Top 10 American shopping sites to buy international brands

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 7 November 2021 - 10:01 PM
Top 10 American shopping sites to buy international brands

America is known for its open culture, which has long encouraged online shopping. From time to time you notice the emergence of a new online shopping site that is opened on the Internet, Despite the large number of global shopping sites , the sites that prove their strength and provide everything their visitors need remain at the forefront. The customer is looking for a store that provides him with all his needs of the products he wants and provides him with additional services such as: Diversity of payment methods Free shipping and other services that provide customer convenience, We will mention to you the most important and cheapest American shopping sites that you can try for 2021.

What is the reason for the huge demand for online shopping during 2020 and beyond

The biggest reason why online shopping is booming during the year 2020 is the increase in the culture of online purchase by many of the world’s population in recent years, This percentage increased during the current year 2020. Another important reason is the spread of the epidemic all over the world and the fact that most people sit in their homes to prevent this epidemic, which made them very receptive to buying products and shopping online , and it is likely that the turnout for online shopping will increase more and more in the coming years.

The best shopping and buying sites from America 2021

There is a great demand for the use of online shopping sites in America, There are a lot of shopping sites that you can try and shop from and access many products that you can order very quickly, Among these sites are the following:

Amazon website

amazon website

The global Amazon website is at the top of the list of famous shopping sites in the United States of America. It was founded in 1994 AD. The site receives most of the purchases made through it. Because it provides customers within the United States with strong privileges, foremost of which is free shipping of products to any place requested by customers, It also provides many different payment methods such as: Payment by various credit cards, and pay by PayPal, It provides cash on delivery , in addition to paying via gift cards such as Amazon cards and Google Play cards.

On Amazon, there are all the products that you can give up, from small products to large products and in all areas as well, Everything you can imagine can be found on Amazon. Amazon also provides cloud computing services in all its forms to make working faster and easier online for different companies, While ensuring that corporate data is kept completely secure for as long as possible.

Ebay website

الدفع عند الاستلام: موقع ebay أفضل موقع أمريكي للتسوق

eBay is one of the leading American online shopping sites in the United States and the world as well. The site was established in 1995. It is one of the largest online auction markets in the world. On this site, you can place an auction on anything you want to sell, no matter how small or large.

All products, goods, and even services can be put up for sale on eBay. Such as: electronics, home garden products and all commercial and industrial products, Even cars can be auctioned for sale on eBay. eBay also provides the possibility of payment in several ways, including: Payment by credit cards and PayPal.

Newegg electronics shopping site


It is an American origin online retail store, It is also one of the most famous brands in the world. Where the number of products displayed inside it is estimated at 3 million products, It is one of the comprehensive stores that provide its services to all categories of customers without exception.

And sells all products that meet the needs of customers in all fields, Among the site’s sections, there is a special section for selling computer components and systems. And a special section for electronic devices, And another section for the sale of various auto accessories.

What distinguishes the site is the presence of a special section for free offers and gifts that the site offers from time to time. In addition, you can use the search feature provided by the site inside it to search for any product you want to obtain and make sure that it is on the site, provided that the search is in English only because the site does not support the Arabic language.

The site also supports only the basic payment methods, which are credit card payments and PayPal payment, It has high security and reliability so that you can buy from it and put your credit card data without being exposed to any hacking process thanks to the high protection that the purchase system enjoys on the site.

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iherb website

موقع iherb

If you are one of those people who want to have natural organic products, You only have the American shopping site iHerb , which was established in the United States of America in 1996 AD, is the right destination for you, It is one of the sites and stores that are interested in providing 100% natural and original products, completely away from fraud and counterfeiting. iherb also offers you a lot of skin care products, In addition to natural nutritional supplements for all groups of young and old, The site also provides high quality cosmetics suitable for all skin types.

In addition, Iherb offers several payment methods, including: Payment by credit cards, and pay via PayPal, It also provides cash on delivery in Saudi Arabia according to its agreement with more than one shipping company for the products, namely: smsa express company, and Aramex, Aramex cod, and DHL.

