The best online shopping sites for women’s clothing in Saudi Arabia and the UAE 2021

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7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 14 November 2021 - 10:41 PM
The best online shopping sites for women’s clothing in Saudi Arabia and the UAE 2021

Online shopping is one of the easiest ways to get what you want at a great price and quality and with the specifications you want, The field of online shopping has developed a lot in recent years in the Arab world to compete with global shopping sites, In this article, we will present to you the best women’s clothing and fashion shopping sites for the years 2020 and 2021, respectively, In addition to the best cash on delivery shopping sites in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The best luxury clothing sites for online shopping in 2021

Clothing shopping sites have become – with all their targeted targets, whether men’s clothing, Women’s Clothing, Or children’s clothing sites – prevalent with technological development and people’s dependence on the Internet and the purchase of products online, So we will mention to you the best online shopping sites that offer the latest fashion and modern and elegant clothing models from all international brands for a new year:

The best online clothing shopping sites since 2010 until now

Modanisa site

مودانيسا: أفضل موقع لتسوق الملابس وأزياء الموضة 2019 و2020


Modanisa is a modern website designed specifically for women’s clothing for veiled women. It offers everything that is new and elegant for the modest woman, including tunics, dresses, abayas and pajamas, with the availability of many diverse and modern accessories. In addition to the distinctive shoes and bags of brands and designs that suit the taste of every elegant woman.

The site has several advantages, including that it supports the Arabic language, It also provides a shipping service to all countries of the world in a simple period ranging from two to seven days only. In addition to the various payment methods, including:

  1. Paiement when recieving.
  2. Payment by credit card.
  3. Payment by Paypal.
  4. Pay through Klarna.

It is available on the site that the products can be returned within 14 days from the date of receiving the order.

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Namshi’s website

موقع نمشي namshi دوت كوم: وسيلة الدفع عند الاستلام

Namshi is an online shopping website dedicated to selling women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well. It is one of the best Arab shopping sites and includes many wonderful products and international brands, The site supports both Arabic and English and has been designed with an attractive and convenient design for the user.

The site is characterized by the diversity of the prices of the products on it, as there are prices varying between medium and low, with the high quality of the products.

Among the site’s advantages are discount coupons of up to 50% on some products and gifts that the site offers to its customers from time to time, fast technical support service, and various payment methods, including the following:

  1. Paiement when recieving.
  2. Payment by credit card.
  3. Payment by Paypal.
  4. Payment through Apple Pay.

The site provides its users with free shipping within the Gulf Cooperation Council only in a period of two to six days as a maximum, and also provides free shipping to its customers in the UAE in a period ranging from one to two days.

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Vogacloset website

موقع التسوق فوغا كلوسيت vogacloset

VogaCloset is an online shopping website that sells clothes, shoes and accessories online. In addition to containing a large number of the most important and famous original international brands, VogaCloset provides its customers with many advantages, the most important of which is fast shipping to most countries in the Arab world.

The site also features a modern and attractive design that is easy to navigate and browse inside and search for products. The site supports both Arabic and English languages.

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The site is characterized by various payment methods, which you can choose what suits you to complete the payment process. Among the means available on the site are the following:

  1. Paiement when recieving.
  2. Payment by credit card.
  3. Payment by Paypal.
  4. Payment through American Express.
  5. Payment through Fawry services is also available in Egypt.

You can return the products within 14 days of receiving the product according to the terms and specifications, There is also a shipping service available to most Arab countries at a cost of shipping and delivery of 11 dollars for any quantity of products ordered, this percentage is fixed.

The best Saudi shopping sites for fashion and clothes

Next . website

موقع next: تسوق من نكست اون لاين

The best and most popular women’s clothing shopping sites in Saudi Arabia are not without the Next site at any time and circumstance.

You can find many types of women’s clothing that meet all your life needs, All kinds of clothes you can imagine can be found in Next Store, In addition to the presence of many varieties of shoes and other distinctive accessories.

What distinguishes this store is that all items are arranged in tabs to make it easier for store visitors to access the product they want.

Ounass website: Unlimited luxury clothing brands

ounass website for shopping clothes

If you are a fan of excellence, beauty and elegance, Ounass offers you all the fashion with original international brands to suit your high and distinguished taste and from famous fashion houses such as Roland Mouret, Gucci, Valentino, Alexander Mcqueen, whether for men, women or children.

The site also has the latest fashions of bags and shoes made by the most famous designers in the world.

The site provides many different payment methods, including cash on delivery, credit card payment, And payment by Paypal.

The site provides free shipping to all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Emirates within a period ranging from two hours to 48 hours only, and Saudi Arabia is also free of charge within a period of time not exceeding 6 days.

H&M website

موقع إتش آند أم

It is a shopping site dedicated to selling women’s and men’s fashion and also shopping children’s clothing at economic prices and is considered one of the best cheap Saudi shopping sites .

It also has branches all over the world. The site provides the possibility of shipping to your doorstep and the possibility of payment upon receipt from the strongest H&M branches in your area, You can purchase from the site with your credit card.

STYLI website: Clothing discounts up to 80%

موقع استايلي

Styli offers you the latest offers and discounts on women’s clothing, where discounts reach 80% in some offers for all items on the site, It is also one of the comprehensive stores that provide all kinds of women’s clothing.

