Best gaming laptops 2021: Razer Blade 15 Advanced

7 November 2021Last Update : Sunday 14 November 2021 - 3:35 AM
Best gaming laptops 2021: Razer Blade 15 Advanced

Razer is one of the most well-known companies around the world in the field of gaming hardware and of course gaming laptops, and today we offer you the best gaming laptop to start with in 2021 from our point of view, which is the Razer Blade 15 Advanced Gaming laptop.

The Razer gaming laptop series, which is always released under the name Blade, is one of the best gaming laptops across its different generations.
She was also able to maintain a look and style that distinguishes her from others, which made her a large group of fans around the world.

The Razer Blade Series combines leading performance from premium hardware with industry-leading specifications that make it stand up to even the most demanding desktop PCs, as well as a premium look and industry-leading build quality.

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Usually, gaming laptops make different sacrifices to be able to offer a device with strong specifications compared to the price,
But the Blade 15 does not make such sacrifices as it offers the best in everything to be the best leading gaming laptop to start with in 2021.

The most powerful gaming laptop RAZER BLADE 15 ADVANCED GAMING

razer blade 15 advanced gaming

Technical Specifications:

  • central processor: Intel Core i7 10875H 10th Generation
  • graphic card: RTX 2080 Super Max -Q from Nvidia
  • 16 GB RAM space
  • 15 inch screen
  • Screen refresh rate 300Hz
  • Screen resolution: 1920×1080
  • Storage space 1 TB NVMe SSD
  • 80 watt hour battery.

As we said, the Blade 15 laptop, specifically the Advanced Gaming version that we chose today, is the best gaming laptop,
Of course, these flagship specifications come at a slightly higher price or are justified if you want to put it this way.

In terms of the central processor, the device comes with the highest central processor provided by Intel at all, which is the Core i7, the tenth generation of the H family, which offers performance very close to what we see from desktop devices, so do not worry in terms of the processor and its ability to deal with different and leading games that need to Powerful processor.

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This also applies to the external graphics card in the laptop, as it comes from the leading Nvidia RTX 2080 Super, which outperforms many existing cards spread for desktop devices, Plus, it’s Max-q design ensures minimal power consumption and heat production to maintain the card’s longevity.

أفضل لابتوب للألعاب 2021: razer blade 15 advanced


When you combine these two processors plus 16GB of RAM, you will have a device capable of running the games and software you need.

Yes, such a device is able to deal with all video files of different sizes and resolutions, and Render works quickly and efficiently in various situations that you will need from it.

The device comes with a 15.6-inch IPS screen with a refresh rate of 300 Hz! It is higher than a lot of home appliances and game consoles, The low screen resolution (FullHD) combined with the power of the CPU and graphics card makes it possible for the device to produce this frame rate very fast and powerful with most games.

The device is mainly aimed at fans of fast games and shooting games professionals who want to get the highest possible performance and the fastest performance as well.

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The best gaming laptop at the lowest possible weight!


All these powerful specifications that we talked about above come in a device with a competitive weight and a very competitive design.

Any gaming laptop with such specifications that we mentioned above will find its weight very heavy, but today we have chosen a gaming laptop with a weight of less than 2.5 kg! It’s a competitive weight and there’s really no device this powerful that comes close to it in weight.

You can think of the Blade 15 Advanced as a gaming macbook, Razer has always been striving to offer competitive devices that are very close to those of Apple, but with a flavor specific to gamers.

The device also comes with a mechanical keyboard that works with RGB lighting dedicated to each key separately, unlike the lower models of this version that rely on lighting areas by themselves away from the separate buttons, The feel of typing on the keyboard of this device is also very pleasant and distinctive.

We can say that the only major drawback in this device is its webcam, as its quality does not rise to 720p.
But in the end, this is a gaming device and you can always get a separate camera to connect it to this device.

The device offers a screen that is very suitable for gaming and is directed specifically for gaming and not for the content industry. This is very clear from the fact that the device offers a FullHD screen and not a 4K Oled screen like the rest of the flagship devices close to it in price.

Of course, for watching content and creating content, the 4K screen is considered the best and is loved by content makers more, but remember well that the refresh rate of the screen is 300 Hz and that this is more important than 4K resolution for gamers at least, Add to this the fact that a 4K screen consumes a much higher battery rate than a typical 1080p screen.

Performance equals value at a higher price

We previously said that the performance of this flagship device justifies its slightly higher price, but now let’s talk about the language of numbers, tests and games that interest us as gamers and content makers alike.

In terms of performance testing programs, the device was able to achieve 6000 points in the geekbench 5 program and 2331 points in the performance of multiple cores with the Cinebench program, so as we said earlier, this device is able to run all Render programs of all kinds with great ease and provide a very pioneering performance with it.

In terms of games, here is a simple sample of what he can offer:

  • Metro Exodus (1080p with Ultra Settings and RayTracing options enabled): Frame rate above 52fps
  • Total War game: Three Kingdoms (1080p resolution with highest settings and Battle Scenario mode enables a frame rate of 63 fps.
  • Gear Tactics has a frame rate of 92 frames per second
  • Far Cry New dawn has a frame rate of 82 fps.

In terms of battery life, getting the highest performance from the device on the battery will give you about 75 minutes of continuous gaming,
Although this number is small, it is much higher than most other devices on the market.

Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop price 2021

The price of the Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition laptop is approximately $2,600. That is, equivalent to a value of 9750 Saudi riyals,
It is the latest price update shown on Amazon .

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