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Walmart’s website

موقع وول مارت walmart

It is one of the famous stores that have a very high acceptance rate in the United States of America and other countries of the world, It is one of the largest retail stores in the world. There are many convenience stores and grocery stores in the United States. It has a wide assortment of products in various fields, It also saves 5% cashback on the price of any product you buy through it.

In addition, it provides free shipping for all orders without exception and without a minimum order, Through the Walmarat website, you can buy clothing products, toys, electronics, video games , children’s products.. and other various products. The site provides payment by credit cards by placing the products in the purchase cart and continuing the payment process.

Etsy shop

موقع etsy

This huge website that operates in the United States focuses on selling handmade products, In addition to antique and antique products, as well as unique and rare items, Also, any company or individual can place his product that he wants to sell directly on the site, and the site will help him to bring buyers for his products thanks to its wide spread in the United States of America and the world.

The site currently contains more than 60 million products displayed on it.

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All old and antique products can be displayed for sale inside the site, provided that they are 20 years old or more. The site earns its profits by charging an additional fee of $0.20 for each product added to the site, In addition to a 5% commission for each sale made through the site, the service seller will pay it.

It is noteworthy that the site was founded in 2005 by the trio Chris Maguys, Robert Klein and Heim Shubeck with their then small company, Euspace, The site also provides many payment methods like other sites, which are mainly credit cards and Paypal.

Home Depot

موقع home depot

Home depot is one of the largest retail sites that provide home improvement services, including electrical appliances, construction equipment, and home gardening equipment. It works in partnership with more than 2,200 specialty stores that sell construction tools and home supplies in the United States of America.

The site offers discounts and special offers to customers who have recently joined the site and on the first purchase they make through the site, Through coupons and discount vouchers, The site also operates in other countries besides its work in the United States, such as Mexico and Canada, Payment can be made by credit cards as a payment method provided by the site.

Target’s website

تارجيت (target): موقع أمريكي للتسوق الالكتروني

The target site is second only to Walmart as one of the largest retailers and sales in the United States of America. Target works in partnership with more than 1,800 stores in the United States. It provides a lot of products in various fields and the best international brands in the global markets, Its products are of high quality.

The contents of its website have been arranged in the form of sections, and each section contains its own products for easy access to the products by customers and site surfers. The site also focuses on providing a lot of exclusive offers, discounts and gifts on an ongoing basis in order to attract more new customers, The discount rate on product prices and discount codes is up to 25%.

Target offers a guarantee to its users that the products it sells are 100% original and do not sell any fake or counterfeit products at all. In addition to providing a shipping and delivery service to the door of the house, which is often free, The site provides the ability to return or exchange products in the event that the customer does not like it or does not conform to the specifications he requested.

Best Buy . site

موقع تسوق مضمون: بيست باي best buy

Best Buy is one of the largest companies specialized in selling consumer electronic products and related supplies. Such as: Computers, mobile phones, video games, digital cameras.. etc, The site sells electronic devices to American customers, The site provides the ability to pay with credit cards. The number of monthly visits to the site is estimated at 92 million visits per month.

The company’s website has been divided into several sections to facilitate the visitor and customer’s access to the product he wants to obtain according to his section. It is also possible to search through the search bar for the product that the customer wants to save time and effort in searching for the right product, In addition, the site guarantees access to 100% original products from the best and finest international brands that manufacture products in the world, The site provides payment by credit cards.

Macy’s site

تسوق الملابس والأزياء عبر موقع macy's

One of the most famous stores that sell women’s and men’s clothing. Children’s clothing and accessories, in addition to home products and various home-related decorations. The site ships its products to more than 200 locations around the world. The site does not need to register an account in order to purchase products, It is enough to add the product you want to the shopping cart, fill in all the data for the order, then pay and wait for the product to be delivered to the address you wrote in the order, The site provides the ability to pay by credit card as the primary payment method.

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We have mentioned a list of the top 10 American shopping sites for selling different products that you can experience shopping through in the United States of America for the year 2021, Which is considered one of the trusted and leading stores in the field of selling products and services to customers, It provides them with many great offers and discounts permanently, And these are not all stores that provide this service, but there are many, but this was on top of the best American stores.

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