Ali Express accessories via cash on delivery 2021

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Ali Express accessories via cash on delivery 2021

Nowadays, many online shopping sites offer the cash on delivery feature in order to ensure their credibility in front of customers and instill a spirit of reassurance and instill confidence in them, Many online shoppers, especially in Arab countries, do not want to pay for the item before receiving it. Among the many global websites that provide the cash on delivery feature is the Ali Express website of the Chinese investment group Alibaba, This site provides a long list of various products such as accessories, Which can be purchased via the Cash on Delivery Shopping feature.

What is COD shopping?

It is a feature that allows the buyer to pay money for the product that he has purchased electronically and postpone the payment of its price until he actually receives it, This feature has been dealt with in order to gain the confidence of buyers who do not like to pay for products in advance before receiving them due to their lack of confidence in purchasing from online shopping sites or their little knowledge of how to purchase electronically through a Visa Card or for other reasons.

This method is considered one of the most appropriate ways to buy, especially in the Arab countries, which have greatly encouraged online purchases and shopping, which have increased dramatically in recent years.

Advantages of shopping from cash-to-delivery sites

  • This feature enables the consumer to purchase the products he needs from online shopping sites without the need to have credit cards or a PayPal account to purchase from these sites.
  • It gives a great sense of confidence and security when buying online from online shopping sites that support this feature at checkout.
  • Completely protect the buyer from fraud and scams that can occur from some online stores.
  • Ease of returning the product if it does not meet the required specifications without paying any money at all.
  • It protects the buyer in terms of purchasing a product through the online store which is not available in the stores and appears on the website that it is available as a result of a technical defect.

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Payment stages upon receipt from AliExpress

  • When going to the final payment stage when choosing any of the products, You must make sure to choose the payment via receipt feature before finally confirming the purchase order.
  • Final confirmation of the purchase order from within the online store after making sure to choose the payment option via receipt.
  • Then check your e-mail or phone to make sure you receive the electronic purchase receipt that is sent immediately upon completion of the purchase process.
  • Finally, Keep the purchase receipt and show it upon receipt of the product to ensure that the product actually matches the specifications.

Ali Express Accessories Cash on Delivery

It is a service provided by AliExpress for some specific countries and not for all countries at the moment, The products to be used with this feature are required to meet the shipping terms via Aliexpress Direct Shipping, However, shipping can be changed to Cash on Delivery Later in the account settings when selecting a product that meets the Aliexpress Direct shipping terms.

The payment by receipt service is currently available in a few foreign and Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, only in some regions, including: Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, and Mecca It will be available later in the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And the products must be shipped through Alixpress direct service to get payment by receipt, they are two services related to each other.

Advantages of shopping cash on delivery accessories from Aliexpress

  • The service is fully inclusive of value added tax. The price displayed to the buyer on the site is inclusive of all costs, and it is the final price that he will be required to pay upon receiving the product.
  • The delivery worker who will deliver the product to the buyer is subject to all necessary medical examinations and is completely free of diseases.
  • All packages are sterilized before being sent to buyers.
  • Technical support can be contacted seven days a week, 24 hours a day, at any time.

Arab countries where Ali Express supports cash on delivery

The payment by delivery service is currently available from the Ali Express website in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will soon be available in all GCC countries such as: Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Diameter.

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How to register in Arabic and buy Ali Express accessories when you receive them

  1. Open the home page of the Ali Express website.
  2. At the bottom of the page, go to the account field and click on it.
  3. You will find the word Login / Join for free, click on it.
  4. You will be directed to a page that includes a tippo showing one of them sign in to log in to your account, Other register Register a new account Click on register to register a new account within the site.
  5. The registration form is very simple just enter your email and password for the account and hit the create account button.
  6. Your account will be successfully registered and you will not need to activate it from within the e-mail, You can start browsing accessories from within the site and start purchasing directly.
  7. From within your account, go to the settings at the bottom and change the shipping country from the United States to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and choose the currency in which you want to pay from US dollars to Saudi riyals.