You can find dresses, winter clothes, jackets, sleepwear, and T-shirts, sports clothing, and other types of clothing, In addition to providing many accessories in various designs and sizes to suit different tastes, In addition to the presence of an entire section for women’s bags.

mothercare saudi arabia website

موقع مذركير

One of the most important shopping sites in Saudi Arabia is Mothercare. This is because it provides the advantage of shopping women’s clothes for pregnant women. In it, you can find all kinds of comfortable clothes that you need.

The Mothercare store also allows you to shop online according to the brand you want to get for clothes.

Max Fashion Saudi Arabia website

موقع أكواد الخصم الشهير ماكس فاشن

It is considered one of the huge clothing shopping sites in Saudi Arabia, which contains all kinds of clothes for both sexes and children, In addition to shoes, bags and accessories at affordable prices for everyone.

The site also contains a special section that includes clothes of special and large sizes, The site supports the payment on receipt feature and provides the possibility of fast shipping in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait and the State of Bahrain as well.

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The best Emirati websites to shop clothes online 2021

Mothercare UAE website for shopping the most luxurious clothes

أفضل مواقع إماراتية لتسوق الملابس

It is also considered one of the leading shopping sites in the UAE and not at the level of discount codes or online shopping sites in Saudi Arabia , which enjoys a large number of visits by shoppers from all over the world, and the site is of high interest for women in general because it contains all women’s clothing, whether underwear or accessories pregnant women.

Mothercare is a shopping site that provides all kinds of women’s clothing of all kinds. In addition to the possibility of choosing clothes according to the strong and leading brands in this field.

You can visit the site here

Koovs website: The best brands of women’s clothing

موقع كوفس

If you are a lady looking for a store that offers a wide variety of different women’s wear according to international brands, Everything you need from winter and summer clothes is in this store, What distinguishes this store is that it contains all kinds of women’s clothing, whether long or short, Despite the high price of the products, it is very popular with shoppers.

You can visit the site here

VogaCloset UAE clothing website

موقع تسوق ملابس vogacloset

The VogaCloset store is also one of the most popular online shopping destinations in the UAE as well. When searching for the best clothing shopping websites and consulting experienced shoppers, Especially his competitive offers that he launches through VogaCloset discount vouchers .

It will always be in the nominations for the best online shopping sites, Especially clothes shopping. VogaCloset is primarily concerned with customer satisfaction and long-term profitability.

Among the advantages it provides to the customer is the payment upon receipt service. It also provides very fast shipping of products in a period not exceeding 4 days from the date of order, And a nominal cost, sometimes completely free.

In addition to providing discount coupons on product prices that can be used during the purchase process and benefit from it, And the site supports the service of replacing and returning products to the store again.

You can visit the site here

Online MARKAT for clothing brands

موقع أونلاين ماركات

It is considered one of the distinguished websites specialized in selling women’s dresses. There are many dresses that are found on this site, including: different evening dresses, And dresses in the form of a large red carpet, In addition to the presence of an entire section specialized in displaying a variety of women’s clothing, There is also a special section for products that have recently arrived in the store.

It also includes a My Wish List feature that allows you to add the clothes you liked on the go and view the products within the site in your own list so that you can come back later to add them to the shopping cart and order them later.

The online brands website offers great discounts on women’s clothing prices, Moreover, it has the advantage of having a return policy for the products, As well as an affiliate marketing program for store products so that marketers can work with the site and earn a lot of commissions, Payment by Visa Card, MasterCard and PayPal is also accepted.

You can visit the site here

Splash Fashion website for high-end clothing

موقع سبلاش فاشون

This site is one of the largest online shopping sites in the UAE. It offers many fixed offers and permanent discounts on women’s clothing prices, There is a 40% discount offer on all women’s winter clothes.

What draws attention to this store is that it contains all kinds of women’s clothing, such as abayas and large-size clothing, And dresses of many types and shapes, The store also has a section for skirts and other types of clothing.

The store also offers great discounts as special offers on some products of up to 60% off the price of the original product, In addition to a 20% discount when buying any two pieces of clothing together, The prices of clothing items range from low, medium, and high-priced items as well.

The site also provides free shipping within the UAE to the door of the house, In addition to providing more than one payment method within the site, especially Visa and PayPal as primary payment methods.

You can visit the site here

Clothing websites that offer cash on delivery

مواقع تسوق ملابس سعودية وإماراتية توفر الدفع عند الاستلام

  1. Jollychic shopping for clothes, bags and home accessories.
  2. Noon store, which was established in Saudi Arabia and also worked in Egypt, Which offers great offers and discounts on product prices that may reach 60%, It also provides a wide range of products in all different areas that can be purchased through this store.
  3. provides a wide range of products that fall under many categories such as: clothes and watches, health and beauty, electronics..etc.
  4. Namshi store selling women’s accessories and fashion, and the latest international fashions.
  5. Amazon Saudi Arabia , which provides selling services for all products in all different fields.
  6. The store, which provides among its products women’s clothing at cheap prices and suitable for all different categories of people, Which you, Madam, can choose from as you wish, in addition to being shopping sites that provide free shipping within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You will no longer have to go to the markets and carry bags and crowds in order to buy a specific product. The online clothing shopping sites are many and varied, which we have collected for you in this article in order to facilitate the shopping process as much as possible, and this is considered the best Emirati and Saudi shopping sites for clothes and fashion with the latest designs and the finest models and with distinctive international brands.

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