers from or attempt to theft, scam or fraud, By following this method, the customer will not have to provide any banking information of his own.
  • Ensure that the products ordered by the customer from the site are available before completing the payment process.

Best Cash on Delivery Shopping Sites 2021

Many stores and websites have provided the cash on delivery feature. Due to the high demand by shoppers, especially Arab shoppers.

Here are the best cash on delivery shopping sites, Which provides the feature of electronic payment or payment upon delivery of the receipt of the product, Most of them also provide free shipping services:

Amazon website

أفضل مواقع تسوق الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع أمازون

Amazon Store is one of the most important and largest american websites that provide customers with a cash on delivery feature. The site contains the largest number of products that fall under a wide range of different classifications, Amazon tops the Arab and foreign sites around the world.

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American eBay shopping site

موقع ايباي ebay

eBay online shopping site is one of the large foreign sites that compete with Amazon in the lead, The popularity of eBay is back in its infancy. Where it was a site where auctions were held until it became a site that sells all products, This website provides a cash on delivery feature to its users.

AliExpress website


The cash on delivery shopping site on Express is one of the best and most famous Chinese online shopping sites. It is not considered very old, Which succeeded and became famous in a short period of time and became competing with the largest online selling sites that appeared before it, The site provides a cash on delivery feature.

For more, you can see: Ali Express Pay on receipt

Walmart’s website

أفضل مواقع تسوق الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع ولمارت

Walmart’s website is basically a chain of traditional retail outlets in the United States of America. After the spread of e-commerce and online shopping sites, it turned into a wonderful online shopping site that competes with large and ancient sites in this field. The site provides quick online payment methods , in addition to the cash on delivery feature.

Banggood موقع

أفضل مواقع تسوق الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع بانج جود

Pangood is considered one of the best Chinese shopping sites that provides the feature of cash on delivery to its customers in some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Bahrain.

For more, you can see: Pangood website Cash on delivery

Shopping site

موقع شوبينغ shopping: ميزة الدفع عند الاستلام

Shopig offers high-quality products that are no less than the quality of the products on the famous Amazon site, and these products include clothing, electronics, home decoration and furniture, at an affordable price with the possibility of payment upon receipt. The site offers discount codes and vouchers when buying in bulk from it.

Alibaba website

الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع علي بابا alibaba

The Chinese online shopping site, Alibaba, belongs to the same company on AliExpress, and the site provides the same payment methods available on the AliExpress website, including the method of payment upon receipt, The site displays a wide variety of different products, including electronics, appliances, clothing, accessories and many other products. website

موقع نمشي namshi دوت كوم: وسيلة الدفع عند الاستلام

Namshi is one of the famous Arab shopping sites that provide cash on delivery feature for its users.
The site offers many offers and discounts to its customers on the various types of products displayed on the site.

Jumia website

الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع جوميا jumia

The Jumia Egyptian website is one of the famous Arab websites, which is at the forefront of online shopping sites , and the Jumia website provides the possibility of payment upon receipt.

The site also offers gifts to its customers when they purchase a high-value product such as a phone, so the site gives the customer a gift watch in return, This is a nice gesture from the site. website

souq dot com amazon sa - teqani101 (Amazon Saudi Now) , which is affiliated with the famous Amazon website, is one of the first shopping sites to offer the cash-on-delivery feature. This site offers many different products.

It also provides many offers and discounts on these products from time to time. The site has gained great fame among the online shopping sites because of its direct reliance on the advertisements used on various social networking sites. website

الدفع عند الاستلام 2021: موقع نون noon دوت كوم


Noon has become one of the best online shopping sites at the moment due to the number of shoppers from the site.

The site provides many electronic payment methods in addition to the cash on delivery feature.

Saudi Arabia’s best shopping sites have never been without the name of this ancient store.

MarkaVip’s website

الدفع عند الاستلام 2021: موقع ماركة في آي بي markavip

This site offers many products of the best quality and with famous international brands, The site features many offers and discounts on the various products it offers.

The site also provides a cash-on-delivery feature as well as electronic payment methods.

Sivvi’s website

الدفع عند الاستلام 2021: موقع سيفي sivvi

Sivvi is an online shopping site that specializes in displaying clothes, fashion and all its requirements, in addition to accessories, cosmetics, and everything related to fashion and fashion.

The site provides a feature of cash on delivery in addition to the ability to exchange products for free, It is one of the best online shopping sites in the UAE .

Focalprice website

الدفع عند الاستلام 2021: موقع فوكال برايس focalprice

The Focal Price website is a Chinese shopping site that specializes in displaying electronic devices of various types and shapes, such as computers, watches, phones and many other electronics, The site provides express shipping and payment upon receipt.

FORDEAL website

الدفع عند الاستلام 2021: موقع فور ديل fordeal

The 4Deal website is also a Chinese site and it has spread quickly because it offers discounts of up to 30% to new and old users of the site, The site displays many different and varied products such as clothes, accessories, toys for children, electronics and many other goods. The site provides a feature of cash on delivery and express shipping to all parts of the world.

Cash on Delivery is the most requested feature by shoppers from all over the world. This is based on statistics from merchants, pioneers and e-commerce specialists around the world. This justifies the tendency of Arab and international shopping sites to provide this feature to their users.

MiniInTheBox Chinese website

موقع miniinthebox الصيني للتسوق

MiniInTheBox is a well-known and increasingly popular Chinese store recently and we recommend it to the biggest and best cheap and guaranteed shopping sites to buy from in 2021, Which is available in 23 different languages to suit shoppers of different nationalities and languages around the world. Unfortunately, it has not provided shipping service to Saudi Arabia yet.

It is 100% recommended if you are looking for different products to wear, play sports, or even for phones, computers, accessories such as auto parts, motorcycles, and many other products that you will find when you visit.

On this site you will find that shipping is free and you can pay online using PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer and credit card, In addition to that, you will find the site available in the language of your country.

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