How to order from Ali Express in Arabic

  1. You can start browsing the categories within the site from the bottom of the page, choose the category.
  2. Choose the accessories and clothing category from the list on the left in which the categories appear, Or browse the categories that appear in front of you on the site page and choose the accessories and clothing category.
  3. When you choose a category or classification of accessories and clothing from within your account on the site, you will notice the appearance of different sub-categories of accessories. Choose the category you want and all the products within this category will appear to you.
  4. After choosing the category you want from the accessories categories, you will find there the cash on receipt tab. Click on the small box in front of it in order to filter all the results and display the products that support the cash on delivery feature.
  5. Payment can be made upon receipt only through the Ali Express application on smartphones. This feature is not available when ordering through a computer.
  6. Log in to your aliexpress account after downloading it from the Google Play Store and installing it on your phone.
  7. You will find in the list above in the application, payment upon receipt, click on it, And through the option to shop by category, choose the category you want, which we will choose jewelry and accessories.
  8. When ordering one of the accessories products that support the cash on delivery feature and buying it now, you must make sure that there is a cash on receipt note available and it includes value added tax, Scroll down and choose Buy Now.
  9. Choose the required specifications for the product that we will purchase and then press the Continue button.
  10. Go to Choose a payment method and choose a payment method Other payments.
  11. In the shipping box, we also make sure that the shipping method is via aliexpress, Then we click on the word “Apply” to order the purchase. This way, the purchase order will have been queued. Cash on Delivery has been selected as the primary payment method for this order.

Steps to order and buy from AliExpress and pay upon receipt

  • The product you want to order must meet the shipping conditions through aliexpress direct service for shipping aliexpress products, Its value in Saudi riyals ranges between 48.77 riyals to 975.35 riyals.
  • Browse the accessories section of the Ali Express website. And choose the product you want to get through the cash on delivery service and make sure that the product can be shipped through the aliexpress direct service, Which is currently available to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among the Arab countries.
  • The system suggests the default shipping method aliexpress direct but it can be changed and choose cash on delivery or cash in delivery through the detail page of your chosen product.
  • Add all the types of accessories you want and can be from many different stores that display their products within the site on Express, All products you have ordered will be bundled and sent to you in one parcel later when the product is ordered to be shipped to you.
  • Whenever the value of the order of the accessories you buy from Ali Express is more than 50 dollars, it will be shipped free of charge to you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • When you choose the payment method via receipt, a 6-digit code will be sent to your phone that you previously entered when registering the account in the system, You must enter it in the required field in order to create your purchase requisition.
  • A request will then be created for all purchases of the accessories you requested. Determine the method of payment upon receipt, knowing that a fee of $7 will be charged for the cash on delivery service as an additional service fee.

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Receive Ali Express accessories before payment

  • You will receive a notification through the shipping company within 13 days of the order date, That’s when the package is ready to be shipped to the address you wrote during the order.
  • To confirm your desire as a buyer to receive the order, you must visit the confirmation link that you will receive in the form of a text message to your phone, And by logging in to your account through the confirmation link from the phone, And then put all the details of the address and phone number.. etc. from the details required to confirm the shipment of the order to you.
  • At this stage, you can cancel the request if you wish, At the same time, if you do not confirm the order, it will be considered canceled permanently and will not be shipped to you and the parcel will be returned to the AliExpress website again.
  • After you confirm your pick-up request, the local shipping company in your country will contact you to determine when you will receive your package.
  • After confirmation of receipt of the order by you as a buyer, you will be able to receive your parcel within two days from the date of confirmation of receipt, As a buyer, you are obligated to come with the price of the product to the receiving address that was specified to you in advance and at the exact date specified for receipt.
  • Upon receipt and confirmation of the order, its price will be credited to your account within the Ali Express website in the form of a purchase voucher for the same value as the order.

A video explaining about cash on delivery from Ali Express

These were the most important details about shopping for accessories online from the Ali Express website, which is considered one of the best shopping sites and cash on delivery 2021 .

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